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FANEUIL HALL JULY 22! With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. Save the date!

TURN THE TABLES! Daily communion through Pentecost. Pray Ezekiel 37. Call for God’s awakening winds to blow!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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ISRAEL—HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Prayer call tonight from Jerusalem! Looking forward to breaking open our first dawn in Israel with you. It is so clear from both prophetic revelation and headline news we are coming to the covenant land for a very strategic hour. Please keep us covered… 

And please consider a generous gift today towards our journey. Remember that God gives power to gain wealth to establish His covenant—in Israel, England, DC, America, and especially in your own life! This is so key to unlocking the next phase of breakthrough.

I hope each of you received fresh vision and impartation Saturday as we explored the Maccabee Mantle. During the National Day of Prayer the Lord gave me an open-eyed vision of President Trump wearing the Maccabee mantle. Remember, the Maccabees were renown for victory. They confronted the strongest globalized army of their day in order to recover their desolate heritage. Famously, they relit the lampstand or menorah which had gone out. By this action they reconsecrated their Temple to the Lord after it had been defiled by idolatry. 

Interestingly, the mantle Trump wore featured a menorah over his chest. It fit him perfectly. 

The Lord reminded me of the stunning moment when Michigan pastor Wayne T. Jackson placed a Jewish prayer shawl over President Trump, anointed him, gave him a Jewish study bible, and compelled him to always remember Israel and the Jewish people. I was reading about this on September 11, 2016 while traveling to Israel as part of our Glory Train journey. And Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Never forget Donald Trump was mantled for the presidency by a black pastor from Detroit!”

We had a very powerful move with Ed Watts this weekend focused on the Maccabee mantle. I saw how it was now time for Michigan and the nation to “reap the mantle” that was imparted. Holy Spirit moved powerfully. There’s no more important time than right now for this mantle of victory to be corporately received and re-energized by Holy Spirit. With that in mind, looking forward to tonight’s call! No King but Jesus…