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Greetings from Dallas, where Jolene and I are joining in historic prophetic meetings with the ACPE Monday and then the Global Prophetic Consultation yesterday and today. The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully. Never in my remembrance have I experienced such synergy and unity in a private leadership meeting. 

Looking forward to the Global Prophetic Summit beginning Thursday. Pray for Jolene and me, we are sharing on Friday afternoon! I will fill you in more tonight on a few key points from the meetings this week. And we are also making a very important announcement. 

OK. Lets continue to keep our “Turn the Tables” communion watch every day. It’s vital. God continues to bring exposure. My only clear sense is that our discernment must remain unbiased and redemptive. 

And today as you receive from the Table, please pray also for Israel. Remember this is God’s covenant land. Pray that Israel be protected, and that Jerusalem remain the eternal and undivided capital of God’s covenant land. 

Finally—welcome to the midnight cry. Today I wanted to share with you a new excerpts of the overall of the word the Lord has given us for 2018. May you gain clarity and resolve to move with this new movement of Holy Spirit in this hour.

“Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him!” 

The most anticipated words in human history are described by Jesus as a “midnight cry”. They signal His imminent return. In a pattern conveyed by ancient Hebrew customs, a Jewish Messiah is coming for His bride. Messengers will be sent before His face to announce His arrival. Across the nations, this bride is going to awaken, light her lamp, and join His great procession.

Recently the Lord began to highlight “the midnight cry” to me as  a prophetic message to describe His work in 2018 and beyond. I was at first surprised. Many who read Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish virgins believe it refers solely to the the end times. After all, it clearly prophesies the return of the Bridegroom—in a midnight hour of history known as the end of days.

But are we really that far down the road right now? 

Not yet. But as you will see, Matthew 25, the passage surrounding this “midnight cry,” actually projects not only into the end of days but into every season of renewal and spiritual revolution that God initiates. They are all rooted in these amazing words. And we are in one of these very seasons right now.

Behold the Bridegroom. He’s coming. Rise up to meet Him!

Eight Keys for 2018
Here are eight keys to the “midnight cry” of Matthew 25 which are full of prophetic significance for 2018. We’re going to explore some of them more thoroughly later. The parable conveys:

  1. A midnight crisis—it’s really dark out there. Then suddenly the breakthrough comes and there’s no more delay. Both challenges and the answers to many prayers will be coming suddenly this year. We must keep a midnight watch to shift the midnight crisis. 
  2. A midnight cry—the midnight rider received and conveyed divine intelligence which positioned God’s people to advance. There’s a lot of rhetoric out there. But there’s also a genuine cry resounding from many prophets who are accurately perceiving the movements of His Spirit in the earth. We must know His timing. Now a summons to a wedding is being sounded. Time to behold the Bridegroom once again!
  3. A midnight awakening—the response to the midnight cry literally startles the bride awake. “Startling” is a key word for 2018. Many will be startled by God’s work this year. Many who awoke in 2016, who went back to sleep in 2017, will be startled awake before 2020.
  4. Burning lamps lit—as we awaken to Jesus in 2018, our lamps of devotion must be relit with fresh fire. Where you’ve been scattered, let your eyes again become focused so your body can be full of light. His glory is being restored! Watch for a “burning lamp movement” to arise. From region to region, God is resetting our lampstands and relighting the flame!

    And please remember that burning lamps bring exposure.

  5. The wise take oil—the wise virgins are commended for investing now to secure their provision for the future. In this season of economic resurgence it is wise for you to do the same. Gain the oil of the Spirit and resources in the natural to succeed in the journey ahead.  
  6. Exiting and entering—Jesus is drawing His true disciples to Himself. Note that the bride leaves the door of her home to join the wedding procession, and then enters into the door of His celebration. We are now in a season of open doors. Therefore how you exit and enter becomes very important. Redeem the time. Get moving! 
  7. New tabernacles movement—always remember that the bridal procession culminates under a bridal canopy. Look for a refreshing new season of intimacy to spring forth as God launches the next phase of His Amos 9:11 restoration of the Tabernacle of David. His glory will be a bridal canopy for His people! 
  8. From Rome to Jerusalem—This is part of the bridal procession this year as His menorah is being restored. God is emphasizing Hanukkah and Tabernacles for 2018. Watch how the lamp even becomes reunited with the tabernacle from 2018-2019. This will heal the eyes of the bride and fill her with 2020 vision. 

Limited Window of Opportunity
That said, there’s another message from the “midnight cry” we must take seriously this year. Because Jesus also warned that the door to His wedding ceremony would close very quickly. 

Please consider that the foolish virgins did not make it through the gate. They were shut out. And their only recourse was to try and take what the wise virgins had obtained. 

At first Jesus’ message seems way too abrupt, especially given the context. All are welcome at His wedding feast—after all, He died for us and rose again to secure our place by His side! 

