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On the 11th day of March, 2017, taking into consideration the counsel of the elders in Heaven and the saints in the earth, the following verdict has hereby been rendered in favor of the saints (Daniel 7:22):

Inasmuch as the Court of Heaven determined that Ichabod must be decreed over the American church, impacting the global church, in response to her continual defiance regarding three overarching sins:

  1. Present and generational idolatry;
  2. The consistent exploitation of My people through abuse and subjugation;
  3. The persistent misuse of My Presence and Power to build and secure their own gain, own glory, kingdom and the stature of their own name, even at the expense of Mine.

The Court notes that this verdict was announced by prophet Bob Jones on March 11, 1977. And taking into consideration My promise made to this same prophet that after a 40 year season of discipline, mandated by the Court to accompany the removal of My manifest glory;

In response to the ceaseless petitions of this prophet and those he influenced towards this end;

And innasmuch as through the previous decades you have responded to the summons by My Spirit to restore covenant with Me, divorced from your idolatry, seeking Me to blot out your transgressions;

And inasmuch as you have responded in this season of discipline by repenting for abuse and subjugation, for and for touching My glory for your own fame, your own name, kingdom, and the stature of your own name; seeking My face genuinely for awakening, renewal, revival, and release from subjugation;

So on this 11th day of March, the first night of Purim, I now vow to fulfill My promise to you. Upon review of the scrolls before My Throne, I have decided to erase Ichabod from the life of each individual who seeks me towards this end, and to erase Ichabod from of the doorpost of My body. Ichabod erased, and Glory recorded upon these same scrolls.

The Court notes that this verdict was conveyed by the Court to the prophet’s widow, Bonnie Jones, through a visionary experience on March 11, 2017.

As of Purim 2017, My scepter is now extended in your favor to seek me and see the restoration of My glory. Judgement thus rendered in favor of the saints, the restoration of My glory in a global move of Holy Spirit has now been decreed.

A word of caution is appropriate. Ichabod was decreed by this Court towards Israel not once in her history, but twice. I will not share My glory with another. The King admonishes His servants to attend to this lesson in all humility.

The warning thus issued, the saints are now released to possess the Kingdom (Dan.7:22). The gavel has fallen, the decree shall not be revoked (Esther 8:8).