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As she leaned towards me, smiling, I realized she looked like a cat.

Not Jolene, of course. My wife’s animal-like tendencies are rarely on display. Publicly at least! No, the cat woman is actually our flight attendant on the El Al route from London to Tel Aviv. Whiskers, eyebrows, and a cat mouth painted on her lips. Another attendant is wearing bright red lipstick and a bow tie painted on her forehead. Another is wearing a pink tutu, another is adorned by a silver crown.

What gives?

Though I preached about it just yesterday, the answer proved momentarily elusive. Maybe it’s because Jolene and I associate the holiday with fasting and prayer more than feasting, celebration, and costumes with flair. Our maybe it was the fact that these flight attendants greeted us first in London not Jerusalem.

Whatever. Friends, Happy Purim. A very festive flight crew of Esther’s descendants is celebrating with you all the way from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

Purim Verdict! From Ichabod to Glory
We flew to London last night after an absolutely amazing day yesterday at the Bob Jones Vision Center in Fort Mill, SC. Joining with our dear friend Bonnie Jones on March 11 to welcome in God’s governmental glory to our land. The place was packed. Our message was very well received, recounting in detail the journey we’ve been on related to Bob and Bonnie Jones, Purim, the Glory Train, and the restoration of God’s glory.

This Purim gate has now been opened. After 40 years of discipline by the Lord, the judgement of “Ichabod” over the American church has been blotted out. Bonnie saw a vision of the word being erased. And Glory—both the word and the movement—has been released in its place.

The words of Leonard Jones are still resonating in my spirit. O Yah! Let God arise!

It didn’t hit me til we were onsite that the Lord convened this March 11 gathering in a similar way to our experience at Faneuil Hall on July 22, 2015. We were summoned together not so much to present our case, but to receive His verdict on a court case already in process. In this case for 40 years. Judgement in favor of the saints, according to Daniel 7:22. In this case, the judgement rendered by Heaven’s court was the national restoration of God’s glory. I literally heard Heaven’s gavel fall.

My new friend Michael Fickess pointed out something that sealed it for me. You know that the Lord chose the literal date of 7-22 to release His Daniel 7:22 verdict. Well, yesterday he gathered us together on 3-11 to release and seal for our nation His Jeremiah 33:11 verdict! “I will cause a turnaround for the land from its captivity and restore it as it was at first.” Bonnie Jones prophesied this to us just over a year ago when she told us to focus on turnaround for 2016, and the restoration of God’s glory for 2017. Since this time we have declared this scripture and message on the Glory Train to all four corners of the continental US. Amazing!

When He summoned us on this date, I completely missed the reference to Jeremiah 33:11 embedded in the very date. Thank you Michael for bringing us full circle!

Want a sign that God had rendered judgement in our favor? After we left it actually snowed. In March. In Charlotte. “Though your sins be as scarlet, I will wash you white as snow.” You cannot make this up.

So that’s my report, however brief, on one of the most miraculous days in recent history. We just arrived in Jerusalem. So looking forward to the Crown and Throne Israel tour with James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, and more than 80 people from throughout the world. Please pray for us all. I believe this is all part of the national and global process of seeing God’s glory restored. You cannot make this stuff up…

Covenant blessings from Zion!