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ON RESURRECTION SUNDAY we joined with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson at Remnant Church in Brunswick GA. The service was powerful. During worship I saw a vision of a giant lid, covering a pot of water that looked like it should be boiling over. But while the lid was on, it affected the water by causing it to cool. In other words, it became LUKEWARM. I knew this represented many regions of the nation, and the nation itself. 

I then saw a hand pick up the lid and pull it off. And what was beneath it suddenly came to life! Rivers of water burst forth. All that was quenched beneath the lid sprang forth. And I knew that as of Passover, the Lord was beginning to remove the lid off of His people, off of structures and off of movements.

Maybe it wasn’t coincidence that just a day later the national “mask mandate” was finally removed by a Florida judge! You can’t make this stuff up. Consider it a sign of an overarching move. 

This is the “Exodus Movement” that the Lord is bringing forth as of Passover 2022. THE LID COMES OFF! The window of opportunity is open for you to advance. Note that your primary key to unlock this miracle in your life is repentance of all toleration of this lid. Pray about it. And then make your decree.

Note that lids are meant to keep whatever lies beneath them from bursting forth or ascending! What is seeking to keep you down? To prevent you from coming to full stature? How is the enemy seeking to keep you from ascending before the Lord? The lid comes off. We decree the Breaker breaks open so you can now COME UP HIGHER! 

Another purpose for lids are to cover over, or cover up, all that is under them. We all know there are prolific, demonic coverups in play right now. But the Lord is not fooled, and nor are the American people. The lids come off. We decree that HIGH-LEVEL COVERUPS ARE NOW EXPOSED.

The time period from Passover to Pentecost this year is especially key. The Lord is calling you and me to engage. Remember that Jesus instructed His disciples to remain in Jerusalem and tarry in prayer until endued with power from on High.

Tarry ’til endued. How we need this! I feel compelled that there’s a new place in God to attain in this season. You might think it’s selfish to pursue a new level, but actually the opposite is true. Be a breaker and break things open. Multitudes will benefit as a result! 

As we’ve shared before, it’s now time to ascend the mountain of the Lord. Lets secure the secret place of the Most High! Lets abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Recovering the covenant covering!

I will say that Shavuot 2022 marks a new season. There’s something big about the transference of mantles that is key to securing the future of your ministry.

Like Jesus. Recently the Spirit of God began to speak to me about the time between Passover and Pentecost. I’m going to take a wild leap and share that, after this revelatory encounter, I have come to believe Jesus was baptized around Passover. John the Baptist gave us a clue to this when he saw Jesus and then exclaimed, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” 

Obviously Jesus culminated His earthly ministry to redeem mankind over Passover. Crucified and ascended! 

Wouldn’t it be only fitting if Jesus also started His ministry over Passover? He would have been baptized in the Jordan in the exact area His forefathers in the natural crossed over to take the Promised Land—which also took place on an historic Passover, centuries beforehand. 

This area where John the Baptist was ministering is also where Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind, and the mantle of Elijah was transferred to Elisha. 

And when Jesus was baptized, Holy Spirit descended like a dove and rested on Jesus. The fullness of the godhead bodily!

40 Days of Wrestling
Note that it was also from there that Jesus entered into 40 days of wilderness wrestling and temptation. Tradition holds that this wrestling occurred in the rugged cliffs near Jericho, just a few miles away from the crossover point in the Jordan. 

I do want to say that in this season, it is wise to humble yourself. Fasting and prayer, keeping watch, is essential. And this plea be included. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Final thought on this. Passover lasts 8 days. Jesus’ fast lasted 40 days beyond. Put these time periods together and it would mean that Jesus would have started his public ministry over Pentecost. Remember the extraordinary declaration that launched. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me….” (Luke 4:18).

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that, 50 days after Christ’s crucifixion, Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples in the Upper Room as they contended in prayer. And the Spirit of the Lord was upon them in the same way He enshrouded Jesus! 

Thank you Jesus! This is pretty amazing revelation, friends. This aspect of Jesus’ sojourn, in my life barely even perceived, is becoming much more clear.

What’s ahead on Shavuot 2022? Good question. We will explore more in this project. But let me cast vision now. Shavuot 2022 is a major “time gate” for revelation even of the end times. Historically, Moses ascended the Mountain and received the Ten Commandments—in other words God’s covenant with Israel—during this time. 

In the same manner, the Lord is summoning us all to ascend His Mountain and begin to receive the unsealing of choice scrolls from Heaven, reserved for this very hour. Look for a six month transition as this movement gains momentum to define the future. 

Does this bear witness? Right now the Lord is calling many of you to follow in His footsteps. Lets engage with Jesus in prayer. Lets pass the tests before us. Lets ascend. Because from Passover to Pentecost, THE LID COMES OFF!