Plus Larry Sparks Joins for Turnaround Tuesday

SPECIAL TURNAROUND TUESDAY WITH LARRY SPARKS—YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Over the next three weeks we are celebrating one entire year engaging in the Turnaround Tuesday movement. Very special guests, including Larry Sparks tomorrow, are joining us! 

with Special Guest LARRY SPARKS
Chris Mitchell, Jon & Jolene
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FIRST—TURNAROUND TUESDAY celebrates one year tomorrow! So amazing revival has broken out over the very generation we are praying for. God is so faithful! And we are so honored that our friend Larry Sparks, Destiny Image publisher and renown revivalist, is joining us for a special broadcast tomorrow.

Yep, you read it right. Larry Sparks. The real deal. We are so excited! 

All this along with our firebrand team Chris Mitchell and Adam Schindler. So don’t miss out. Lets celebrate together the year anniversary of the launch of this Turnaround Tuesday movement!

This Presidents Day—Dedicate America to Jesus Christ
SECOND—TAKE TIME TODAY, Presidents Day 2023, to pray and dedicate your nation to Jesus Christ. Remember the admonition Lynnie Harlow gave us last week. The full posting is below. But Lynnie saw Jesus on bended knee over America, compelling us to return to Him alone. 


Most of you know that occult forces have sought to claim the United States of America, dedicating our land and government to the false gods of idolatry. There may even be dedication ceremonies to these false gods going on today. So lets approach the bench, and bear witness before Heaven’s Court that this Nation belongs to Christ by covenant, AND WE ARE RETUNING!

Make your confession of the verdict already secured that the covenant with death and hell is annulled (Isaiah 28). Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone of your family, church, city, state, and nation (Isaiah 28). Further, decree that the apostolic fathering movement in our nation belongs to Jesus—not false apostolic structures tied to idolatry. Decree the turnaround now! 

Again, with this at heart, lets rehearse the incredible vision Lynnie Harlow received just last week. I believe more than any other time, it is FOR TODAY. 

Return! Jesus on Bended Knee for America
By Lynnie Harlow

I was watching Jon’s interview on Sid Roth’s program today where he gave his testimony about his son. When he got to the part about Jonathan knocking on his door I immediately start to weep. I wasn’t sure what was going on, as I’ve heard their testimony many times. But this time was different. I literally could feel the emotions of a son knocking at the door of the Father’s heart. 

Jonathan goes on to ask his dad if he could talk to him. By this point I was a complete mess, weeping deeply, because again I could feel the emotions of a son reaching out to the Father. He goes on to tell Jon and Jolene about a vision he had of Jesus. He told them that he saw Jesus face and his outstretched hand and Jesus said to him, “Jonathan return to me”!

As soon as I heard that I immediately went into this vision of my own. 

I saw the shape of the United States of America overlaid by the American Flag. Then the whole picture morphed into a man, but still the flag and I knew it was Jesus. His head was bowed and I watched as he took a knee and rested one arm over it. He then stretched out his other arm and turned his palm up, and invitation to take HIS hand. And I started to weep deeper as I knew the Father was humbly asking America to RETURN TO HIM!

I then heard this scripture…Isaiah 44:22… “I have swept away your sins like a cloud (Roe v Wade). I have scattered your offenses like the morning mist. Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.” 

I then heard the Father say, “This is what the window of time you are in is all about! The clock is ticking and you must advance on the enemy while the window is open! Was it not decreed, when the window is open, to continue to strike the ground (2 Kings 13:18). For the more you do, the greater the victory! Every altar and every stronghold that you advance on in this window of opportunity will open a deeper dimension for the RETURN of MY sons and daughters. 

Rachel’s blood-soaked tears are being poured out over this Nation. And from the heart cry of those tears and on bended knee, I call out to you, AMERICA RETURN TO ME!