REVOLUTION 2020! December 10-12, 2020 (Hanukkah), Remnant Church, Brunswick GA. With Jamie and Redonnia Jackson, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Fitt, Lynn Alderson, Ed Watts, more. Hosted by Jon and Jolene.
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EIGHT DAYS OF GIVING! Lord this Hanukkah we declare Your release of fresh oil for this new season (Zechariah 4). Align us with the flow of Your Spirit. Grant provision in the natural to complete the turnaround and establish Your covenant! And bring a perpetual flow of provision to all who give. In Jesus’ Name!

HANUKKAH 2020—REVOLUTION 2020—THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN—AND HOLY FIRE WAS RELEASED. What an opening to Revolution 2020! Jamie Jackson did an incredible job leading us into the fire. Ed Watts prophesied we’d see the national menorah lit, and as of last night the word literally came to pass. From our Hanukkah wedding on, our harp menorah has been highlighted by the Lord as a witness of God’s covenant with Israel and America as well as for us personally. And for the first time the fires of multitudes were lit from this menorah.  

Ed Watts also prophesied a Revolutionary sound. Worship with Da’Neil Sharpe and Jamie Fitt and team was over the top as north and south joined together. A new sound broke forth! 

I shared on the rise of a Maccabee movement to counter the extraordinary assault on our constitutional freedom. We together are seeing the beginning of a national turnaround. 

And governmentally, we came into agreement as the ekklesia for the Breaker to be released into our land. THE BREAKER BREAKS OPEN! And what has been illicitly held under the enemy’s domain must now be restored. That’s for your own life as well as for the nation! 

“On 12-12 I AM Summoning You to Approach the Bench!”
Now I want to share with you why it’s so important for you to continue to stay engaged for this Revolution 2020. A few weeks ago Holy Spirit spoke to me that “On 12-12 I am summoning you to approach the Bench!” This directive was very similar to the word He spoke to me in 2014 regarding what we have come to call “the Turnaround Verdict.” The word of the Lord then was “On 7-22 I am calling you to rent Faneuil Hall Boston to receive a Daniel 7:22 verdict for the nation that you do not even realize you need.”

We are together being summoned to Heaven’s Court. Lets humbly approach the Throne of His justice. Prepare now for tomorrow. Across the nation, in Brunswick, and in Washington DC we are going to plead our case before the Throne. And I believe both the restoration of God’s glory and the governmental turnaround He desires will be catalyzed. 

Warning—as we have lit the menorah here and from region to region, the shining itself brings God’s redemptive exposure. So get ready. 

Tomorrow Jolene and Redonnia lead us off. The full schedule is below. Again, the warmest blessings to each of you this Hanukkah. May you personally experience the manifest fire of His presence. And thank you for praying for Jolene, myself, the team, and all who are connecting in Brunswick and online for Revolution 2020. 

One final thought. Each year in conjunction with Hanukkah we host eight days of giving. Please consider a generous gift to help keep the fire lit in Washington DC and the nation. There is no more urgent hour than now. NO KING BUT JESUS…

7pm Session 1 Jon & Jolene, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson with team

9:30am Worship, Session 2 Jolene Hamill & Redonnia Jackson
11:15 Session 3 Lynn Alderson

12-2pm lunch break

2pm Worship, Session 4 Jamie Fitt
3:30pm Session 5 Ed Watts

7pm Worship, 8:30pm Session 6 Chris Mitchell

9:30 Worship, Session 7—Approach the Bench! Court of Heaven

12-2pm lunch break

2pm worship, Session 8 Jamie Jackson
3:30pm Session 9 Chris Mitchell

7pm Worship, Session 9 Ed Watts
9:15 Team Commissioning, close out Revolution