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Witness Against Prejudice
History will record how Barack Hussein Obama, our nation’s first black President, infused into government and society an intolerance of bigotry and prejudice. This directly correlates to the founding principle of our Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Current trends show just how vital this priority has become. Amidst a national protest, the LA Pacers owner has rightly received extraordinary discipline for his prejudicial words and actions. But equally extraordinary to me is how little public outrage has been expressed over the betrayal of covenant with his wife through decades of unfaithfulness—by his own admission, with prostitutes as well as girlfriends on his bankroll.

Frankly, I am grieved at both his racial prejudice and his deplorable exploitation and subjugation of women, as expressed through a dark legacy of overt immorality. God help us perceive beyond our current frame of reference!

Abortion—A Partisan Issue?
At the National Day of Prayer yesterday, James Dobson called President Obama “the abortion president.” This led at least one fervent believer in Christ, Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA), to leave in protest. She shared her heart that the event should reflect apolitical and nonpartisan expressions of prayer, seeking the Lord for the common good of the nation. I agree with this.

And I grieve again. Because a holy resolve against the detrimental effects of abortion should by no means be a partisan issue, relegated to Republicans. Just remember Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist of inner-city Philadelphia, whose murder of newborns remained unregulated because governmental officials considered abortion such a “political hot potato.”

Question: how could the party most associated with social justice remain unaffected by the exposure of consistent atrocities and horrors done in the name of “choice?”

Obama—Witness For Life
Friends, the Nation is ready for change. And for this change to be realized, I deeply yearn for an uncultivated aspect of President Obama’s personal legacy to become more recognized—and infused into government and society.

Though his politics are pro-choice, President Obama carries within his being an unrelenting witness against abortion—and for the potential of every life.

This Harvard grad who went on to become America’s first black President was raised by a single white mom whose black father abandoned her. Please remember that she had options. Abortions, though illegal, were certainly available at this time.

Instead, Ann Dunham, President Obama’s mother, made an extraordinary choice. She decided to value the potential of life within her womb more than the social adversity and financial challenges she would invariably face raising a biracial child as a white single parent…in an era still defined by prejudice and bigotry.

The Audacity of Hope
As a result of her choice, our nation will quite literally never be the same. But Ann Dunham had no way of knowing that the child in her womb would someday become President. Just like moms in tough situations today have no way of knowing the true potential within their own wombs—or whether their children would ever walk out their potential.

The fact remains that choosing life is always a risk. But a peculiar “Audacity of Hope” was forged into his consciousness from his mom, literally from birth. And because of this hope, President Obama remains one of the greatest examples of the potential afforded to us all as we choose life—for ourselves and our generations.

Vision—Earthquake Marks Shift to Culture of Life
Back in 2008, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a grassroots movement that will overthrow the culture of death and shift America into a culture of life. At a tent meeting in the rain-soaked fields of Lowville NY, a prolific vision unfolded before my eyes. It’s important to note that the Lowville region is a primary epicenter of the Second Great Awakening, home to legendary intercessor Daniel Nash.

In the natural there was no earthquake, but I “felt” the earth shake. I then watched as the earth broke apart, the ripple proceeding through the mountains, farms, towns and cities of Pennsylvania and Maryland. I watched as this earth-shaking tremor continued unabated, right up to the Washington Monument.

And everywhere the earth broke apart, I saw babies shoot out of the ground and into the sky! They were “caught” by angels as they descended.

Two things were quickened to me immediately. First, multitudes will soon become born again as this breakthrough—literally a third great awakening—is fully realized. According to Romans 8, the whole earth is travailing for the manifestation of the sons of God!

Second, the Holy Spirit quickened that He was conveying the release of this grassroots move of God, which is intended to overthrow the culture of death in our nation tied to a covenant with death. A new season of life and awakening will result. Friends, this is why I say our nation is now ready for a change—a shift from a culture of death to a culture of life and awakening.

Sign: Earthquake Cracks Monument!
It is so interesting how three years after this vision, in August 2011, the Washington Monument actually cracked in an earthquake! We had just completed a prayer project, compelled by the Spirit that the time was “now” for this movement to accelerate. We prayed through Civil War battlefields and historic wells of awakening across our nation, including Lowville. And we together sought for this movement of awakening and union to rescue our nation from our slumber, paralysis and division.

On July 4, 2011 we culminated this prayer journey at the Lincoln Memorial. We asked the Lord to restore His covenant with the land, apart from all idolatry, and release this new move—a “new birth of freedom.” It was exactly 50 days afterwards that an earthquake—unprecedented for our region—shook all of metro DC, and literally cracked the Washington Monument.

Can’t make that up.

That to say—friends, this earth-shaking move of awakening is already in process. We will see with our own eyes multitudes born again! They will be delivered from paralysis, subjugation and captivity into full status as sons and daughters of the Most High. And as part of this grassroots move, we as a nation will continue to shift from a culture of death into a culture of life.

And whether or not the President of our Nation publicly acknowledges it, the uncultivated witness that preserved him from birth has become a benchmark of hope for many who courageously choose life in this hour of history. This legacy of hope remains part of our “New Birth of Freedom.”