Above: Barbara Charles blows the shofar during the service at Shepherd’s Heart Church. Then a 4:30 am visit to the famed 24-7 Primanti Bros. Restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. Biggest egg sandwich we had ever experienced! 


APRIL 9—GLORY TRAIN—Jon & Jolene at the Gate DC! 7:30 pm Whole Word Fellowship Chapel. 

WATCH THE GLORY TRAIN MESSAGES! “Revolution and Turnaround” in St. Paul MN click here. “The Conductor State” in Waupun WI click here.

EAST COAST LAUNCH with Cindy Jacobs 6:30 pm April 18 at Faneuil Hall Boston. Promo video click here. Dutch Sheets in Washington DC on Passover! 6:30 pm April 22 at Davids Tent DC on the National Mall. Make plans now! 

Approximately 2500 miles after we jumped on the train in Everett Washington, Steel City came into view. Pittsburgh. Our last ministry stop on the Glory Train’s northern tour.

At 5:30 am.

I really don’t remember there being a night. Time jumped forward, robbing us of an hour of sleep somewhere between Chicago and Cleveland. The top bunk brought my face way too close to the metallic ceiling, but eventually Jolene was generous enough to share her bunk below with me. After some ingenious engineering, we figured out we could both fit on it if we slept head to toe instead of face to face.

Never really got to sleep though. More like a very deep daze.

Life on the train can be totally fun—Jolene’s words—but still has its moments. We are forever grateful to our Pittsburgh host Barbara Charles, who picked us up at 5:30 am, fed us breakfast, and sent us promptly to bed.

The evening meeting at Shepherd’s Heart Church proved to be very prophetic. The worship team entered into a breakthrough push on the drums, and it was like a new cadence burst forth. From then on, the flow of prophetic expression never ceased.

Angelic Pitcher Propelling Innovation
I saw a vision of an angel of the Lord throwing pitches into the nation. Every pitch represented a new innovation in transportation—steamboat, steam train, car, airplane and then some kind of flying machine I don’t believe has been invented yet. I saw how the Lord has positioned Pittsburgh to be an innovation hub in many spheres, even for aeronautics of the future. There were many more pitches to come!

You Haven’t Missed Your Destiny! Key Word for PA
Jolene saw prophetic significance in how the train came into the station this morning. Pittsburgh was the only stop on the Glory Train where the conductor had to run past the station and then back the train in backwards. She saw how many people felt that their train had passed them by. But in answer to prayer the Lord was actually bringing opportunities back around, even right into your station! You haven’t missed your destiny!

Next Day Turnaround
Jolene and I ended up prophesying how Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania was a Turnaround Womb for the nation. As you will see, Jolene saw a breached baby in the womb, and saw Heaven’s hands gently reposition the baby so that it could be birthed head-first.

The very next day, the governor of Pennsylvania announced a REVERSAL of his veto on an education bill, so that Pennsylvania schools could remain funded for another year and therefore remain open. From what I’ve read this was a last-minute decision. A verifiable turnaround for sure!

What follows below is an actual transcript of the prophetic message given by Jolene and me in the service, edited for clarity and, believe it or not, brevity. Somebody say Amen! Special thanks to George and Louise Robinson and Karen Phillips for transcribing.

Transcription—Turnaround Womb
Jon:  At Faneuil Hall in 1998, Rick Ridings saw revival break out in Pensacola and shifted to Mobile Alabama, and a wind tunnel opened up and shot up from Mobile to Georgia and the Carolina’s and the backside of the East Coast through Kentucky and Virginia and West Virginia and up through Pennsylvania.  The western side of Pennsylvania and back up to Massachusetts and Faneuil Hall.  

Rick saw a wind tunnel open up on the backside of the East Coast, the wind of Holy Spirit awakening.  We’ve been praying into that word since, and as we are going into that final place of breakthrough tonight, where we hit that wall, we hit the rock and pushed through and broke through, I felt that wind tunnel open up. 

Now when the winds of the Holy Spirit come, it brings revival at a whole new level. It brings healing at a whole new level.  It brings reconstitution. The Greek word for re-constitution in Acts 3:19-21 is apokatastasis. It means that after a bone is broken, that bone is snapped back into place, so we can be healed.  It is reconstitution.  I feel like what God is doing tonight, He brought us up to a whole new level to see the winds of the Spirit released here for the reconstitution of Pittsburgh.  

Pittsburgh—Western Gate of East Coast Revival
I feel like Pittsburgh is the western gate of the east coast revival and that you are literally receiving now the Throne Room winds that are going to affect the entirety of the East Coast. Snapping us back into place.

