TWO WEEKS AWAY! REVOLUTION 2018! DECEMBER 6-8, 2018, Museum of the Bible DC.

SPECIAL GUESTS Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick, more. WORSHIP by the Remnant Band with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL. L’CHAIM! We hope you are enjoying a fantastic holiday with family and friends.

It’s hard to believe Revolution launches two weeks from tonight. As you will see, we believe this time together will set the course for our journey through 2020. Today I want to share with you a special overview of where we’ve been on this journey—and where we are headed. Keeping in mind we are two years away from the 400th anniversary of the establishment of America’s convent with Christ through the Mayflower Compact with the Pilgrims. 

As we gain “2020 vision,” it’s clear there is so much in the balance right now. But God often confronts the greatest evil with the miracle of a new birth. And as of Thanksgiving 2018, a freedom movement has indeed been birthed. Its commissioning is at hand. That’s what I’d like to take a few minutes of your day to celebrate with you. 

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS by the way to Jolene’s nephew Daniel and his wife Kristen. Early this morning they ushered in Thanksgiving with the birth of a beautiful baby boy! Mom, dad, grandpa and grandma—that would be Jolene’s sister—are all doing just fine. Jesus is making all things new. In everything His kindness is supreme! 

A Word Defining our New Way Forward
On the final days of our Rome to Jerusalem tour, the Lord quickened to me to two very simple words which I believe carry power to set the course for our future. They literally define our new way forward. 

We were in the Shepherds Field in Bethlehem. The field is very close to where Christ the Messiah was born. And as we worshiped together, the phrase first started resounding in my spirit. 

Remember that 5779 is a year of birthing. We are excited to see how God births the “new” in a revolutionary, reformational way this year. But for Miriam and Joseph, when the “new” was birthed, Messiah came under immediate threat of death from governing authorities led by Herod. Thank God a road opened up for the young couple to protect the child entrusted to them! 

And in this hour, the Lord is similarly opening a new way forward for each of you. I’ve been holding this message specifically for the Revolution conference. But I feel a nudge to give you just a hint right now, in context with a prophetic overview which conveys God’s primary work of turnaround this year. 

New Birth of Freedom
Lets recall for a moment the birth of this Freedom Movement. Led by Jolene, our team on the Rome to Jerusalem tour entered into travail by Holy Spirit while in Rome. This movement carried over to Jerusalem. We were ministering at Succat Hallel, a 24-7 prayer center led by Rick and Patricia Ridings, when this dimension of prayer broke out again, with an intensity I had previously never experienced corporately. And I sensed then that the “baby” of this freedom movement had indeed been birthed. 

By the way, we are so thankful Rick and Patricia will be joining us for Revolution! Not a coincidence my friends…

And I also sensed that this was a sign God had shifted America from the covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. Literally a shift in the “power source” as a breakthrough for America.

A few days later, after praying in Tel Jezreel where Jezebel had been cast down, we received word that Justice Kavanaugh had been confirmed to the Supreme Court. I felt this was a confirmation in the natural that this freedom movement had indeed been birthed!

Vision—Babies Burst Forth from the Ground!
A vision from 2008 conveys the potential of this work. On 08-08-08 I entered into a prophetic experience in Lowville NY, on the ground where legendary intercessor Daniel Nash had his church and was buried. Father Nash helped Charles Finney break open the move of the Spirit known as the Second Great Awakening. Multitudes were swept into the Kingdom. Eventually the currents of this awakening river even shifted America out of the scourge of slavery. 

Our friends Bill and Rita Gamela had just purchased the property, sensing from the Lord to secure the title deed so that this sacred well could be uncapped. 

As the vision began I felt the ground shake. A geyser burst forth. And I knew the well had been uncapped. Then the earth began to break apart from Lowville all the way through to southern NY, through Pennsylvania, through Maryland, straight to the Washington Monument in DC. 

And everywhere the earth broke apart, I saw babies shooting out of the earth and into the sky! All creation was travailing for the manifestation of these sons and daughters of God. In the vision the babies were being caught by angels.

From the vision I prophesied that the uncapping of this awakening well would accelerate the release of His river to the nation and nations. The release of this river during the Second Great Awakening shifted us out of slavery and into freedom. The release of the river in this hour will shift us out of the covenant with death tied to abortion in this land. A seismic shift for justice!

What I didn’t realize then was that exactly three years and two weeks later, the Washington Monument would crack in an unprecedented earthquake. And that the quake itself would be a sign for us that God’s original covenant with our land had been restored. Divorce from Baal granted. Validated by Heaven’s Court! Covenant with Christ restored. 

You have to know the full story to fully appreciate the magnitude of what I just shared. But for now, suffice to say, the earthquake was an extraordinary sign. You just can’t make this stuff up.

