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With Jon & Jolene Hamill and Martin & Cindy Frankena
Foxchase Golf Course Banquet Hall, 300 Stevens Road, Stevens (Lancaster) PA.
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WE HAVE ENTERED a historic season. As we approach July 4, an unprecedented window of opportunity has opened to finally see the overthrow of Roe v Wade. Friends, it’s important to remember that our founders declared independence and fought a revolution to secure LIFE AND LIBERTY. We in this hour are being summoned to an engagement of similar magnitude, with global reverberations. 

A Midnight Cry for LIFE. 

Lets keep in mind that we prophesied about a shift into LIFE last year, perceiving that God was going to manifest His glory even in the meaning of 2018. In Hebrew, 18 or chai means “life.” L’Chaim. To life!

Seven Years Ago—Covenant Restored Nationally!
It was seven years ago this July 4 that a group of dreamers descended upon the Lincoln Memorial to see our nation recovenanted to Jesus Christ, divorced from all idolatry. HAPN and RPN leaders had largely completed the assignment of praying onsite at more than 10,000 altars of historic idolatry nationwide, seeking the Lord to grant a divorce from Baal, seeking to be known by His Name alone. This requirement from Heaven’s Court thus met, we presented the Lord with a Declaration of Covenant and unabashedly asked for His hand in marriage to our land again. 

Seven is the number of covenant. And I don’t believe it’s any coincidence that after seven years, this door has now opened to secure protection and destiny for all conceived in the womb of this nation. 

When we sought the Lord to marry our land again, we also asked that He would respond with a clear sign to us that He had accepted our proposal. We actually prayed for the Lord to crack the hard shell of demonic resistance over Washington DC. Interestingly, 50 days later an unprecedented earthquake rocked our Nation’s Capitol. Gargoyles toppled from the National Cathedral. Even the Washington Monument cracked the in the earthquake, measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale. 

Vision—Monument Cracks, Turnaround for LIFE
It struck me then that I had seen this in a vision. On August 8, 2008 Jolene and I were gathered with friends in a lonely field in Lowville New York, where famed intercessor Daniel Nash ministered and was buried. He and Charles Finney together helped unleash the Second Great Awakening. And we knew the Lord had promised a Third Great Awakening as this historic well was uncapped.

Standing by the monument that marked the location of Daniel Nash’s church, I saw—and felt—a vision. The earth shook. I watched as a fault line raced from this monument down through Pennsylvania and Maryland, straight to the Washington Monument in DC. Everywhere the ground broke apart, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky. They were caught by angels. 

From this visionary experience I knew the anointing of awakening—and of forerunning prayer for awakening—had been uncapped. I also knew that America’s awakening and turnaround was intrinsically tied to overthrowing the covenant of death and culture of death which had so wounded our land since 1973. God was shifting us from death to life. From a covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. 

Ten years later, in July 2018, we are now on the precipice of this turnaround. L’Chaim! Now through 7-22 especially, lets contend for the fullness of this governmental turnaround to be realized. Pray for our friend Matt Lockett and JHOP-DC as they continue their decade-long watch over the Supreme Court. 

And lets contend together for the mighty awakening that accompanies this shift! 

Dream—Jonathan Edwards, Awakening, Supreme Court!
Finally, please review an incredible word now being circulated by Lou Engle and his community. Consider it your own. 

This week, the night after Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, our friend Chris Berglund had a profound dream that we believe is connected with this prior word. In his dream, Chris was in a heavenly council room and he saw Jonathan Edwards approach the stand. For some reason he was summoned by the name “Sir Jonathan.” Chris watched as Sir Jonathan began issuing the following declarations:

1. I command “the awakening time is now upon us’’ to be agreed with on earth as it is in Heaven.

2. I command those who have been given charge over angel armies to take their place and release those armies.

3. I command those who are to make us complete to now be about the Father’s business.

4. I command His beloved to come forth.

5. I command the eagles’ wings to be healed and fly in strength once again.

In addition to witnessing this courtroom activity, Chris also remembers seeing angelic highways being paved by intercessors’ declarations and faith-filled prayers. He was shown that there were witch covens all over America being disrupted and disturbed by what was taking place in intercession. He understood that we had to take our stand in commands and declarations just like Edwards did so that the witches would not be effective in their desire to stop these decrees. It was clear that the body of Christ was used to settling for second best when God was wanting us to believe and to work with the cloud of witnesses and the angels to accomplish His desires.

Thankfully we have come to a profound moment of opportunity, but we must not take it for granted. While President Trump is consulting with his advisors to consider his choice of nominees, we must set ourselves to prayer on his behalf and on behalf of the person whom God has chosen to fill this vital position in our nation’s highest court. The president is expected to announce his nomination on July 9th, but inside sources have reported that his decision may be made as early as the beginning of this week. The hour is urgent!

Fortunately, in the months leading up to this anticipated moment, many have been in the secret place of prayer where God often reveals His own secrets. Not long ago, our dear friend Matt Lockett, Executive Director of JHOP-DC and Bound4LIFE International, had a vivid dream in which he was working as a Secret Service officer guarding Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence. In the dream, Mrs. Pence was visibly disturbed and worried about something. Matt heard her explaining to some friends how she had been summoned to a meeting about who the next justice should be and she was concerned because she didn’t know what to say. Matt grabbed her shoulders in the dream, looked her in the eyes and said: “Remember the name Amy Barrett!”  

Amy Coney Barrett is on President Trump’s short list of potential nominees. In the natural, this judge from Indiana who was confirmed last year to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, is everything we would hope for in a judicial candidate for the Supreme Court. Yet, even more than having the professional credentials and reputation of someone who would make a great justice, we believe Barrett has the endorsement of heaven behind her. Matt’s dream is one of several prophetic indicators that have repeatedly brought her to our attention. It even occurred to us after Chris’ recent dream that Sir Jonathan’s decree commanding “His beloved to come forth” may possibly be alluding to Amy herself, as her name actually means “beloved.”

There is a measure of mystery that comes with the prophetic, but this much is for sure: the Ekklesia of God is being summoned to the bench! Let us not miss our day of visitation. It’s time to wage war in the heavenly realms according to the revelation we’ve been given. It’s time to make way through prophetic decrees for those whom God desires to raise up. It’s time to partner with the cloud of witnesses and the angelic armies unto a Third Great Awakening and the shifting of our courts. It’s time for God to show mercy to the great, great, great, great grandchildren of Jonathan Edwards.

Jon here. It’s clear we are now on the precipice of this mighty awakening. It’s time for a Midnight Cry for LIFE!