THIS WEEKEND—LIVE WEBCAST OF NASHVILLE SCHOOL OF KINGS! With James Goll, Jon & Jolene, more. Live webcast and replays—Click here to sign up!

AIKEN SC NEXT WEEKEND! Join us for School of Kings Aiken-Augusta over weekend of 7-22. God is rendering judgement in favor of the saints!

GLORY TRAIN TWO! August 18-October 4. Details coming soon. 

Special Video by James Goll! School of Kings
Jolene and I are so honored to be with James Goll this weekend for a groundbreaking School of Kings in Nashville TN. 

Keep in mind that we have just passed the 10 year mark for the Call Nashville, held on 07-07-07. James Goll hosted it. And God moved in Nashville a decade ago to initiate a move of God which prepared the way for what we’re beginning to see right now. 

Friends, I’m choosing my words carefully. I believe the Lord is once again visiting this city to announce and initiate a new move. A shift into a new phase of Kingdom life and governance that is literally now being unsealed. This movement is going to shift us from the outside in, and the inside out. It’s going to change our identity. It’s going to move us into a higher realm of authority, and more effective stewardship of the authority He has entrusted. It’s going to change our perception of God and His world. 

And together with this move, we’re going to see His awakening, harvest and transformation.

So please join us for the Nashville School of Kings. There is no registration to attend. You can also watch the school with a live webcast and replays thanks to the great work of Kingdom Flame. To sign up click here. 

James Goll also produced a great video for the school. Please check it out below! And covenant blessings to each of you. 

To see James’ video click here