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TURNAROUND TUESDAY—The Lord is moving in breakthrough for your children! Each Tuesday we contend in prayer for God’s destiny to be released in the lives of sons and daughters. Now a global movement. 

REVOLUTION 2021! Dec. 9-12, Brunswick GA. With Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Lynn Alderson, Lynnie Harlow, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. Hanukkah is a season of visitation. It’s time for a midnight turnaround! 

For host hotel, new Hilton Garden Inn,

FIRST—THANK YOU FOR GIVING! Every Hanukkah the Lamplighter family celebrates with special gifts to the ministry. Jolene and I want to thank everyone who already responded with such generously of heart! Thanks to you we are well on our way to the goal we feel the Lord gave us, believing God for $22,000 to launch us into 2022. 

The funds will go such a long way towards funding our FIRST-EVER ASSISTANT, so needed as we move forward on this Turnaround Tuesday project as well as the upcoming 2022 Glory Train tour, media upgrades and many other projects. Above all your continued gifts help us remain and thrive in Washington DC. We are grateful!

Jolene and I were actually married on the first day of Hanukkah—when our unity candle supernaturally lit. Remember the miracle that defines Hanukkah—where the Maccabees relit the menorah to reconsecrate the Temple to the Lord. They only had enough oil for a day. Yet fresh oil supernaturally flowed for the lamp to blaze for eight days! We feel strongly that, as you sow into the release of fresh provision for Lamplighter, the Lord is unlocking for you fresh oil, by His Spirit and in the natural, to advance you through 2022. We are grateful to shine together in this season!  TO CONTRIBUTE CLICK HERE

The Hanukkah Hearings
At the forefront of our prayer project, which runs through 12-12, is the Supreme Court hearing on legalized abortion, which will be held tomorrow. Ever since September 11 of this year, Exodus 2 has been highlighted by the Lord for the hearing. It is as though Heaven’s Court is convening over this same period.

“And the sons of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out; and their cry for help because of their bondage ascended to God. So God heard their groaning; and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” (Exodus 2:23-24).

This passage at first seems truly disconcerting. Why did it take 400 years of slavery and abuse for the Lord to “hear” the cries of His people? Noise-cancelling headphones? A lack of caring engagement on God’s part?

Neither. Because that’s just not who our God is! The word “heard” in this context, the Hebrew word shama, refers to a courtroom hearing. God brought the groanings of each of His covenant people over 400 years of bondage into a courtroom hearing. Heaven’s Court reviewed each case. And the Lord as judge remembered His covenant. The Hebrew word for “remember” is “zakar,” and it means to take to heart and then set a course of action.

That’s exactly what a judge does in court. And that’s exactly what God did. He set in motion the miraculous deliverance of His covenant people from the subjugation of Pharaoh’s bondage. LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

The question must be asked—why after 400 years? Because it was during this time that Pharaoh mandated the firstborn of Israel be cast into the Nile River. Exodus 1:22 records this. Abortion and infanticide were both legalized, by the way, by then-governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on 1-22, 2019. Then came some major shakings. 

I believe we are in an Exodus 2 moment in America over abortion on a national level. I believe Heaven’s Court will even be tangibly perceived within the US Supreme Court as the Lord makes His own case very plain. The testimony of Heaven will be joined by the testimony of the land. And I even believe the cries, the groanings of those who have suffered, even whose lives were cut short in the womb, will be heard.

However the Court decides, know this. As Daniel 7:22 conveys, Heaven’s Court prevails unto God’s turnaround His way. A freedom movement is accelerating. 

Vision—God Redeems the Bride, and Child of Promise!
A ruthless enemy is seeking to force an abortion of God’s covenant purposes in America. Meanwhile the Lord desires to grant a new birth of freedom for our covenant nation.

God’s passionate intentions on this are pictured in a prophetic experience back in 1996. It remains the most impactful of my life, and defines the overarching mission of Lamplighter Ministries to this day. 

I was praying over Provincetown, the historic Cape Cod harbor where the Pilgrims wrote the Mayflower Compact, when I had the vision. For context, a local pastor had asked me to seek the Lord with him over a recurring dream. He saw himself prophesying “LIVE!” to someone in a large casket. Each time he expected a resurrection. Yet each time, nothing happened.

Immediately when he shared the dream, I somehow saw a vision of what the pastor was dreaming. It was like I was entered into it. Suddenly the hand of the Lord came to the casket and thrust it open. His hand then pulled out what looked to be an Egyptian mummy. Slowly and carefully He began to unwrap the grave clothes, beginning at the top. When the white bands were removed below the eyes, I saw that it was a woman. And as the cloths were removed from around her chest, to my astonishment there was a baby nestled in her bosom. 

I knew immediately the woman represented the bride of Christ in the nation. And not only did the Lord resurrect the bride, but also the child—the covenantal heritage of the Bridegroom and His bride! 

Immediately I heard these words. “Where you have felt like a widow, abandoned by Me and far from My hand of provision, instead I am bringing you into a season of intimacy with Me, and abundance from My hand, and indeed I have saved the best wine for last!”

Beloved, we have not yet gone past the expiration date of this vision. The Lord is still after our children. He is still after the preservation and perpetuation of our covenantal heritage. He is the God of the turnaround. And He will be faithful to bring it His way, for His glory. The best wine is saved for last! 

But to gain this new birth of freedom, all that holds the bride and her child in the casket must be overcome. We must shift from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. Covenant with death and hell annulled! (Isaiah 28:14-15).

Finally, remember Isaiah 54, God’s promise that defines the turnaround for LIFE. We have entered through this time-gate.  And there is truly no turning back!