That happened on a massive level when Ezekiel prophesied to the winds.  He was in a valley of dry broken bones.  Come, Throne Room winds, from the very breath of God.  Breathe on your land and on your people.  Breathe on these dry bones and they may live.  As Ezekiel prayed over dry bones, they were a battle field.  An army came up.  If an army came out of the ground, an army has gone into it.

Breath of Awakening
Now, let’s look where an army has gone into the ground in Pittsburgh Pa.  So many moves of the Holy Spirit have begun and all of a sudden you get to a certain place a certain level, and there is a shattering and scattering, and the Bride of Christ, the army of God retreats into isolation and dies in caskets.  And just become dry bones.  We pray and we say governmentally, that the winds of the Spirit, the Throne Room winds are released through this wind tunnel now, go to these dry bones and bring the reconstitution of these dry bones that they live in the name of Jesus, that the Bride of Christ, the army rises up, and they are taken out of their caskets and released to become the army that You have called them to be, this end time army, this end time army of spiritual revolutionaries that are going to redefine our world!

Breathe on the lost hopes and the lost dreams that have fallen into the ground and died. Breathe again God, bring us together as the army of God.  Amen.

I feel like it is an invitation for the Body of Christ… to take flight.  What the army of God did when they came out of the graves, they were released into the land. I believe all over Pittsburgh, Holy Spirit is hitting, people are being brought out of their graves and they are being brought to life again. Reconstitution.  Awakening.  Jesus’ definition of awakening.  John 11:11 “Lazarus our friend has fallen asleep but I go that I may awaken him from slumber.”  Jesus raised him from the grave.

[Confirming train whistle]

Jesus’ definition of awakening is life from the dead.  When God releases these winds through the wind tunnel, all of a sudden the graveyards become a womb of life and people are birthed from death to live and Jesus says, “that’s My awakening!”

We are here to stand with you governmentally and to declare governmentally that the backside of the east coast in Pittsburgh is open for the wind of the Spirit to come. Come from the four winds O breath, breathe on these slain that they may live, breath of God come from heaven to the dry bones, my son, my daughter, my colleague, my boss, my mother, my father, my cousin, in my aunt, my uncle, the President…..  YES.  Breathe your resurrection power.  Bring life!

Pittsburgh, Rees Howells, and Intercessory Revivalists
Jon: How many of you know it is a turnaround year? It’s in the wind. It’s in the atmosphere. You have a limited window of turnaround and I encourage you to access it. Pray for your sons and daughters. See what God is going to do. Now this is—this is within—it’s in the very DNA of Pittsburgh—turnaround…

There was a young man who was escaping the confinements of life in Wales. He was searching (for) fame and fortune in the early 1900’s. He comes to the Pittsburgh region to do some mining–to make some money. His name was Rees Howells and it was in the Pittsburgh area that… Rees Howells saw a vision of the cross and gave his life to Jesus—and a man who became one of the most prominent intercessors for the 20th century was born from the womb of the Pittsburgh region. He had a turnaround experience in this Pittsburgh region where he was literally born-again!

Pittsburgh, your womb births intercessors—I don’t know if you know that—but when the lost come into Pittsburgh and you begin to travail over them what gets birthed in the earth is intercessory revivalists

Pittsburgh and PA—the Turnaround Womb!
Now I’m here  to speak destiny into Pittsburgh—I’m here to see the Lord awaken your seed and open your womb—it’s a turnaround womb!

As I’ve been seeking the Lord I feel like that is what God is saying over Pittsburgh—it’s a turnaround womb—and not only do you have a turnaround here but you get launched into your destiny from Pittsburgh. Wow!!! 

Rees Howells continued in these revival meetings—came back to Wales and felt led to start a Bible school right in the late ‘20s and they raised up intercessors. And one of these intercessors was some guy who kind of had a successful career—his name was Reinhard Bonnke. “All of Africa shall be saved says the Lord—God is confronting the pharaohs of Africa—let my people go!—all Africa shall be saved!”

Once Bonnke was done with that assignment he moved to Orlando, Florida—not to retire—“All America shall be saved says the Lord—God is confronting the pharaohs of America and America, you shall be saved!”

That just came from the womb of Pittsburgh via the way of the sea. Because Rees Howells was born again here and when he went back to Wales and revival broke forth and the womb of intercession he established began to birth sons and daughters. And even though Rees Howells didn’t know Reinhard Bonnke—he had passed before that time—the legacy continued on. And all of a sudden when Reinhard Bonnke touched that anointing he released into his destiny. It will be similar with you!

