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FOR 2021… IT’S TIME TO REDEEM THE TIME! This word came to me last night while I was seeking the Lord for 2021. It’s actually for all of us—in our personal lives and in contending for the destiny of the nation. Remember that the verdict the Lord granted America over Revolution 2020 is redemption. Part of His redemption for our nation is this redeeming of time! 

It’s time to redeem the time. And together last night, at the outset of 2021, we received an anointing for Georgia and the nation to redeem the time. 

It’s time to redeem the kairos windows of opportunity that have been missed. And it’s time even to redeem the chronos time, or chronological time, that has both stopped to a crawl and flowed so swiftly through 2020.  

Redemption in the Evil Day
The Apostle Paul wrote to the church of Ephesus that they should ““redeem the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16). Note that the Apostle Paul did not instruct believers to redeem the time when all was well. According to his words, the days were evil. Which meant the saints faced challenges during their watch that were seemingly insurmountable. THEY OVERCAME. And so can we. 

That’s honestly where we are right now. We are wrestling through a midnight hour for our nation. What a great opportunity to be an overcomer!

Georgia’s Immediate Call—Redeem the Time
For this, Georgia’s citizens and even believers across the nation must now make an unprecedented stand. It’s going to take courage. It’s going to take honesty. And it’s going to take conviction, expressed through our votes and more importantly through the investment of our lives. We must see the balance of power our founders envisioned upheld for this hour. And we must continue to shift this nation from death to life. 

Georgia, as we have said many times, the destiny of America is now in your hands. Please redeem the time!

Hindsight is 2020
One of the phrases the Lord reiterated to me last night is that “Hindsight is 2020.” I began to see how 2020 is going to become a plumbline reference point for navigating the future. Most of you reading this already see much of this clearly. But America corporately will soon understand how both the right decisions and the wrong decisions from 2020 have impacted our world longterm. 

Some of these consequences will be beyond repair. But for many challenges, God will grace us to redeem the time. Again, the process is going to take honesty coupled with Throne Room clarity. Lord give us this gift—for Georgia, immediately! 

Redeeming the 2020 Election Process
Wouldn’t you love to shift our nation back in time? Like, to any time prior to November 3, 2020? Hindsight is truly 2020. No doubt you’d be posting an army of trusted sentinels to watch over the election process, making sure there was no 10pm halt to the counting where everyone would go home except those hiding a secret stash of ballots. 

And further you would absolutely insist each Dominion machine be proven fraud-proof before being utilized. Or at the very least, that they were finally unplugged from the internet.

As it is, America is launching into 2021 knowing that the 2020 elections were fraudulent beyond repair. Proving that internal corruption married to external sabotage can compromise the foundational principle we cherish the most. You have to understand that the issues raised regarding election integrity and accountability are imperative for our nation to repair. Only through this process can we avert a totalitarian takeover, which is honestly now at our doorstep. Only through this process can we genuinely secure government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

If we only gain this bedrock freedom to secure our future, we will have truly redeemed the time.

Prophetic Directives
That said, here are a few prophetic directives for 2021 which burst forth spontaneously last night. We hope to develop them more in the future. 

  1. Midnight Train to Georgia. God’s glory is coming—like an unstoppable train—a midnight train. Watch how Georgia is impacted in this season in a way that turns the nation. Glory alliances are forming. The midnight anguish will give way to a midnight ride, announcing His breakthrough!
  2. Midnight Watch. Don’t fall back asleep—or you’ll miss the train! Like the shepherds seeking Jesus at His birth, it’s time to watch through the night for His coming. Night watches are imperative. Gather at key appointed times!
  3. Midnight Wrestling. Jamie Jackson brought out last night that our nation, like Jacob of old, is being summoned to wrestle through the night season. A new name and a great release into inheritance are just on the other side. We actually wrote extensively about this in White House Watchmen. Don’t let go until the Lord blesses you.
  4. God is Taking the Midnight Shift! The Lord spoke last night to Jolene, “I AM about to work the the midnight shift” in America. The Lord appeared to her as a janitor. Sweeping the streets, sweeping the schools, sweeping the halls of government. “The midnight season will become a season of joy as you watch Me make a shift for the remnant the days ahead!”