TONIGHT! “CALL TO THE WALL!” 8pm EST with ministries across the US. Hosted by Mario Bramnick with John Robb, Lance Wallnau, Maureen Bravo, Pam Olsen, Dave Butts, Jon & Jolene, others. Conference call number: 641-715-3570, access code 448141#. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

Reminder—tonight, on the eve of the historic Gorsuch confirmation vote in the US Senate, ministry leaders across the nation are connecting for immediate intercessory intervention on behalf of the Trump Administration and our nation. Please join us at 8pm eastern. Note the conference call number is different than the one for our Lamplighter calls.

Yesterday shared five key prayer points that must be carried through in prayer this week. I have listed them again at the end of the posting. Please review and pray! Below is the letter from Apostle Mario Bramnick for tonight’s call.

Dear Prayer Warriors, this afternoon, some prayer leaders were discussing the spiritual assault that is taking place against President Trump and members of his Administration. Nationwide, the children of darkness are making war on the CHILDREN of THE LIGHT, spurred on by supporters of a disreputable “shadow” government that seeks to undermine and overthrow the new Administration.

As we come to the end of praying for the FIRST 100 DAYS of this new Administration, (April 29th), we noted that many intercessors are weary and longing for relief from their assignments. Others continuing to stand their ground, but see their brothers and sisters leaving the Wall daily. Just as with 9-11, the first blush of prayer intensity begins to wane as days go by, and the fire for intercession that was once ablaze begins to look like a cooling ember. As that happens, the prayer covering over our President and his team “thins out” and is able to be penetrated.

Leviticus 6:13  reminds us that “the fire on the altar must burn continually; it must not be allowed to go out.” Lord, don’t allow us to let the fire on the altars of our hearts go out!  Rekindle Your HOLY FIRE within us again!

Those who are aware of what is transpiring at this hour must sound the alarm and come together to replenish our forces. We will release a corporate call to intercessors to come to the Wall and stand, like David’s mighty men, in DC and in each State, holding their ground, protecting it from any “foe” who would dare try to steal it!

You are invited to join in marshalling a combined intercessory force, from across the nation and around the world. This is a “Call to Arms!” on behalf of the United States of America and the Trump Administration, upon which our very lives may well depend. The world is waiting for America to realign with God’s purposes and plans once more! The fate of many nations is at risk and depends on what we choose to do at this crucial hour.

During this “CALL TO THE WALL” Conference Call, we will address issues facing our nation. We have a diagram, (24/7 intercession), a direction, (praying for our nation, our President and his Administration) and a desire (to see America fulfill her destiny and radiate Him to the world once more!) We simply need a team of those who will hear the same message and begin to fuel and fan the flames of the coming revival!

In a “multitude of counselors” there is wisdom. Each of us is contacting those in our realm of influence, inviting their participation. Please join us on this call so that we might together hear from the Lord exactly what He is requiring of us at this hour. We will release what God has given to us and hear what He has given to you as the Holy Spirit speaks through the Body to the Body! May we finish the call saying: “It seems good to the Holy Spirit and us!” and go forward together!

We hope to hear your voice on the call this coming at Thursday, April 6th at 8 PM Eastern. Call in to:  641-715-3570  enter 448141#.

Blessings and great GRACE! to all!

Mario Bramnick, FL
Ioan Peia, Romania
Maureen Bravo, FL
Lance Wallnau, Dallas, TX
John Robb, NM
Dave Butts, IN

Jon + Jolene Hamill, Washington DC
Eve Nunez, AZ
Lourdes Aguirre, FL
Ramiro Pena, TX
Lila Terhune, FL
Pam Olsen, FL

IMMEDIATE—Five National Prayer Priorities
We shared these points yesterday and are adding them for your review. In this spirit lets briefly examine five immediate priorities for prayer through the next seven days.

  1. Syria Atrocities and Mideast Peace. The President hosted the King of Jordan today in precedent-setting dialogues about Syria as well as peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. King Abdullah greatly honored Trump’s leadership during a joint press conference. Assad must be confronted. In better news, it seems a viable pathway to peace is being forged, separate from the rhetoric of politicians bent on global governance and UN rulership of Israel. This is such good news. Praying for Trump, Netanyahu, Al Sisi of Egypt and Jordan’s King Abdullah is vital at this time. Above all, pray for God’s covenant with Israel and the nations to be honored, empowered and advanced—HIS WAY FORWARD.
  2. Gorsuch Confirmation scheduled for Friday! I believe Gorsuch’s nomination is top priority. We literally need a vigil.  Note that Democrats are threatening a divisive filibuster, while Republicans are threatening to restructure the Senate rules in order to confirm. Lets pray for a new pathway forward.
  3. Shark exposed! Susan Rice unmasking. This seems to validate Trump’s perceptions on espionage and leaks by Obama administration officials. Last month we prophesied that as the Trump administration takes higher ground, the sharks pursuing will be exposed. Now it’s being reported that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice sought for the unmasking of names in signal intelligence intercepts of phone calls by Trump team leaders. Keep watch—my sense is that more exposure is coming.
  4. Health Care Bill in peril—time for breakthrough. The bill’s failure to pass last month was good news, not bad; the last thing America needs is a second health care debacle. I believe Trump and Congress together actually gained the higher ground on this, and it’s now time to forge a new way forward. We must pray this through!
  5. National Security Council—continued prayer. Lamplighter family, we responded to the Lord’s request for vigilant longterm prayer for the National Security Council. Keep watch now! The need to respond decisively to Syria’s Assad after the horrific gassing of his own people is immediate and urgent. But it also brings us into further friction with both Russia and Iran. No easy solutions; we need to stand in the gap.

There’s so much potential for harm. But there’s also unprecedented potential for blessing! The need for your watchful coverage is never greater. Together lets help complete the turnaround!