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Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016, with Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, more. Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA. Lets establish His Thrones of Glory!

The Turnaround Storm?
First—it appears that Hurricane Matthew will strike Florida’s east coast as a category 4 hurricane. Current projections show the storm as a category 2 hurricane through Jacksonville, southern Georgia and South Carolina. It could then literally swirl towards the Caribbean and circle back to Florida a second time!

A turnaround storm. Not sure what to make of this. Suffice to say, lets keep watch.

And lets also redouble our vigil against terror threats. I spent five incredible years working for for the National Emergency Training Center under DHS/FEMA. Their training modules forced me to really expand my strategic thinking, even for prayer. Without going into detail, we need to pray for protection against potential terror strikes nationally even as this hurricane consumes America’s attention.

Shields up. KEEP WATCH!

Storm Warnings from the Lord
Within the past few weeks, prophetic friends have conveyed dreams and directives warning of potential calamity—from storm clouds over the Temple Mount to a dream of an EMP attack in our nation’s Capitol. Jolene herself received a warning dream regarding the beginning of a Third World War.

This was all on my heart as I shared the immediate warning yesterday from a trusted friend who perceived an angel of the Lord with sword outstretched against our land. Check out 1 Chronicles 21 for the full context.

What do we do? The Lord made clear that following the pathway of David in repentance for sin was key to receiving a “mercy turnaround” in this season.

Remember we are in the Days of Awe, where Heaven’s Court is open for verdicts to be changed. The Jewish faith encourages you to intentionally pursue the Lord for this expression of mercy through repentance, reconciliation and generosity towards ministries and towards the poor.

A Divine Exchange
Today I want to briefly focus on the third aspect. The Lord made clear earlier this year that securing His blessing for America mandates a return to Him in the divine exchange of tithes and offerings. We called the broader body of Christ to a “Year of the tithe.”

It’s probably a good idea to evaluate how we have aligned with the Throne in this aspect of our lives. Jesus made such a compelling statement that cuts to the very core of our motivations. Where our treasure is, that’s where our heart is! First and foremost, our generosity conveys our heart for Him and our trust in Him.

Restraining the Enemy—Now!
But there’s so much more! In context with our giving, the Lord promises to open the windows of Heaven, and rebuke the devourer. That’s great news for us personally. But remember the context of this entire promise from Malachi 3. It is actually a promise for the whole nation!

Does your obedience in tithes and offerings help protect our nation? Absolutely. Angels are released and demonic powers restrained. Human principals aligned with these powers are also exposed and restrained. Because as we align rightly with the Lord and His covenant, He watches over us. And He rebukes the devourer!

Beloved, Jesus’ engagement is what makes our watch successful. I want Him to set His eyes on us for good, and not for evil!

We are obviously in a place of great vulnerability right now. So in this final push towards the election and beyond, lets evaluate this important arena of our lives. Jesus is. And with joy in His heart, He is compelling us all to stake our claim in His bounty, and prove His word to be true.

It’s time to give. Amen!

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