But there are also consequences to our actions. Jesus is warning us to set the course of our lives accordingly and redeem the time. Because an amazing door has now opened for us to secure our future. We’ve emphasized over and over again this window of opportunity is limited. We must fully give ourselves while it is at hand. 

But how? `First, Jesus emphasized it is important to buy oil now that will sustain your lamp in the future. Plan and prepare. Invest in the destiny you know the Lord has summoned you to fulfill. Let your seed set the course for your future. Sow to the Spirit, and you will reap a perpetual flow of provision to sustain you through the journey! 

Second, as Jesus admonished, you need to keep watch. 

The Midnight Watch
Jesus opens His parable of the midnight cry by describing how the bridal party awakens and lights their lamps. An amazing, symbolic prophecy of a midnight watch in the midnight hours of history. A global prayer movement! 

He closes this entire parable by describing this call to His disciples. Nobody knows the day nor the hour. Therefore keep watch!

Note that the watch portrayed in this parable was not actually initiated by the bridal party’s awakening. Instead, the watch originated with a solitary forerunner who kept alert while others slept. He received the divine intelligence about God’s timing. And he rode to convey the orders he received. 

That’s your invitation as well.

Again, I believe we will see the resurgence of a “burning lamp movement this year” which will empower the prayer movement to keep this watch Jesus is calling forth. A midnight cry to counter a midnight crisis.

Many are looking for signals, but perhaps a signal has already been sent. In 2007 James Goll released a profound book called Prayer Storm. He was commissioned by the Lord in a dream to relight and release the global Moravian lampstand. A global 24-7 watch of the Lord to counter the global end-time storms that would soon ensue. 

Quite literally, a midnight watch.

The book and movement were both ahead of their time. To our amazement, James recently entrusted Jolene and me with the leadership of this movement. And I believe the imagery of a global Prayer Storm speaks more into the coming years than we could possibly imagine.   

The Midnight Crisis
Here’s some real-time divine intelligence regarding a midnight crisis. Just after Hurricane Harvey struck the shores of Texas, our friend Lynnie Harlow released the following word.

“On Monday night I had a dream. In the dream I was asking God to protect our President. I also asked him help our President start to say things more diplomatically. I heard God loud and clear tell me “NO” to the second one. He then said, “I am using the foolish things to confound the wise. And over the next 3 months there will be a huge shaking back to back to back on a National level.

“But then breakthrough WILL COME. And through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease.”

Lynnie prophesied huge shakings would occur back to back to back. Amazingly, after she prophesied this word two other hurricanes—Irma and Maria—formed and hit our nation. Along with Hurricane Harvey, they literally struck back to back to back.

It is amazing how prayer lessened the impact. I’ll share one amazing story with you in a moment. But even after the storms, more shakings continued.

  • North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, and then threatened to unleash hell on our land.
  • A sniper in a Las Vegas resort hotel sprayed bullets into a crowd attending a country music concert, leaving 58 dead and 546 injured.  
  • Shakings in Hollywood exposed Hollywood gatekeeper Harvey Weinstein and his reprehensible legacy of sexual abuse. 
  • The reverberations continued in Washington DC with injustice and corruption being daily exposed at a level which made Watergate look like child’s play. 
  • On October 31, ISIS struck our homeland. A terrorist rammed into a crowd of people, killing eight and wounding eleven. It was the largest known terror strike in New York City since September 11. 
  • At least 26 people were killed after a gunman entered a church service in a small town near San Antonio, TX. It was the worst shooting incident in Texas history. We are praying for the survivors. 

Back to back to back. Seeing the accuracy of Lynnie’s word, my greatest hope is for the rest of this prophetic promise to be fulfilled as comprehensively. Preferably immediately. Through the hard places a cry will come forth, and the flood of My Spirit will not cease

What provokes the hand of God to move? What can lessen the impact of coming storms? More than anything, the cry of your prayers. 

Countering a Category 5
Hurricane Irma was barreling towards Florida when my friend Mario Bramnick, an apostolic leader from Fort Lauderdale, received an amazing assignment. He felt the Lord called him to remain and pray onsite. You might remember that Irma was a Category 5 hurricane, the strongest seen in the Atlantic in more than a decade. 

And it was the second of the “back to back to back” hurricanes Lynnie Harlow had seen. Forecasters had predicted a direct hit for Mario’s home. 

My advice was to get out of there, and I even invited his family to fly to DC and stay with us. But he felt strongly to stay and keep watch! It was amazing to see how the storm suddenly shifted away from Florida. If it had remained only 20 miles to the east, most of the state would have literally been devastated. Instead the winds and rain caused only minimal damage. 

What an incredible lesson for us all to learn. Note that I am by no means endorsing the idea of remaining onsite during a hurricane. But I am advocating a “prayer storm” to counter the coming storms. 

Keep watch! Keep your lamp burning. Your midnight watch can absolutely lessen the impact of the storms of coming challenges. Or avert them all together.