From Washington to Washington, Davids Tent is now blazing! We face tremendous challenges in this hour of history. What a privilege to worship, watch and pray 24/7 from the White House Ellipse.

I know in my spirit this “Davids Tent” watch is different than other years. We are in a phase of progression where the Tent of David is becoming the Throne of David. During our home group yesterday, I watched over the White House Ellipse as a golden ladder began to form to connect God’s Throne with the earth in a new way. Listen, this shift is occurring in church gatherings, in houses of prayer all across the nation. And it’s my honor to prophesy what God is governmentally releasing in this hour—the emergence of Elijah Thrones.

Elijah: Repairing the Altar of the Lord
We are in a “Burning Lamp Watch” now. Just as John the Baptist came as a “burning and shining lamp” in the spirit and power of Elijah, so many are entering in this hour into this next stage of progression. We are becoming burning and shining lamps!

For God’s fire to fall in Elijah’s day, the prophet repaired the altar of the Lord—the altar of God’s covenant with His land and people. Remember, our worship alone does not establish a throne for the Lord. Our covenant does! It is entirely true that God sits enthroned on the praises of His people. But our covenant with God establishes the throne upon which our worship invites Him to rest and rule.

For this reason, David did not simply set up a tent and start 24/7 worship. His first mandate was to restore the Ark of the Covenant to his capital city. He did not make this Ark of the Covenant a sideshow to worship either. No, God’s covenant with his land became the foundation for the prayer and worship movement in this hour.

Really that was the purpose for this summer’s Glory Procession. We were sent by the Lord to access, unveil and bear witness to the covenantal foundations of our land—in preparation for what’s ahead.

Set over Nations and Kingdoms
Elijah was a ruler over Israel, yet no man gave him a throne. Instead, God set him in authority over the nation. In this respect, his calling was similar to Jeremiah. I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to root out, tear down throw down and destroy, to build and plant (Jer. 1:9-10).

God still establishes His seats of governance over nations and kingdoms, or spheres of society. He still grants covenantal authority to root out, tear down, throw down, destroy, build and plant. The prophet Isaiah conveyed this process another way: “I have set my words in your mouth, and hidden you in the shadow of My hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion ‘You are My people’” (Isaiah 51:16).

Note that these seats of rulership are meant to bring the governance of God into every facet of community. They are ultimately meant to bring government in alignment with God’s covenant. Isaiah identifies three realms in which the prophet’s covenantal authority is to be expressed—the heavens, the earth, and God’s covenant land.

Your Throne
In this Crown and Throne movement, many of you are going to be granted assignments over specific spheres of authority. You will receive a throne of authority as legitimate in heaven’s eyes as any in your nation. As with Elijah, God will relate to you not only personally, but according to the office or sphere of authority He has entrusted to you.

Again, your assignment is to establish your sphere by covenant with God, and empower His justice and freedom in your world. Your covenant with God brings your throne into alignment with His. From this alignment, you then have access to God’s boundless authority to impact your sphere. It’s a lot easier when God is fighting for you than when you are fighting for yourself—even in His Name!

This society-shaking, transformative authority is absolutely dependent on your covenant commitment—not just to God, but also to your sphere of influence. For many believers, this understanding is the missing link to their success. Many love God, and are resolute in their commitment to Him. But their covenant commitment to their sphere sometimes remains elusive.

Remember, thrones are established by covenant.

Two Thrones: Jezebel and Elijah
In Elijah’s day, there were essentially two thrones of governance over Israel operating at the same time. Elijah’s throne represented God’s covenantal interests. Ahab’s throne had become so corrupted by idolatry and covenant-breaking that it had essentially been given over to Baal. Much like today’s world, this covenant conflict was played out before the eyes of all the nation. Eventually, the throne of Elijah prevailed.

Right now there are two thrones emerging in America. They are present in every aspect of society, but especially in the governmental realm, the financial realm, and the religious realm. On one hand we have Jezebel’s table, and on the other we have the Table of the Lord.

Jezebel’s table and the Table of the Lord both are altars of worship. They represent two opposing thrones of governance, two tables of provision, two seats of judgment, and two covenants sealed in blood. To an extent, they now are even coming to represent two geographic territories, state by state and nationally.

They are at the core two forms of payment for your soul.

I prophesy to you that one throne will ultimately prevail. Those who were purchased into compromise will soon discover they sold their souls to slavery, degradation and subjugation. And there will indeed be a Third Great Awakening, a Great Return where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord.

Seated in Heavenly Places
Today the Lord has given me faith to declare the governmental release of His Elijah Thrones. Elijah’s legacy is your invitation.

We have seen how many leaders have aligned their authority with Baal, compromising their integrity to gain or retain power. But there’s a new breed of spiritual revolutionaries emerging in the earth as well. These leaders exemplify covenant loyalty to their God. And like Elijah, their thrones will literally manifest God’s authority to impact their spheres.

Friends, in this dark hour it’s time to become these burning and shining lamps.