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THE NATION JUST CHANGED FROM PHILADELPHIA. I’m not exaggerating. If you don’t believe me, ask Chuck Pierce. Because after a week of breakthrough worship, prayer, and prophetic release at Jamie Fitt’s worship tent on Independence Mall, that’s exactly what Chuck prophesied. At Pentecost!

Chuck Pierce—Pentecost Word from Philadelphia
Chuck literally prophesied that from Monday forward, everything changes—from the ground where our government was established to Washington DC to our nation. A Haggai 2 revival shaking begins now. Chuck saw an hour glass shaking, and declared that time will be accelerated. Pentecost 2019 to Pentecost 2020 is key, and that within a year a new sound of revival will break forth. He also highlighted a breakthrough six months from now, which is when the 2019 Glory Train journey comes to a close. 

And Sheryl Price, part of Chuck’s team, shifted the atmosphere with a vision of the cloud of witnesses, including Revolutionary forefathers, passing torches to complete the work they began. On Pentecost. Incredible. The torches of revolution have been passed to this generation! Friends, we’re going to pray into this tonight. 

Today and tomorrow I’m going to attempt to convey a few more of the extraordinary experiences in Jesus over our four days in Philadelphia. Be sure to make the call tonight, and pay close attention to upcoming postings.

Going into this, Jolene and I honestly did not know what to expect. The vision of gathering national prophets in conjunction with 24-7 worship for seven days on Independence Mall over Pentecost 2019 sounded incredible. Chuck Pierce, Becca Greenwood, Ed Watts, Chris Mitchell, Melissa and Anthony Medina, Jolene and me, many more. But Jamie had also mentioned to us that Philadelphia’s Gay Pride parade would roll right through the Mall area on Sunday, the actual day of Pentecost. In fact the parade’s grandstand was set up right across the street from the worship tent. Ever ambitious for Jesus, Jamie wanted to worship and pray through this entire time on Pentecost—and then following the parade, set up a mikveh for baptisms! 

I thought, well, why not?

Vision—A Reserve of Healing Oil for America
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets begin at the beginning. We arrived Friday. During worship at dusk, I kept seeing a picture of our Founding Fathers walking Independence Mall. The cloud of witnesses was among us. From the cloud I heard, “Get in line, soldier!” A few key issues flashed before me, provoking me to personal repentance. 

I then saw a vision of a large wineskin full of oil which had been reserved for this strategic hour of America’s history. I knew by the Spirit this oil represented an apostolic anointing to establish our nation generationally in Him. Throne room wisdom and foresight, exceptional prophetic revelation, national healing and revival, breakthrough and victory were all infused together into this oil. An anointing of re-constitution. 

I literally saw scrolls emerging from the oil. And I knew that our Founding Fathers had been granted access to this oil from Heaven to write the Declaration of Independence, win the American Revolution, and frame our nation with the Constitution. Our founding documents were put together and sealed right at Independence Hall. Most of you know that the colonies were deeply divided even over principle. I saw a divided congress pray together, and then supernaturally unite.

I also knew that other generations perceived the presence of this oil, but were not allowed to access it, even during the Civil War. When I asked why, I heard the phrase in my spirit, “freemasonry.” The oil was reserved for then, and reserved for now, an era marked by the comprehensive repudiation of this idolatry nationwide. It was as though this time, the repudiation had to have taken place for this reserve of Heaven’s oil to flow. 

As of Pentecost or Shavuot 2019, the oil has been released.

I kept watching, and scroll materialized in the oil with the phrase “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…” I was reminded again how the Lord mandated that our nation adhere to the scrolls of our founding documents, even to the point of Civil War. 

The Well of the Lawgiver Uncapped!
Many of the prophets were prophesying that night PRECISELY what I was perceiving. I believe it was Ed Watts who declared new Constitution for the nation was being released. Jolene felt that the nation was literally being reborn that day. I believe Melissa Medina also saw fresh oil being released. 

And Pastor Chris Mitchell of Virginia Beach then gave an incredible word, which stunned the entire crowd into virtual silence. What I was seeing was summed up in one haunting phrase. The well of the Lawgivers was becoming uncapped! 

The well of the lawgivers. The reference is Numbers 21, where Moses as Lawgiver summoned representatives from each tribe together to dig a well for the people. They were commanded to use their scepters of rulership to dig—and then they were commanded to SING THE WATERS TO THE SURFACE!

I’ll share Chris’ prophetic word on this in a moment. But if you can imagine receiving this word in a 24-7 worship tent on Independence Mall, right next to Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were put together and signed, having just received the vision of accessing the oil of God’s reconstitution of this nation… it was clear the sovereign Lord, the Ancient of Days, was among us with great intentionality. It was genuinely time to see His well uncapped.!

With this charge at heart, I shared my sense from the Lord about the invitation from the Lord to access this precious reserve of oil—for the reconstitution of our nation. A powerful time of repentance followed, focused on racial reconciliation—and alignment in Jesus with the declaration that all men, women and children are created equal. 

Pastor Joseph Green then shared. It was astounding to hear that 2019 actually marks the 400th anniversary of slavery entering into North America. Actually through Jamestown, VA. Pastor Green is spearheading a major reconciliation gathering in nearby Hampton VA this August. He referenced the phrase in the Declaration of Independence that  “All men created equal,” quoting Martin Luther King that the races have now come to cash in the check our forefathers had signed. Just like the Jews in Egypt—after 400 years—LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

A freedom movement is emerging. We as a corporate group anointed Pastor Green as a Moses of this freedom movement. 

And I can tell you that, by God’s Spirit, at the Well of the Lawgivers, something sacred which was started in Philadelphia more than two hundred years ago was finished that night. There’s no other way to explain it. 

The Well of the Lawgivers—
Chris Mitchell Prophecy,Independence Hall

What was once capped, is now being released. This flow will be of reconciliation and redemption, setting into place God’s original intent. At this well the Lord says “gather my people here and I will give them water” (Numbers 21:16-18). As we drink from this well in this place, new levels of unity are being released! 

Sound of Freedom—there is a SOUND OF FREEDOM that will awaken the Wells. The restoration of My wells will create a place of unity in my people. As they move together in redemptive purpose, they will create a place of Rest for me! 

“Now Jacob’s well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour.”

John 4:6 The water of the Well is for my People, but watch…wherever my Son is feared, My River will flow! (Rev 22:1).