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AS AMERICA AWAKENS TO PRAY this morning, Israel is clinging to God through tears. Wreaths are being laid at Yad Vashem. The Western Wall is once again the Wailing Wall. And ancient survivors of the Shoah are warning the world that conditions today, with the global rise of anti-semitism and the bloodlust for mass deception through political propaganda, remind them of the early years of Nazi Germany. Just before six million Jews vanished from the earth. 

IT’S NO COINCIDENCE that today, the National Day of Prayer intersects with Holocaust Remembrance Day or Yom HaShoah. The convergence itself is a somber reminder that prayer and action are urgently needed to keep our nation and world advancing in freedom under God. The alternative is truly terrifying. 

Hanukkah 2015. Jolene and I returned to Israel after praying through the Israeli elections the previous March. Against all odds, Netanyahu had won, and the prophetic perceptions we had shared on governmental turnaround were remembered and celebrated by friends in the covenant land. I was riding high—and eager to share my most recent revelation. In 2016, the Glory Train is rolling! As with our journey this year, we went to Israel seeking covenant alignment, with the Glory Train movement commissioned from Zion, as we carried our prophetic word about the turnaround God was going to bring in our 2016 elections.

I was riding high in God’s covenant land—that is, until Jolene and I were broken and undone.

Jolene and I spent ten days at the world-renown Holocaust museum on Mt. Herzl during this time, taking a course on the Christian roots of Anti-Semitism. I thought I was prepared. The professors leading the course were full of life, full of hope. But they somehow had gained an extraordinary authority over time. Because five hours of exploration felt like an eternity each day as we plunged together into the Jewish struggle for dignity amidst systemic atrocities and societal betrayal in the world’s most civilized continent. All validated by theological treatises of “Christian” leaders. Through the centuries. The Jews killed Jesus. They in turn must be killed. 

We also saw how the propaganda of Nazi Germany cast a spell over perhaps the most culturally sophisticated and technologically advanced nation in Europe. Pride and confidence in cultural heritage and extraordinary achievements became the very gateway through which deception and abuse were welcomed into each city. And literally into each home. 

Germany has gone through purging in order to attain the greatness it was destined for. Germany will rise again. We are destined for global rulership. The nations are bowing to our demand for appeasement. 

At the end of each day, generous time was allotted to explore the city or enjoy a leisurely dinner. Jolene and I could barely talk. We ate sparsely at the hotel, wept over our food, and succumbed to sleep as soon as possible after. Except when we couldn’t sleep. 

Keep in mind that, again, we were preparing for the Glory Train journey. Commissioned from Mt. Zion—the epicenter of God’s covenant land, and some would say the world! Where it all began and where it all ends. Of course I was seeking a double portion. I was so glib back then. What I didn’t realize is that from both Zion and Herzl, a double portion commissioning would indeed be granted. 

Where the exhibits of Yad Vashem are overwhelming, the teaching wing is deliberately sparse. Just a few pictures on the wall. One photo arrested my attention every morning as I walked by. And it summoned me to look again as I passed it every evening. 

The picture was of a train being boarded. Just as with daily occurrences in Grand Central in New York or Victoria Station in London, watchful parents were captured guiding eager children on board. Many elderly stood in line, resting on canes. A few  passengers stared out the window. Not one countenance showed even a hint of fear. 

They were told they were escaping the ghetto to a work camp in the country. Like lambs led to the slaughter, they believed the lies. Willing passengers on a journey to Auschwitz.

After encountering this photo for a week straight, I realized something. There were two trains or movements in the earth during the Nazi era. There was a terror train and a freedom train. Clearly in the moment it was hard for the everyday man to tell them apart.

Here’s a word of the Lord for you. These two movements, a freedom train and a terror train, are both once again in the earth. One may look more glamourous, more promising. But it is sourced once again deception. It is once again driving all its passengers down the tracks of globalism tied to idolatry and subjugation. And the conductor is ultimately seeking to destroy all who, by either genetics or by choice or both, are counted as People of the Covenant. 

Believe what the Lord shows you. Stay humble, teachable and alert. Lets all seek truth, with the Plumbline of God’s heart and word to guide us. And please make it your resolve for the freedom train to now prevail.