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I so look forward to our call tonight. Today I just want to add a few comments regarding yesterday’s posting. It’s amazing how revelation expands. Because right after I sent the word, Holy Spirit quickened to me an amazing summation. The post dealt with Jezebel’s quest to take Naboth’s vineyard, and Naboth’s resolve to thwart this. “God forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers!”

While praying into this, insight about Naboth’s vineyard brought tremendous clarity.

The name “Naboth” means “prophetic words.” And while I was praying, the Lord quickened that Jezebel was trying to overtake the VINEYARD OF PROPHETIC DESTINY. 

The inheritance of our forefathers is our vineyard of prophetic destiny. The covenant seeds must be free to come to harvest. That’s what we are standing in victory to secure in this hour. 

Amen. No King but Jesus! With that, addendum, here again is yesterday’s post. 

Trump’s Quest
Ponder with me for a moment why Donald Trump decided to campaign for the Presidency. At 71 now, Donald John Trump could have been resting on his laurels these past four years and easing into a life of leisure most define as the American dream. Instead he decided to risk it all—his reputation, his family reputation, his wealth, his energies, his very life—to engage in a battle which seems to this day virtually impossible to win. 

In his words, to make America great again.

The Cost is Crazy
President Trump is smart. He is seasoned. In counting the cost, I don’t think anybody could have understood the scope of the accusations, slander and scrutiny that would be imposed on both his public and private life, because it’s so far beyond what any politician in my lifetime has ever endured. 

But he knew there was some baggage. My admittedly limited understanding is that while working through some of these challenges a decade ago, his search for answers brought him to Jesus Christ. And this experience deeply refined his heart and purpose for his latter years. 

The Call
Prophetic encouragement from Pastor Paula White and others confirmed the resolve of his own heart. Our nation was spiraling over decades. Courageous leadership was needed to get America back on track. And Trump was being invited by the Lord Himself to make a final costly investment in the face of national and global opposition. To make America great again.

Most people would have been knocked down and knocked out by the sheer brutality of the opposition. Instead, while watching President Trump, I am reminded of Caleb’s resolve when preparing to fight for the Promised Land. “These giants will become our bread!” 

That said, people wonder how Donald Trump has inspired such enduring loyalty in the faith community. True, he has honored us. He genuinely hears and appreciates us. Especially Alveda King. He has implemented wise policies we have prayed over and labored for over decades. And he is the strongest pro-life President in history. 

The Scope of the Battle
But at the core, that’s not it. What has secured my appreciation for this embattled President is that he is willing to engage against overwhelming opposition to restore God’s dream for our land. Faith leaders honor this very simply because, by the Spirit of God, most of us have gained a similar resolve. AND WE ARE ENGAGED IN THE VERY SAME BATTLE. 

So lets for a moment define the battle. 

Commissioning—Drain the Swamp, Secure the Harvest
During Passover 2017, I had an extraordinary dream. Washington DC was superimposed on Israel. Jolene, myself and a group of leaders were commissioned like Joshua and Caleb to scope out the land and strategize to possess our inheritance. It was a portrayal of God’s movement in this hour.

My vantage point was Tel Megiddo or Armageddon. The Jezreel Valley was below. Not coincidentally, the Jezreel Valley was actually swampland that had to be drained in order for prophecy to be fulfilled that the valley would become fields of harvest. You might remember our rallying cry. DRAIN THE SWAMP TO SECURE THE HARVEST! It’s how we are called to take the land in this hour.

Jezebel Identified
In the dream I could focus on an area and, with telescopic ability, view every detail with precise clarity. I diligently searched for opposing forces. I saw none. The field was clear.

Except, that is, for a clear representation of Jezebel. A woman clothed in a white robe bent forward seductively, smiling as her cleavage became visible. She beckoned me to come near. I immediately turned to Jolene, pointed at her, and sad, “That is witchcraft!”

In retrospect this dream proved amazingly prophetic. For instance, the dream conveyed an unusual covenantal alliance between Israel and America—almost as if we were the same land. We had no way of knowing that President Trump would soon defy all entrenched global diplomacy and, on the eve of Israel’s 70th anniversary, honor Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And then move the embassy!

I also had no way of knowing how personal Joshua’s commissioning would become to me. But a recent prophetic experience, chronicled Sunday, has made the call initially conveyed in this dream more real than I can say. It’s time to face down the giants.

That said, we also had no idea of how the Jezebel spirit would soon appear front and center as the primary opposition to this entire movement. 

Let me clarify this. Because most of you have been taught that Jezebel simply represents a strong woman leader who is adept at seduction. This is partially true. According to Revelation 2:20, she calls herself a prophetess and leads God’s people into sexual immorality and eating food sacrificed to idols. 

Jezebel is driven by idolatry. Jezebel is actually a feminine face of the Baal principality. In Elijah’s day, she openly defied the prophets while laboring without rest to infuse Baal worship into the core of Israelite society. Including sexual immorality as the norm as acts of obeisance to Baal. She was seeking above all to separate God’s covenant land and people from genuine covenant with God. 

Thank God for Elijah in his day, who confronted this force head-on by the Spirit of God. Thank God for the Elijahs, the burning and shining lamps of our day!

Jezebel’s Strategy, Biblically
But what you probably don’t know about Jezebel is far more important right now than what you believe you know. We’ll delve into this more in future postings. But 1 Kings 21 conveys how Jezebel actually creates FAKE NEWS to target people and take them down.

Naboth had a vineyard next to Jezebel’s palace. Not coincidentally, they were located in the Jezreel Valley. It’s interesting that Naboth comes from the same root word as “nabi” or “prophet.” In fact, the name “Naboth” means “prophetic words!”

So Prophetic Words owned a vineyard next to Jezebel’s stronghold. The harvest of Prophetic Words was incredible. And, of course, the corrupt “deep state” political leaders of the day wanted to OVERTAKE THE VINEYARD FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES.

The story conveys how Ahab sought to purchase the vineyard from Naboth. I will summarize, with a focus on Naboth’s response. Because it must become our own. 

Naboth refused. So Jezebel, as chief witch of Israel, targeted Naboth three ways. First, with occult power. Second, with FAKE NEWS she made up and distributed to the nation’s most influential leaders in order to disqualify Naboth from owning his vineyard. Third, by recruiting despicable men to give FAKE NEWS or false testimony in the court of law. 

Lets review. Jezebel used three means of power to take Naboth down. First, occult targeting. Second, fake news in the court of public opinion. Third, fake news in the court of law.

I submit to you that is very similar to how Jezebel is targeting the Trump administration right now. First, with occult targeting. You have to wonder why occultists nationally and globally are so united in cursing this man. One reason why we need to strengthen the prayer covering for Trump at this time. 

Second, fake news in the court of public opinion. 

Third, fake news in the court of law. To discredit a Naboth of this hour, take him down, and steal his vineyard.

Naboth’s Resolve
But let me focus for now on Naboth’s resolve. His reply to Ahab and Jezebel is telling beyond measure, and prophesies into our hour. Very simply, he declared, “God forbid that I should give you, Ahab and Jezebel, the inheritance of our forefathers!”

The inheritance of our forefathers. That is what was at stake then, and that is what is at stake in this hour of history as the “deep state” tries to invalidate the leader the Lord has set over this vineyard. 

God forbid that we should yield it. Lets all gain this same resolve. Because there’s more at stake than what any of us know.