8PM SUNDAY—FB LIVE—CHASE THE GLORY! With Chris Mitchell Jr, Lori Perz. 21 Days! Facebook Live broadcast and conference call will run concurrently. Jon will join call after broadcast.  

Facebook Live: just before 8:00 pm ET click our FB home page:

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Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute.

HEY! WEDNESDAY CALL was phenomenal. Includes key prophetic word for nation. Call replay 605-313-5155.

TORNADO CHASERS KNOW THIS FEELING. A storm capable of generating whirlwinds appears on the radar within a day’s drive. Your “go bag” is rescued from your dreary closet and the chase begins. You locate the storm and follow it. Then you watch in awe as a tornado suddenly begins to drop out of the sky. 

Then you make a terrifying discovery. Somewhere in the chase, maybe without you even knowing, the roles began to be reversed. And the storm you’re chasing… is now chasing you. 

The glory of God is like that. Your very chase draws Holy Spirit to you! Just look at Moses, or David. Seek the counsel of Elijah or Isaiah or Ezekiel. Ask Jesus, or the disciples. There comes a point when the pursuer becomes the pursued. 

The chase really begins today. 

TWENTY ONE DAYS FROM NOW is Pentecost Sunday. Remember May 5 has been highlighted as a gateway into beholding the Lord. Through this period, on May 6 we will enter the 10 days of watching the disciples engaged in to see God’s glory restored on Shavuot. We will enter Shavuot according to the Jewish calendar on the evening of May 16, and celebrate through May 18. But the celebration does not end there. Because Pentecost Sunday on the Christian calendar arrives on May 23. 

SO LETS CHASE THE GLORY now through May 23. Sanctify the chase these next 21 days. Like the prophet Daniel did to engage in fasting and prayer. I have personally been waiting for this window to open to engage at a deeper level, and just saw it today. Engage for 21 days—beginning now!

BE A GLORY CHASER. And watch how the governmental glory of God NOW BEGINS TO CHASE YOU!

TONIGHT Chris Mitchell, Lori Perz, Jolene and I share prophetically on one of the most important journeys of our lifetime—the Pentecost Tour. I can truly say the hand of the Lord has laid the tracks. Make sure to join us for this time, and lets chase the glory together!


From Houston Texas to St. Paul Minnesota
With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell Jr.

Note: schedule subject to change. Updates will be posted on our website.

May 7-9 Launch Houston, Houston TX, http://launchhouston.org

May 10-13 Gold Monarch, Abilene TX, http://goldmonarchhealingcenter.com

May 16 Sunday morning, Church on the Rock Oklahoma City, https:cotr.us 

May 17-18 Kansas City MO. Details TBA. 

May 19 LifeGate St Louis MO, https://lifegatestl.com

May 21-23 Josiah Center, St Paul MN, https://josiahcenter.org