PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!


with Emma Stark, Jon & Jolene Hamill, held at The Gate DC & Whole Word Fellowship (same place). To watch video replay CLICK HERE.

SEPT. 13-14 CROWN & THRONE SCHOOL with Jamie Fitt, 3502 Scotts Lane Bldg 4, Philadelphia PA.                                                                                                                                                                 

THIS 9-11, WE REMEMBER. And we pray.

Our 21 day “Tracks to Your Future” watch culminates tonight. Thank you for remaining strong and vigilant on the wall in this season. So many of you joined us this past weekend for the “Tracks to Your Future” gathering. It was such a powerful time, far beyond all expectations. Emma Stark gave an astonishing word for America and our region. Our message was impactful too. We are making a video replay available for you! To view CLICK HERE. 

Throughout the Tracks to Your Future watch we were directed by the Lord towards two primary focuses. First, we were called to lay the tracks for our future through repentance, declaration and prayer. This season will continue through Yom Kippur. Our second call was toto keep watch over our nation against terror or peril. By the grace of God, results have been amazing. New tracks formed which mandated a category 5 hurricane barreling towards Florida stayed mostly at a distance from our coast. Further I know of at least two potential terror attacks that were thwarted, including an attack in New Jersey with explosives planned for a Labor Day parade. To read article click:

Suffice to say, your forerunning prayers have been invaluable. However we must remain absolutely vigilant through the day, and really through the Jewish feasts. 

Security—Remember Lynnie’s 9-11 Warning
Remember Lynnie Harlow’s admonition, shared early on Labor Day, THE DAY THE EXPLOSIVES WERE FOUND. 

I shared with the Hamills yesterday that I sense it’s on a 9/11 level. It is similar to what I sensed just prior to the September 11 attacks. I was praying over the Nation a few days back and I heard the Lord say this, “They’ll try to do the unexpected to the expected…watch the dates”. I felt like what God was saying was that terrorists have plans to do something we HAVE expected them to do, which is to attempt to hit the United States. But they were planning to do this in a way we would NOT expect. I have not yet seen what that is. But I know we need to pray!

He also said “which the dates” which made we think while we may be expecting something to happen on 9/11 they may be planning on hitting beforehand or afterwards, at a time where we are not expecting to be struck. Though I don’t feel this is imminent, the threat is definitely weighty…I believe with agreement in prayer we can avert any plans they may be hatching.

Please note that we will absolutely be covering our nation on tonight’s call. 

Prayer for Israel’s Security & Elections
We also really need to keep Israel in prayer, as Lori Perz compelled us last week. Two days ago Prime Minister Netanyahu exposed yet another top-secret, unreported Iranian nuclear production site. Yesterday, just a day before September 11, rocket fire from Gaza actually fell within proximity of Prime Minister Netanyahu! The Prime Minister had to be escorted out of an Ashkelon campaign stop to a secure place. Note that Netanyahu’s re-election bid will be sealed on September 17, less than a week from today.  

New National Security Advisor
On the home front, it’s surprising and a little unsettling that yesterday National Security Advisor John Bolton either tendered his resignation, was fired, or both. Again just a day before September 11. From what I’ve read the dismissal was due not only due to stark disagreements but also repetitive leaks to the media. These leaks conveyed Mr. Bolton’s views on areas of disagreement, including the attempt for secret talks with the Taliban.

The National Security Advisor is such a key position. Lets pray for President Trump to receive Heaven’s clarity and wisdom on choosing the next nominee!

Restraining the Storm of a Recession
OK… now I want to leave you with some good news, a prophetic sense I believe is from the Lord. Let me submit this to the Lamplighter family for consideration, accountability and feedback. 

As I was pondering the change in track of the hurricane, looking out over Washington DC, I sensed the Lord speaking to me the following.

If the hand of God can restrain a category 5 hurricane from hitting your coast, is it not possible for the same hand of God to restrain the storm of a recession sent by the enemy to marginalize your president and your nation?

I strongly believe forces inspired by our supernatural enemy are plotting to sabotage our nation and damage President Trump through a recession. This is nothing less than economic terrorism. Just as with the hurricane, I believe the Lord is inviting us to mitigate this storm through prayer.

Covenant blessings to each of you. NO KING BUT JESUS.