TONIGHT! Glory Covering—Metro DC Prayer Gathering! 7:30 PM August 28 at Grace and Favor House, Sterling VA. With Mario Bramnick, host pastors Franklin and Rossy Cerrato, more. 

GLORY TRAIN PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY! 9pm EST. Nationwide Launch with Lamplighter Family! Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. 

Glory Train Marietta OH! Sept. 2-3 with Rodney and Stephanie Lord, Freedom Gate Church. 

Glory Train Louisville! 7pm Wednesday Sept. 6 with Bunny Warlen, Awakening Church Louisville.

Tonight our friend Mario Bramnick, Jolene I are leading the “Glory Covering” prayer gathering for the metro DC region—including Maryland, Virginia, and our nation’s Capitol. It is such an important time to join forces. I truly believe this meeting will set a new precedent for the future. If you’re in the area, PLEASE COME! 

We are extending our faith together to see a canopy of breakthrough prayer raised up. In a recent vision, Mario received a mandate to link metro DC and south Florida in a canopy of prayer covering the Trump administration, our government and our region. A canopy of God’s governmental glory! 

Further, Mario and I separately received a commission from the Lord through Ezekiel 37 to pray and release a “second wind” to His people. The word came to each of us separately over almost exactly the same time period. Come from the four winds, o Breath! Breathe on these slain that they may live!

It’s time for the winds of glory to blow. God breathe your life into this nation and awaken us once again! This theme has become a major focus of our second Glory Train journey even from our launch. Note that this gathering will serve as a “Glory Train meeting” for metro DC. 

Pray for Texas!
Please also continue to pray for Houston and for the Texas coastline. Pray the rain clouds dissipate instead of being re-empowered! Pray for emergency management teams and officials. Tens of thousands of rescues are now in progress, largely by boats owned and piloted by ordinary citizens. It’s like a scene from the movie “Dunkirk!” 

Finally, lets continue to cover President Trump as he makes his journey to Texas tomorrow. He has already earned very high marks from emergency management officials. Pray for wisdom and favor. 

The scope of this travesty is beyond anything we have ever seen, with the possible exception of Hurricane Katrina. Recovery efforts will likely last for years. With this at heart, pray for Texas Apostolic Prayer Network leader Tom Schlueter as he mobilizes the Lone Star State in prayer and giving!