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IN TALKING WITH PROPHETIC FRIENDS THIS WEEK, one thing is clear. It’s been tough out there spiritually—for all of us. No easy day! Yet from a forerunning perspective, the next 22 days will largely determine the future of our nation. 

TODAY THE GATE OPENS! And therefore we together are being thrust into 22 days of concerted prayer with fasting, focused on completing the turnaround the Lord intends for us to secure in this season. The ultimate intent is to see America’s freedom preserved, and inheritance released. For everyone. 

Remember the name “Eliakim” means “God of arising.” Today I want to provide you with seven pathways to your personal breakthrough, as well as to national turnaround. 

If you have run with us at all, you know how vitally important the date 7-22 has been for our community. Five years ago the Lord highlighted the date 7-22 to receive together Daniel 7:22 as His verdict for our nation. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the adversary and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom. For the previous five years the Lord has always directed us to specific spheres from which to release His turnaround verdict. 

Yet for 2020 the direction from the Lord regarding this date has been unclear. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s because this is “old manna” or that God does not want to grant His turnaround any more. HE DOES. Actually the date 7-22 and all it represents is even more vital. It’s like this very turnaround He longs to give us is hanging in the balance. And it’s up to you and me to contend for the blessing—on a personal level and national level. 

It’s finally time to arise. It’s time to complete the turnaround!

That said, here are seven pathways into the turnaround God wants to secure for you personally, and for the nation. 

Fasting and Prayer. Beginning tomorrow we are entering 22 days of prayer and fasting. Pray about what the Lord would have you lay down in your quest to embrace more of Him. Maybe a Daniel fast. Maybe fasting specific foods or drinks. Maybe fasting media. Maybe fasting sleep. 

Focus. We are asking that you have a twofold focus on Revelation 2 and on Isaiah 22. There are vast themes within these chapters are important for your foundation right now, because they are directly correlated to our time in history. Let God breathe His Spirit into you. Let Him release revelation and life! 

Table of the Lord. Also we are asking you to receive communion, the Table of the Lord, for the span of these 22 days. The overarching focus will be your communion of intimacy with the Lord. Secondarily, the Lord has mandated that we pray Psalm 91 each day! Third, remember that the highest court in the Kingdom is the Table of the Lord. So with communion lets approach the Bench over His verdicts of justice.

Becoming Eliakim. Remember that Eliakim was described by God as a father to the house of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. To this father extraordinary authority was given, and resources released, to establish the covenantal dynasty of his forefathers in his day. On a personal level, the most important focus is to press into the Lord in word and action to the extent we more fully become as Eliakim to our families and spheres. Pray this also for leaders, beginning with President Trump.

Secure Your Seat. Recently Lynn Alderson gave a word that really struck me. It’s been our pursuit throughout the past five years. But she summed up this focus prophetically with the admonition, “SECURE YOUR SEAT.” Together lets engage in a specific prayer focus for the seats of authority for our future to be secured. Yours first. Then governmental seats. With the Shebnas be exposed, and the Eliakims released.

Time to Arise! God is arising. For this reason seismic shifts are ahead. Are you ready? It’s best to prepare now—not merely to survive the future, but to define the future. IT’S FINALLY TIME TO ARISE!

Complete the Turnaround, Possess your Inheritance. Lets remember the overarching goal the Lord has called us to embrace for this year and decade. What’s our arising for? It’s time to COMPLETE THE TURNAROUND AND POSSESS YOUR INHERITANCE. Make this your pathway in prayer as we move towards 7-22.