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Almost eight years ago the Lord gave us a clear warning about this very time period. That in the spiritual realm, enemies of God’s dream for our nation were going to attempt to sabotage the democratic process by which the thrones of our governance are constitutionally transferred.

Through these eight years we have again and again focused on standing with the Lord to restrain this challenge. You might remember postings on  exposing and restraining the usurper, retaining America’s sovereignty, and even our word and warning for 2016 regarding the “Conflict of Thrones.”

Please keep in mind that retaining the sovereignty of our nation is not a matter of force. The matter is already settled. Covenant with Jesus Christ trumps all false claims from the enemy.


Below is a link to the word the Lord gave us for 2016, focusing on two primary themes: the Conflict of Thrones, and Heaven at Your Gates. We encourage you to read it again in light of current challenges. To read click here.

Lamplighter family, the good news is that the circling of our nation in prayer and revival has been completed as a sign of God’s word in our nation. Tonight on our call the Lamplighter family will together present the Lord Jesus Christ with this “wedding ring.” As we have journeyed together, the Lord has shown us that principalities have been unseated, and God’s promised turnaround has indeed been set in motion!

For now, keep standing, keep praying, keep your heart open. You were born for such a time as this! We look forward to praying with you tonight. Covenant blessings to each of you!