BEGINNING TONIGHT! Jon & Jolene ministering at Life in Christ Fellowship in Newport VT. We will be focusing on God’s “turnaround window” for 9-11, for 2016 and beyond.

On December 30, 2014 I was praying for open doors for the coming year when the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks.“For 2015 I want you to decree ‘open windows,’ not open doors. For I am opening windows of opportunity that are tied to these doors, and you must now align your ministry with these windows!” 

You might remember that we took the first three months of the year to “stand at the window and watch,” focusing on God’s promise of a turnaround. In early March a “Turnaround Window” literally opened before our eyes. It wasn’t for our nation, but for Israel. Releasing Heaven’s authority in prayer for Israel’s elections.

America—Turnaround Window Opening
And as we head towards 9-11, I believe the Lord desires to open a “Turnaround Window” for the United States—including the elections. It does not mean we will choose to access this window. But by the Spirit I believe it is opening, even as of this weekend. This “Turnaround Window” is for you personally as well as for the nation.

Here’s the key. In this transaction, if you do your part, God will do His part. Impossibilities are actually His specialty!

Israel—Turnaround Window
Remember Israel this year. Jolene and I were sent by the Lord as the “tip of the spear” for your intercession in the Israeli elections. In America and Israel, we together stood on the sacred verdict of Daniel 7:22 as directed by the Holy Spirit. We saw how the saints were being overpowered by an antichrist spirit until a verdict from God’s Throne was released. The Turnaround Verdict:

“Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgement was rendered in favor of the saints, and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom (Daniel 7:22).” 

God spoke very clearly to us that “As you have stood with Me for your elections, I want you to stand with Me for the elections in My covenant land.” We saw the Lord move powerfully in conjunction with this passage. Against all odds, Prime Minister Netanyahu won!

As in the Days of Purim
But as we prayed this verdict, we knew that we were praying for far more than an election of a government official.

If you remember, the Iranian nuclear accords were at the center of Israel’s election controversy. President Obama expressed rage against PM Netanyahu because of his opposition to the deal. He sought to prevent Netanyahu from addressing a joint session of Congress to warn of the deal—on the eve of Purim! Attempts were even made to marginalize and unseat Netanyahu in Israel, with Obama’s top campaign official leading the campaign for Netanyahu’s opposition.

And on the eve of Purim, Netanyahu stood before Congress and the world to plead his cause. Purim was literally played out again before our very eyes. We felt the weight of Haman’s wicked scepter—the existential threat against the Jews, coming from leaders in Iran. We sensed this deal was wrong before God. And we knew Israel’s election was about preserving God’s covenant people to overcome this threat.

Against all odds, God moved powerfully, just as in the days of Esther, to bring a turnaround. I will never forget the resounding relief among prayer warriors especially as election results were reported in God’s covenant land. The impossible came to pass before our very eyes!

Most importantly, an entire nation stood up and rejected the scepter of the wicked (Psalm 125:3). Since the election, even Netanyahu’s opposition has turned regarding the nuclear deal, warning of the unyielding threat it poses to the Israeli people.

Sept. 1-11: Turnaround Watch
We are in a desperate hour to see God’s turnaround. Do not be deceived, the Iranian accords in its current state literally represent a wicked scepter. Their nuclear capacities are mandated to be lessened, but they are absolutely still retained. Further, not only are sanctions lifted, but the accord immediately releases more than 100 billion dollars in frozen assets to pour into terrorism against Israel and America.

From September 1-11 specifically, I am asking you to keep a night watch, and to fast as God leads. In addition to our Wednesday night calls, we will be adding special prayer calls from 9-11 pm through this time. Petitioning the Court of Heaven for direct intervention that preserves and advances God’s dream for Israel, America, and Iran.

As I write, I still see before me my warning dream for Washington DC, received just one day before the accords were announced. A wave is coming, and Capitol Hill is a last line of defense. We must see the covenant with death and hell rejected, the scepter of unrighteous governance rescinded.

We must see a turnaround. It’s time to pick up your torch! Gideon picked up his torch and blazed through the night. The result was that a multinational army was dispersed and driven from the land! Just like Gideon, we can see a turnaround in our hour. I am prophesying to you, a window of opportunity is opening to turn our nation—now into 2016.

God came through for Esther. God came through for Gideon. And God will come through for you too, bringing the turnaround we are all longing to see.