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We are on the final stretch of our 100 + days of prayer for the Trump Administration with our Resounding Scrolls Prayer Project. It’s been quite a time. Today I want to ask each of you to engage with us in a daily prayer focus through Tisha b’Av, when this project culminates. 

Remember the Lord spoke to us that the second 100 days were going to be at least equally as important as the first. It has absolutely proven to be true. 

Throughout the project the Lamplighter family has prayed to counter the false allegations of Russian collusion. We prayed for breakthrough from the media and from “deep state leaks.” We prayed through the sudden firing of FBI Director Comey and the extraordinary Senate testimonies by Dir. Comey and AG Jeff Sessions. We prayed against the onslaught of Ramadan violence after the Manchester bombing. We engaged in urgent, travailing prayer to counter a dark cloud over the White House and Capitol, and just a week later saw God’s incredible hand of protection amidst a horrific shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. 

Propelled by your prayers, Jolene and I were privileged to attend President Trump’s Rose Garden speech in which he disengaged America from the Paris Climate Treaty. On Shavuot! We put a symbolic stake in the ground for turnaround, declaring that the White House is a Throne of glory to the Father’s house

Can’t make this up. And as evidenced yesterday, WE ARE NOW SEEING BREAKTHROUGH! 

Turn the Tables! Prayer with Daily Communion
As Vice President Pence has admonished us all, it’s now time to redouble our efforts on behalf of our nation. Lets capitalize on this momentum and continue praying for President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Trump’s cabinet, the NSC, and the Justice Department. I feel the Lord is now calling us to also engage in intensive prayer for the State Department. More on this in an upcoming posting.

Last Thursday I was on a strategic conference call where the Holy Spirit gave a clear assignment. Our friend Judy Wade, a key prayer leader from San Diego, was speaking about communion. All of the sudden Holy Spirit flashed to me, “Receive the Table of the Lord daily as a team!” 

I also immediately felt that we, the Lamplighter family, needed to engage in this together through Tisha b’Av 2017 as we culminate our prayer project. I feel so strong about this I could almost add a “thus saith the Lord” to it. IT’S TIME TO TURN THE TABLES!

Now through Tisha b’Av, lets continue to press through for the full measure of governmental turnaround the Lord desires. Another prominent focus must be God’s promise through the Glory Train. We must take this portion of the Promised Land! The harvest literally depends it. GLORY!

And as the fountainhead of your intercession, please daily communion your highest priority. 

Table of the Lord—the Highest Court in Kingdom of God!
I want to remind you that the highest court in the Kingdom of God is the Table of the Lord. Jesus literally presented His own body and blood before His Father, at this very Table, to secure for each of us the verdict of our redemption!

My suggestion for this project is that you pour a cup of juice or wine instead of just a thimble. Get a good portion of bread. As you consecrate these elements to the Lord, take the position of a lawyer before a Judge. As you receive communion and plead Christ’s blood, take some extra time to present your case in intercession.

Plead the blood of Jesus over President Trump and family, VP Mike Pence and family, Trump’s cabinet, the NSC, Justice and the State Department. Plead His body and blood over your own life, of course. Your family, your church, your workplace. Accompany this plea with prayer, in the Spirit and with your understanding. Remind the Lord of His covenant. Do this wherever you need the Lord to intervene and bring a turnaround!

As we approach the Bench now through August 1, we will see God turn the tables—personally, corporately, and governmentally! Lets see the Lord render His verdict of justice in your favor. And lets partner with Him to set a new course for our nation as we approach decisions that could even affect us for the next 40 years. 

Turn the Tables—Through Tisha b’Av
I want to close with an excerpt from the original “Drain the Swamp and Secure the Harvest: 100 Days Prayer Project.” Note: to read full, original posting click here.

In the dream, a group of us were strategizing on the next steps to take the Promised Land. The view from the hilltop was so expansive—like we could see from one end to the other.

I knew the “land” we were overlooking represented promises from God to us personally as well as to nations. Harvest, blessing, promotion, increase. We saw personally the ground we are called to take in this Crown & Throne movement, including the restoration of His glory across the land.

Biblical Timeline
Through the dream God was aligning today’s move of the Spirit with the movement of His people after Exodus—even regarding timing.

Here’s the progression. Fifty days after Passover, Moses received a “scroll from Heaven” with the 10 Commandments, God’s covenant with His people. Shavuot or Pentecost celebrates this gift. 

About 100 days after their first Passover, the window opened for the children of Israel to take the Promised Land. Unfortunately they saw giants and refused. 

Only 113 days from Passover they chose to disobey their first call to take the land, and derailed their entire movement for 40 years. The solemn date “Tisha b’Av,” or the 9th of Av, marks the exact date of their disobedience. And on that exact date, future generations would witness the destruction of the first temple and the second temple. 

Further, Tisha b’Av came to mark pogroms, expulsions from nations and other tragedies cast upon the Jewish people through generations. It is known as the “saddest date on the Jewish calendar.”

Tisha b’Av was supposed to become a power-filled “time gate” for God’s people to possess the land. But when they failed to move through this gate into a season of war, it negatively affected future generations for thousands of years. 

God wants to fully reverse this curse. I sense a similar “time gate” is opening this fall. And it has the potential to affect us positively or negatively for the next 40 years. We must respond to God’s direction. Perhaps this is why the Lord is calling us all to forerunning prayer right now! 

Our 40 Years Has Come to an End!
The good news is that after 40 years, this “time gate” opened again. During Passover the Jordan River parted and His covenant people entered into their land.

You might note a “coincidence” here. This is exactly parallel to our hour of history! As of Purim 2017, “Ichabod” has been erased from our land by verdict from the Lord. A 40 year season of discipline has now come to an end! 

And—this is so important—the glory of the Lord is now leading us as a movement. God’s angelic armies are going before us to prepare the way. Jolene and I actually experienced this to a measure last year on the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour. And we anticipate His hand this fall as we launch our second Glory Train journey. Please pray!  

All that said, Heaven and earth are now resourcing us all to take the land. You must understand, that’s what this dream is conveying. 

“Their Defense is Removed from Over Them”
A key issue for these next 100 days is whether or not we are willing to obey God by engaging in supernatural conflict to secure our Promised Land. Joshua observed, “Only rebel not against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us; their defence is removed from over them, and the LORD is with us; fear them not’” (Numbers 14:13, JPS Hebrew-English Bible).

Did you catch that? When God opens the window to possess your portion, the defense is removed from OVER your enemies. You will still have to engage. But the demonic realm will be fully restrained! 

It cannot be emphasized enough. This Crown & Throne movement is a FREEDOM MOVEMENT. The Lord promised to marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. And His eyes are absolutely on the multitudes still in subjugation to the enemy. They are our harvest. LET MY PEOPLE GO!