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Kris Vallotton this Friday! Fan the Flame DC, 7pm, Embassy Church

Jon & Jolene at the Gate DC this Saturday! Prophetic swirl continues. 7:30 pm Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA. Key teaching on the Court of Heaven!

Today we’ve got some really good news for you. On the eve of the National Prayer Breakfast, Lynnie Harlow’s insights on God’s work in our nation are profound and encouraging. YES!

Timing is everything. Today also marks the Jewish holiday Tu Bishvat—celebrating the budding of the almond tree! When Jeremiah saw this miracle, he perceived how God is hastening His word to perform it! Before the Throne, this is true even today.

Turnaround! Prophetic Swirl
Lynnie’s vision of the scepter is part of a larger prophetic swirl that began around Revolution 2014 with the “turnaround mantle.” This actually takes us back to the Glory Procession and 7-22, when God rendered judgment in favor of the saints—and brought us to a turning point. Her vision is joined at the hip with Jolene’s message on picking up the rod (click here to read).

And when we gathered at the Gate DC Saturday, things accelerated even more. We would love for you to join us this Saturday night as Jolene and I have been asked to minister.

Tomorrow I will add my own notes from this whirlwind. Here’s a hint… the snake-eaters are being released! Lynnie’s vision is below.

The YES Scepter is Being Extended! By Lynnie Harlow
Last Saturday at the GATE there was such a sweet presence of the Lord during worship. I was sitting there with my eyes shut and all of a sudden I went into a vision. First, I saw a colorful map of the United States; I was looking down on it like I was floating above it. Then it transitioned and I moved from an overhead to a panoramic view.

As I did, I saw the word YES coming down from Heaven and everything turned white. I heard the Lord say, “IF MY PEOPLE…”

That’s all I heard, but knew it was from 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will HEAL their land.”

Turnaround—Our National Identity
White means purity and surrender. I felt like the Lord was showing me that from coast to coast there has been a cry from His people that has penetrated His heart. He was saying, He’s heard our “YES” over America in its pure form.

I could not help but look back at the Revolution Conference when we stood in front of the White House and declared a TURNAROUND MANTLE over this Nation. We gave God our YES!!!! We stood corporately in the gap for this Nation.

I spoke at the GATE two weeks ago on how our “Yes flows out of Identity”. One of the things the Father showed me as I was putting that together was, you cannot give Him your YES while walking in a negative identity. My sensing is that when we turned the mantle around, we prophetically turned this Nation’s identity back to the Father.

I feel like our Nation was walking in a negative identity that was not the true identity or blueprint given to her by the Father. And so God was requiring us to say YES again to His blueprint by placing the mantle right on the shoulders of America.

Yes! The Great Exchange
Now back to the GATE last Saturday. After seeing the first vision I immediately went into another. This time I saw myself standing with a rod in my hand.

Jolene just posted this past week a great word on picking up the Rod of Authority. But I heard the Lord say to me, “cast it down”. When I did, I did not see a snake (as Moses did) but I saw the word “YES”. Then I heard the Lord say to me, “Grab it”, making me ponder on how we have to lay hold of what God is doing. He wants us to move in His timing and fully access what He has granted for us!

As I took the rod, it turned into a golden scepter. I knew in my spirit there was an exchange being made. There is a cry of purity and surrender from the Fathers heart, and God is giving us “HIS” yes in exchange for “OUR” yes.

So together we as a body prophetically threw down our rods, and picked up our golden scepters. And in exchange for the Father’s yes, we gave back our yes. Yes to all of His promises, yes to all of our destinies, and yes to a turnaround in this Nation!

Our Yes Becomes His Amen!
It was interesting—right before we did this I looked up at the overhead screen and noticed the sound man had put up a picture of three crosses, depicting the scene of Calvary. As I was looking, all at once I saw a Y come over first cross…on the middle one a E…and on the third one a S. Then I heard the Lord say, “Jesus said Yes”.

It hit me like never before that his “yes” became our redemptive factor, and by giving God our yes, it sets in motion God’s redemptive factor over our Nation. He has given us the rod of authority, a golden scepter, and as we cry out from a pure heart “YES LORD”, His redemption breaks the chains of adversity and our yes becomes His AMEN!

I believe our “yes cry” has paved the way for God to recalibrate this nation (and our lives) to turn us back on the right course. WE SAY YES LORD!!!!! Amen!