World War Watch
The Lord began to speak to us about Rees Howells just a few years ago. We were in Vermont in the spring of 2012, and all of a sudden Jolene wakes up out of a deep sleep. She sits right up and says “Something’s coming in the time period around Sept 11, 2012 that’s going to affect every household in the nation.” Okay! I tried to hold that place where I could go back to sleep—then she said—“This is what the Lord says… World War Watch and I mean it! World War Watch and I mean it!”

Well that got me fully awake. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that, so I began to inquire, what the heck are you talking about? She just smiled and said “I don’t know…” Jolene then went back to sleep—and I’m there lying in bed quaking…

Well Sept 11, 2012 was a very uneventful day—until we heard the news about Benghazi, Libya and how Ambassador Christopher Stevens and a security team had been taken down in a fire fight. And all the spin, lies, contortions that surrounding this incident literally touched every single household in the states—for better or worse. To me that’s only a sign of the reality of the second word Jolene gave. World War Watch!

Rees Howells watched and prayed over WWll—he and his Bible College would fast and pray to counter the greatest expression of an antichrist force in the known world at the time. And they didn’t even know that the Nazis were secretly exterminating 6 million Jews.

Rees Howells would go into his blue room and intercede until the Lord began to show him battle plans from heaven and literally, he would write down what the Allies needed to do in order to secure victory, and they would be headlines 3 or 4 weeks down the line. He knew God’s strategies—he partnered with the Captain of the Hosts to shift the tide of WWll and keep the western world free.

Now I’m telling you–this womb of turnaround—Pittsburgh, PA—needs to come alive to a World War Watch—in the spirit of the man who helped to birth that World War Watch.

You, Pittsburgh, helped to birth Rees Howells—who birthed the World War Watch to counter the antichrist influence that was trying to take over the world at that time. There is an anti-Christ influence in the world today that’s trying to bring a holocaust—and I believe Pittsburgh, PA is a womb of turnaround to even thwart the enemy’s activities to force God’s people into subjugation.

It’s time for turnaround—it’s time for pharaoh to be confronted—it’s time for “let my people go!” God is calling some of you in the anointing of Rees Howells to stand with him in the secret council of the Most High and pray until there is a turnaround and the scepter of wickedness that’s trying to subjugate the masses is finally lifted.

Jolene Prophesies—Healing a Breached Womb
Jolene: I feel that the Lord is saying the reason it’s been so hard is you’re trying to birth a baby that is in the breach position—so you’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing and nothing is moving. And I feel like the Lord just said to me that part of what we need to do is sometimes someone needs to come in like a doctor and turn that baby around so that it can be birthed and it can be birthed naturally and easily.

[Time of travail]

Jolene continues: What I saw as we were travailing here…I kept hearing the scripture of when the enemy tried to come in and throw the babies into the river and the midwives were rebuked by him because they let all of the babies, the male children, live. And what the midwives said back to pharaoh was “the women are strong and they’re birthing the babies before I have a chance to get rid of them!”

And that’s what I feel like is about to happen here in Pittsburgh—because you women have been strong—you’ve been trying to push against something—God came in and turned it around—but you’re going to begin to birth many things quickly. 

And the enemy will not be able to grab hold of it and throw it in the river—so I just want to bless you with the strength—because everything that you’ve been pushing up against has given you authority.

And the other thing I felt as I was trying to travail there is I felt like things were stuck at the shoulders and it’s because of the authority you carry in PA with the whole William Penn legacy, there’s an authority—a governmental authority on your shoulders.

So as soon as I felt this anointing to shake the shoulders to set the baby free and once I did that it was like it was an easy thing and it was done.

So I’m just explaining I don’t know what’s going on in this meeting… it’s the weirdest meeting we’ve had… I’m a PA girl and I’m there with you! So I just want to bless you for the strength to birth what the Lord wants to birth quickly and I want to honor you for the years that you have pushed and pushed and pushed. The Lord bless you all for the work you have done, and you will see great fruit of your labors.

Veto Reversed the Next Day!
The next day, the PA governor reversed his decision to veto a key education bill after remaining at an impasse… for exactly NINE MONTHS!

“HARRISBURG — In an about-face from his veto threat, Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday let a supplemental budget bill become law without his signature, bringing an end to a nearly nine-month impasse that threatened to close schools….

“School districts will no longer be on the brink of financial disaster,” the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials said in a statement” —Tribune Herald.

Turnaround womb. Can’t make this up. Friends saw this as a sign of confirmation—turnaround in PA government—though all agree more is needed. But it resonates in my spirit that this veto reversal is a first fruit of many more to come. Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania—a turnaround womb.