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A TORNADO HIT THE WHITE HOUSE LAST NIGHT, one of two which touched down in Washington DC, unleashing 90 mile an hour winds and blinding rain along the National Mall and H Street Corridor. Before last night, only three recorded tornadoes have touched down in 50 years within the boundaries of the District. 

The tornado by the White House culminated its journey literally at  the gates of the White House, the corner of Constitution Avenue and 16th Street. Most of you are familiar with this gateway directly across from the Washington Monument, guarded night and day by Secret Service. It is a primary staff entrance to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Prophetic Significance—Chuck Pierce, Lynnie Harlow, others
Now—not every storm on the horizon carries significance or meaning from the Lord. But from a prophetic perspective, when double portion tornadic activity hits the White House and Washington DC just days from July 4 celebrations, it’s probably best to inquire.

It’s important to note that DC watchman Lynnie Harlow prophesied that God was “coming forth on the Fourth! We shared this word with you on June 23.

“I heard the Lord say very clearly to watch the 4th of July. Have had a lot sent to me on the very same line…some almost verbatim to what I’m hearing…so that always gets my attention. The Lord said to me at the end of May that things would start to “turn on a dime” and to watch the next 3 months. We are starting to see evil structures being dismantled. Keep your eyes on the 4th…I believe it’s a turning point for “Independence” from those structures. Something very profound about it this year!!!! Let freedom ring in our Nation!!!! LORD COME FORTH ON THE 4TH!” 

Revolution—Chuck Pierce 2018—Whirlwinds on the Way!
How about a word from Chuck Pierce on DC whirlwinds? During Revolution 2018 at the Trump International, Chuck prophesied the following:

“Revolution is an interesting word. Because it can mean overthrow. Revolution can have an interesting meaning. It can have a meaning with connotations of rebellion. Our nation without it having revolution in its bloodstream, I don’t think we would have ever changed. There’s a cry of revolution that’s rising up in body of Christ, I’m not sure it’s just a governmental cry. Because revolution can have another meaning also. It can mean a whirlwind that creates a new cycle. Look at someone and say lots of whirlwinds on the way!

“Revolution says to us there are lots of incredible whirlwinds on the way. And remember Job heard the Lord in the whirlwind. So we’re going to have to listen for the Lord in ways we have never listened for Him before…”

Washington DC—It’s Turnaround Time!
As Chuck Pierce observed, whirlwinds are revolutionary—in other words they catalyze turnaround. That’s significant given the Turnaround Verdict Prayer Project we are engaged in, with the tornadoes appearing 22 days before our gathering.

Remember tornadoes often represent the governmental glory of God. As recorded in Acts 2, the disciples experienced the glory returning to Jerusalem as a whirlwind after it lifted during the days of Ezekiel. 

Remember our post yesterday about the Door to Daniel 7 opening? Last night a tornado visited the very doors or gates of the White House. You simply cannot make this up.

The Lord is coming forth. This train is bound for glory! I hope this inspires your intercession! Lets believe God for a revolutionary turnaround in Washington DC—not by the hand of man, but by the hand and heart of God! 

“I Am Coming on a Cloud Swiftly!” Rick Ridings Prophecy
Lets close this post with a word from Rick Ridings in January 2012, which signaled the birth of the Crown and Throne Movement. The Lord is bringing things full circle—with a double portion! Lets humble ourselves before Him. And seek the turnaround He is offering our nation at this time. No King but Jesus!

“AS I say in Isaiah 19 when I come on a cloud swiftly the idols and the gods of Egypt will tremble before me. The Lord says these gods of Egypt thought that they had thrones in the gates of the District of Columbia–in the north and the south and the east and the western gates of Columbia, the District of Columbia…

But the Lord says, those thrones of the enemy that have been set at the gates of DC are going to come down cause I am coming on a cloud swiftly. Many have plowed, many have prayed, many have praised, many have worshiped, many have been faithful to me for many years, and the Lord says I have seen your tears even as Nehemiah who wept over the devastated city of Jerusalem and surveyed the city and saw the devastation of it there and what the enemy had succeeded in doing to the city of Jerusalem.

And Nehemiah surveyed the city and looked over it and prayed over it and wept over it and came around it secretly for a long time surrounded the city in secret and was not seen because the time was not yet there to be seen. But there is a time when things are to come above the ground. There is a time when things are to be seen. There is a time when things are to move swiftly. There’s a time of preparation, there’s a time of plowing, but this is a time of My moving swiftly and I am riding upon a swift cloud, and I will judge the gods of Egypt in this city!”