8 pm ET with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene

8pm ET SUNDAY—TICK TOCK TO THE HOLY CLOCK! How are states and nations aligning? How are you? And the big question—WHAT IS AHEAD? Join us as we share key prophetic insights from Wales and England, and share about the upcoming Revolution 2022 gathering at Remnant Church. 

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NOV. 29 TURNAROUND TUESDAY! 1pm ET broadcast with Chris Mitchell Jr, Adam Schindler.

NOV. 29 Charlotte NC Private Taping “Prophetic Convergence” with Barry Segal.


DEC. 12 Succat Hallel with Rick and Patricia Ridings

DEC. 30-Jan. 1REVOLUTION 2022
With Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Jon & Jolene, more. Location: Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. 

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TICK TOCK TO THE HOLY CLOCK. Redonnia Jackson actually burst forth with this revelation during a prophetic song at Remnant when Becca Greenwood was ministering a few years ago. It’s time to align with God’s timetable!

Turns out a similar word had just been given—or really experienced—in Wales. This word again became highlighted in a breakthrough prayer time where we sought the Lord to avert World War III.  Astonishingly, within hours the Drudge Report and other media outlets released banner headlines declaring “World War III Delayed.”

Israel of course is God’s primary time clock for the world. Note that Jon & Jolene are leaving for Israel later this week, along with Jamie and Redonnia. What is going on there? Benjamin Netanyahu has returned as Prime Minister as Israel shifts right and pursues peace through strength. Meanwhile tensions are high in the region. Two bombs exploded at Jerusalem bus stops last week, provoking fears of another intifada. One teenager was killed. More than a dozen were injured. And just recently Iran has moved beyond all red lines in their nuclear program.

What’s ahead? How do we pray? It’s time for nations to align with God’s covenantal purposes. It’s time for our respective states to align. But first and foremost, in this season it is imperative that YOU align. This will be a PRIMARY FOCUS for Revolution 2022 in Brunswick GA. Please sign up if you haven’t already done so. 

Lets connect and align. NO KING BUT JESUS!