L’Chaim 2018! Turnaround for LIFE
Fast forward to the summer of 2017. I think we were in Evansville, Indiana at the time when the Lord spoke to us about the turnaround He desired for 2018. “L’Chaim!” A governmental shift from a covenant of death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life.

L’Chaim. We had no idea in the natural what was ahead. But the tremors of this travail broke in on many Wednesday night calls this year, as well as ministry sessions. Provoking countless friends to endure my hapless rendition of the legendary Fiddler on the Roof song. THANK YOU LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY—for both your prayers and your perseverance!

But none of us knew in 2017 that there would be an extraordinary Supreme Court battle in which Jezebel’s forces would be fully unleashed. Complete with unjust accusations spread through the media, unjust legal testimony, and even cursing by occult practitioners. 

Who knew that we would somehow land on Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy, on the very day of the Kavanaugh hearings on Capitol Hill. Spearheading with Lynn Alderson, Ed Watts, Jamie Fitt and James Nesbit a national and global repudiation of idolatry tied to abortion and seeing the Lord sever the ungodly ties empowering abortion through the roots of Roman paganism. 

Covenant with death and hell governmentally annulled! 

And who knew then the next phase of travail to birth His freedom movement would begin the very next day. At the Vatican of all places. Continuing through to Jerusalem. Where a prophetic woman from Nazareth made a journey to Jerusalem, largely retracing the historic journey of Miriam and Joseph, based on a word about a Midnight Cry. And that travail again would break forth to complete this birthing. 

All this to say that we believe the move of God’s Spirit in awakening—this river of fire unleashing a global freedom movement—has been reconstituted in the earth as of 2018. Empowering us to fully shift from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of LIFE. And unleashing this move of awakening, this freedom movement, in our time. 

The Road to 2020 is a Revelation Road
So what’s ahead? How can we define this new way forward? As we shared earlier, we closed out the Rome to Jerusalem tour with worship in Bethlehem, very near where Christ was born. I sensed the Lord speaking to me there about the journey ahead. 

“Revelation Road” was the word. Two days ago this word was expanded. “The Road to 2020 is a Revelation Road!”

It was a “Revelation Road” on which Joseph and Miriam journeyed from Bethlehem, to keep their newborn Messiah protected from King Herod’s wrath. It was a “Revelation Road” which thrust the early apostles into the harvest fields of the gentiles. It was a “Revelation Road” that was forged by the Apostle John to guide the church through the dramatic events of the end times. 

And as with Miriam and Joseph, it is a “Revelation Road” which will open for you. Direct guidance from the Lord to protect and mature the expression of His movement entrusted to you during this two year period of volatility. THE ROAD TO 2020 IS A REVELATION ROAD.

Revelation Road to a Covenant Land
By the way it was a “Revelation Road” which thrust a group of Jesus followers from Europe to the shores of the New World, to establish a prototype never seen in the earth since the nation of Israel. A freedom nation forged in covenant with the God of Israel. A freedom nation which would one day help oversee the unprecedented rebirth of the covenant nation from which her inspiration was drawn. 

It is that freedom journey of the Pilgrims, and that the birth of a nation and a dream still alive before the Throne, which we are celebrating today through Thanksgiving. And we are watching the emergence of a freedom movement destined to spread a move of awakening through our nation and the nations in this hour. 

Remember again the vision the Lord gave of this movement on 08-08-08. The river bursting forth as a geyser, spreading His movement of awakening. Babies shooting forth from the ground into the skies. Covenant with death and hell annulled!

God is so precise in His movement. Because exactly 10 years later, on 08-08-2018, the Lord visited Jolene and me both with a sacred commission. I didn’t really put this together until writing today’s post. But that was the day Jolene experienced the fire of His holiness, and the commission of Isaiah 6 came alive. That was also the day I experienced the presence of an angelic host of the Lord Jesus Christ, imparting a sacred charge to complete the movement which our forefathers began. “Now therefore arise!”

Just as the Lord commissioned us personally on 8-8-18, I believe He is commissioning many corporately over Hanukkah this year. We are gathering for Revolution to receive Christ’s commissioning of this Freedom Movement, and our participation in it. 

Rick and Patricia Ridings of Succat Hallel, where the travail of this freedom movement was corporately released, are joining us for the gathering. Chuck Pierce, who actually prophesied about a freedom movement in his Head of the Year gathering, is joining us. Faisal Malick, whose book “The Political Spirit” provided much of the framework for the Freedom Movement we are perceiving today, is joining us. 

My point is that the Lord has been very intentional in establishing the Revolution gathering for 2018. As we move from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah, please pray for Revolution. Sign up if you haven’t already. And lets together step into the new, with 2020 vision. A REVELATION ROAD.

Happy Thanksgiving!