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Breaking News—USA Freedom Act
First—breaking news on the turnaround reported yesterday. After Sen. Rand Paul blocked efforts to reaffirm the Patriot Act, the US Senate is moving forward today with an amended version called the USA Freedom Act. This legislation essentially ends the NSA’s authority to continue mass phone record collection and mandates surveillance be relegated to a case by case basis.

Thank you for your prayers—for this turnaround, which helps secure the continuance of God’s watchful protection in our land and through the intelligence community. I believe the debate has been healthy and the shift necessary to stem the tide of warrantless surveillance that could ultimately denigrate into dictatorship.

Eye of Pharaoh
In a previous post we shared a warning about surveillance tied to dictatorship and idolatry. Biblically this is embodied by Pharaoh. Exodus recounts how God fought a revolution against the gods of Egypt and the governance of Egypt to free His people from Pharaoh’s grasp. And the Bible warns of an end-times Pharaoh who will employ cutting edge surveillance technologies to form a “mark” that allows people to continue engaging in life and commerce.

What’s striking is that Pharaoh gained his power of mass surveillance from Isis. Isis the army is actually named after Isis the Egyptian goddess!

And Isis the Egyptian goddess possessed a unique capability that was accessed by the Pharaohs who came into covenant union with her. She gave them her “all-seeing eye.” In other words, capacities for unlimited surveillance tied to idolatry.

Isis literally became the eye of Pharaoh. And if we really want to defeat Isis, we need to continually renounce the idolatry and spiritual empowerment that Pharaoh embraced. In other words to renounce any semblance of idolatry-charged dictatorship, sustained by the “all-seeing eye” of unlimited surveillance, bringing people and nations into subjugation.

Our covenants with spiritual powers give those powers authority to watch over us. We do not want Isis to rule, nor do we want our government to become an “American Pharaoh.”

That’s why I’m really glad the debate on warrantless surveillance has been renewed, and corrective steps have begun today. This balance of power is more important than we know. Lets continue to pray!

Freedom Watch—Now Through July 4
Let me reiterate that our covenants with spiritual powers give those powers authority to watch over us. The Lord’s watch is always a freedom watch. As we align covenantally with Him, He not only secures us in freedom but He also protects and defends the boundaries of our freedom.

As a prophetic action, now through July 4 we want to engage with the Lord in a nationwide “Freedom Watch.” Many leaders are hearing the same thing. We’re simply entering into the same window of opportunity they have called us to access. Last week my friend Jason Hershey felt led to launch a 50 night “midnight cry” through July 4—praying at Dick Eastman’s new house of prayer near the Supreme Court. Anne Tate and Chuck Pierce are now leading the body of Christ in a 50 day Daniel Watch at Glory of Zion—with three watches, morning noon and night.

The Lord birthed our land in freedom. He watches over us for freedom. And He desires that His lamps of freedom shine authentically as a signal of freedom to the nations.

Upper Room Intel
Cindy Jacobs once prophesied that we were “spiritual Paul Reveres,” holding out the burning lamp as we ride to declare God’s message. Revere watched for freedom. His midnight ride literally started a revolution that changed the governance of the earth. We want this today!

On his “freedom watch,” Paul Revere essentially perceived an intelligence alert from two burning lamps in the “upper room” of a church! We so need accurate “upper room intel” today. Prophetic revelation that that cuts to the chase and unveils what our capacities alone cannot perceive. Prophetically, it’s again time to receive significant intel in the upper room, and shine our lights so the body of Christ can advance in freedom.

Revere’s midnight ride ignited a revolution for freedom. We pray this accelerate the same—awakening His people and unleashing God’s revolution in this midnight hour of history.

All this said, we choose the Lord as the watchman of our nation, not Isis or any other idolatrous expression. NO KING BUT JESUS!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain” (Psalm 127:1)