GLORY TRAIN—TABERNACLES—SKYLINE CHURCH! From Virginia Beach to San Diego on the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles, this mission is now complete! Join us 7pm PST at Skyline Church, San Diego CA!

PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.


REVOLUTION 2017—THE MIDNIGHT CRY, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC. December 14-16, 2017—over Hanukkah. Mark your calendars! Limited seating potential so make plans now to join us. REGISTER NOW—CLICK HERE!


Through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease” —Lynnie Harlow.

TONIGHT, THE FIRST NIGHT OF TABERNACLES, we culminate the nationwide Glory Train journey from Virginia Beach to San Diego. Please join us for the call. Lamplighter family, it has been such an honor to bear witness with you to the restoration of God’s glory coast to coast!

The Struggle
I have certainly sensed the Lord tabernacling over us. He has confirmed His work over and over again all across the nation during our tour, with signs following.

But perhaps like many of you, I have also struggled with our mandate, given the extraordinary challenges which have recently left so many in our country bereft of property, peace and even of life. 

I have also been feeling this deep inner compulsion to refocus—touching on the tabernacle, but redirecting my heart towards God’s lampstand. Intimacy. Passion. A return to first love devotion. It’s for this reason we’ve been taking the menorah from our wedding across our nation, sharing again the miracle that occurred when He supernaturally lit our unity candle some 14 years ago on the first day of Hanukkah. 

But through the journey our own cries, from deep within, have been forged. More intimacy with Jesus, more understanding, more revelation, more manifest blessing for our friends, more manifest protection for DC and our nation. Very simply, more glory. 

The Midnight Cry
Just a week ago the Lord brought a breakthrough of fresh revelation. I wish I could say that it came directly, but instead it came in the midst of a conversation with my friend Apostle Mario Bramnick. He called to discuss a word the Lord had just given him regarding a “midnight cry.”

Midnight cry. The word exploded within me as he spoke. It literally awakened a dimension of God’s heart and calling in my life that had been on the back burner. “Have you heard of the midnight cry? Do you remember the parable of the 10 virgins?” Mario began…

Actually I do remember, I replied. Because this passage is at the very core of our lives and calling as Lamplighter Ministries. The midnight cry that awakens the bride and causes her lamps to blaze. Behold the Bridegroom!

Nineteen years ago in Kansas City, an unknown prophet prophesied I was a spiritual Paul Revere. He saw me going from city to city, just like we are doing now, holding out a burning lamp. And instead of saying “The British are coming, the British are coming,” I was saying, “The Lord is coming! The Lord is coming!” 

Seventeen years ago Cindy Jacobs prophesied the same thing to me, word for word. She then added the phrase, “And everywhere you go, revival will break forth.” 

The word came twice in two years. But I had no way of processing this until sitting in the prayer room at IHOP-KC a year or so after Cindy prophesied. My Bible literally opened to Matthew 25, and my gaze fell on the passage, “But around midnight a cry was heard. Behold, the Bridegroom is coming. Rise up to meet Him!” 

And suddenly it all made sense. Paul Revere resounded a midnight cry during his midnight ride. He started a revolution. Likewise a midnight hour is coming for our nation. God is prophesying into this midnight hour already to awaken His slumbering bride!

Revival is coming. And this revival is literally a spiritual revolution…

The Lamp
The Lord is coming as a Bridegroom for His bride. But He is coming before this final day as well, giving us a foretaste with the restoration of His glory. Note that the voice of a forerunner goes before Him to awaken the bride for the wedding so she can respond to His invitation.

And when this midnight cry awakens her, the first action she takes is to light the lamp! 

Lamplighters. Listen, the burning lamps of passionate devotion are now being kindled by the Bride once again. Get ready to be ignited for Jesus. Get ready for His glory to cover you. As you pursue Him, get ready for fresh passion for Jesus to be unlocked within your spirit. And get ready to resound the cry of awakening that shifts our nation into a new season of history. 

Because the Bridegroom is coming. Rise up to meet Him!

The Tabernacle
Here’s the piece of the puzzle I didn’t put together until talking with Mario. When the bride is awakened and summoned, where does she go? 

To the bridal canopy, of course. The tabernacle. For the wedding. 

For some reason I just never really connected this til now. Why has God been emphasizing Tabernacles? The bridal canopy vision? Because as we arise and respond this year to the midnight cry, He is going to tabernacle over us! He’s going to establish His covenant with us by renewing our hearts in intimacy with Him!

And from the White House to your house, a midnight hour for our nation will be transformed into a season of visitation.

Lynnie’s Word—A CRY Will Come Forth
Beloved, remember the prophetic words of Lynnie Harlow, shared again yesterday. “But then breakthrough WILL COME. And through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease.”

Amidst the challenges we face, from President Trump to leaders and intercessors across our nation a “midnight cry” is being forged deep within our spirits. A cry of humility, a cry for help, a cry for Heaven’s immediate intervention which will usher in the move we have all contended for. 

I believe this midnight cry is now at hand.

Hanukkah 2017—Revolution
As of Hanukkah 2017, I believe we are literally entering into the resounding of this “Midnight Cry.” Awakening follows. God’s “burning and shining lamps” will be lit and commissioned! 

Hanukkah celebrates the relighting of the lamp to restore covenant with the Lord after the Temple had become defiled. He is restoring His temple, tabernacle in our midst! His glory will indeed cover us as a bridal canopy! 

What a great time to dedicate the new Museum of the Bible, which I believe to represent America’s Ark of the Covenant, to the Lord.

For all these reasons we are calling our annual gathering “Revolution 2017—the Midnight Cry.” Please make plans to join us. 

And above all, keep this at the forefront of your heart. A midnight cry is even now beginning to be heard in the land. The Bridegroom is coming!