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Today’s second posting chronicles a significant warning dream Jolene received from the Lord this morning. This will really help you to understand the times. And to pray!

For context, remember the warning dream the Lord gave this July. I saw a wave crashing in upon a gigantic hill representing Washington DC. Details of the dream warned of September 11. On September 11, on the Temple Mount, a wave of terrorism began that continues today.

Now yesterday Paris was tragically attacked by ISIS.

We felt from the beginning this wave represents a wave of Islamist terrorism. Very important—as Jolene’s dream conveys, we believe this wave can yet be abated!

Jolene’s Dream—The Waters Are Now Here!
Jolene awoke at 5:20 am this morning to a startling dream. I know the time because she shook me awake to tell it to me. And as you’ll see, it’s all about awakening the church to an encroaching flood.

In the dream there are three scenarios, each with its own respective flood and each with a woman who is symbolic of the church. In each scenario, the woman is faced with overcoming a personal focus in order to awake and see life-threatening challenges immediately before her.

First Scenario—The Church
In the first part of dream there’s a Christian conference going on, and the building’s packed. I see lots of people I recognize but foremost my friend who is facilitating the conference with our help. Everyone there seems to be arguing and debating over something. The whole meeting was was one huge debate!

Meanwhile I’m hearing the water coming in the distance. It is literally at the door of the church. I start running around, saying “People you got to get out of here, the water’s coming! Stop fighting about things that don’t matter, THE WATER IS COMING!”

As an aside, I was shocked to discover that my friend’s name literally means “Dwells by the torrent!”

Second Scenario—Stocking Up
Then in the dream I run to a different part of the building, and it’s filled with mattresses everywhere. And I hear snoring! I’m frantic at this point and I hear the snoring and I wonder “Who is sleeping through this? How can they be sleeping? At this hour, can they not see that the water is coming?” I then say, “It’s not just coming, but the water’s now here! We’re out of time… WE’RE OUT OF TIME… WE’RE OUT OF TIME!”

I then go past a nearby cabin and it’s filled with my personal collection of end-time supplies. Huge cabinets, wall to ceiling, filled with everything! Peanut butter and tuna, bottled drinks and canned goods… and purses!

Yet I realize I can only fit two things in my hand as I leave. I thought to myself, “A lot of good that did me—having the nicest purse etc. The water’s coming and all of this will be destroyed!”

So as the focus of this scenario was me, the name Jolene comes from the middle-English name for Joseph. As in the storehouse guy. Jon is saying, “Can’t make this stuff up!”

Third Scenario—The Bride Called to Rule
So then I find the place where the snoring is, and it’s a good friend of mine. Her name literally means, “Powerful” and “Ruler of the people.”

In the dream I call her name and say, “Wake up, wake up! Don’t you know that the water’s here! Honey, please!”

And she has this totally stunned look on her face and total lackadaisical action. She began to get dressed in gold clothing. Doing everything in slow motion, in total disbelief. As if she’s saying, “Whatever, I’ve heard this before, I’m tired of hearing warnings that aren’t true.” And I’m like “This is true, this is true. WAKE UP and get motivated. Come!”

And I grab her by the hand and she still stands there like in a catatonic state. And I say, “Look out the window!” And as we look out the window the water is beginning to trickle down the side of the mountain. It’s like the water’s coming from every direction.

Declarations and a Shift!
The water’s already beginning to trickle down the mountain and come and overtake our property. And I’m declaring the word of the Lord to the waters, saying “I cover this place and every one of my friends with the blood of Jesus!”

In the dream I’m feeling oppressed, and it’s hard to even get these words out of my mouth. “I put a Bloodline around my property and my friends. And you will not come here!”

With this declaration, the waters begin to shift. And then I wake up.

Interpretation—Three Scenarios
Again, in this dream the Lord presented three scenarios with three symbolic women and three respective floods. One time I look to the east, and see a flood coming down a mountain. It’s like the scene keeps shifting, but every scenario has a flood coming from a different direction.

In every case, people so concerned about what they’re doing inside they cannot see the flood right outside. They’re not focused in the right direction to see these things coming.

The three symbolic women were on fire for God but having a struggle with things oppressing them by diverting their attention. This is really key.

The woman in the first scenario was overly focused on the church. And there was so much infighting going on, so much internal focus they were not even looking out the window to see what’s going on outside the church.

Clearly, it’s time to see what’s going on beyond the four walls of the church!

The woman in the second scenario was overly focused on preparing. In the dream, that woman was ME! Friends would say that I am widely known for my end-time supply of corn 🙂  But the second woman represents those focused on preparing for coming crises, to the extent of being overwhelmed. Getting prepared but their preparations are inadequate because they are too focused on potential problems.

Since my name is a form of Joseph, lets look to this biblical hero for balance. True, he was an early version of an “end-time prepper.” From prophetic vision came real-time solutions. And Joseph received wisdom from God not only to preserve himself, but his entire nation. That’s the heart of God!

The third woman overly focused on her own understanding. In the dream, she was having such a hard time because real-time events conflicted with her own interpretations of what should be happening, such as wealth transfer (represented by the gold clothing), rapture etc. Therefore she awakened very slowly in response to the flood!

Rulers, we all need a reality check here. Truth and timing are such key parts of our training for reigning. We must learn to retain the promises of our future while responding effectively in our present world.

In the dream this training occurred when Jolene drew her friend to the window, so they could look together and process together. We all have blind spots. Sometimes we just need to see together with a friend, and process together what we are seeing. Lets help others see for themselves—then they will have ownership so they can effectively respond.

Our actual friend, by the way, is breathtakingly effective in this. Because she’s gone through this training for reigning.

Key Points for Prayer
Below are a few key points for prayer. First—God is saying THE WATERS ARE HERE. Just look out the window, and believe what you see!

Second. The bride must awaken! To effectively awaken means we must see beyond the obstacles that have impeded our vision in the past. Pray for eyes that see Spirit-empowered truth.

Third. A significant end-time movement is being birthed. As we’ve shared before, the primary reason for this current “conflict of thrones” is because Heaven is at our gates! We must guard and protect our gates.

Which leads me to the fourth and final point. Jolene’s dream ended with declarations that shifted the waters and protected our property and friends.This is really good news!

Watchman, go to the window and gain understanding. But don’t forget to pray! Get your gold on. You are called to rule and reign! Make your faith declarations by Holy Spirit, and together we can see these waters abated!