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REVOLUTION 2017—THE MIDNIGHT CRY, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC. December 14-16, 2017—over Hanukkah. With Dutch Sheets, Faisal Malick, Cindy Jacobs. Limited seating so make plans now to join us. REGISTER NOW—CLICK HERE!

Wow. ’Tis the season! All week Jolene and I are coming to you LIVE from the Global Prophetic Summit in Dallas, Texas. Today is the ACPE is meeting. Convened by Cindy Jacobs, the ACPE is a private national roundtable of prophetic leaders who meet every year and receive a corporate word from the Lord. The clear hallmark of this gathering is a surprising resonance of unity in revelation. Glory!

And over the next few days, the national convocation is being joined by an unprecedented global prophetic roundtable. It’s my understanding that prophets from 100 nations are coming together. To our knowledge it is the first time in history such a gathering of prophets has been convened. 

GPS—a Reformation Gathering for this Hour!
Then following these two convenings Cindy is launching a Global Prophetic Summit. I personally believe this entire gathering marks a “hinge of history” similar to Luther’s Reformation 500 years ago. Jolene and I are so honored to be part of this incredible movement!

No sharing secrets! In other words, I can’t really share what other prophets here are saying here. But I will say that much of the journey you and I have been on the past few years—the Glory Train journey—is coming to pass before our very eyes.  

That said, we can share our own prophetic perceptions with you for 2018. Over the next few days we’re going to explore a few words that the Lord is speaking to us personally, centered on “The Midnight Cry.” 

The Midnight Cry is Remember the Lord spoke to us that the “Midnight Cry” is our theme for Revolution 2017 at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. We are doing our best to align this ekklesia gathering with His revelatory word. Pray for us! It’s going to be so exciting.

The Midnight Cry is a Summons to a Wedding
One of the most powerful and life-giving mandates for 2018 is found in Matthew 25—the parable of the 10 virgins and the Bridegroom. Watch the progression here. Jesus prophetically conveys a midnight crisis that provokes a midnight cry. The midnight cry provokes a midnight awakening. The midnight awakening ignites a burning lamp movement. 

And the procession leads to a wedding.

What does this mean? The midnight cry is ultimately a summons to a wedding!

I’m going to write this again for you, because I think you might have missed the significance of it. The midnight cry is ultimately a summons to a wedding. 

And lets keep in mind that a wedding is when covenant is either established or renewed. That’s really the message of Hanukkah. Separation and rededication to mark a new beginning. Fire!

What’s the substance of the thunder which brings this end-time awakening? What message will carry such a weight of anointing that even the grossest darkness of the end times will be pierced? In the accumulated collection of awakening messages, it is perhaps the shortest sermon ever spoken.  

“Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him!”

From Scattered to Centered
I pray that there will be a breaker anointing on this message for you even right now. Behold the Bridegroom. Seat yourself at the Table of the Lord, and look again into His countenance. Delight yourself in Him. Experience His glory as your Bridegroom!

You know, with all the pressures of the past two years, many have become scattered spiritually. It’s hard to concentrate on the Lord or meditate on His word. As we enter into 2018 His body must again become full of light. Therefore He is calling us to make our eyes single again! 

Behold the Bridegroom. Single-eyed devotion is where your re-centering begins.

And rise up to meet Him. Remember that the breaker goes up! It’s time for you to go through the open door before His very Throne. Rise up to meet Him!

More News Coming on Wednesday’s Call!
One final thought for now. For this reason, two Wednesdays ago we announced the BIG NEWS that Jolene and I are renewing our wedding vows… a Hanukkah wedding once again! Cindy Jacobs will be officiating the ceremony. And a few other couples have even asked to join us and renew their vows as well! Everyone in the room will receive a fresh consecration and commissioning.  

But there’s more to come even than that. For this reason we will once again be sharing some big news, hopefully Wednesday if we can get it all together. 

Because the Midnight Cry is a summons to a wedding—even for states and nations to come into covenant with Him. 

That said, heed the summons… and join us for the Revolution! No King but Jesus.