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May 16
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SHALOM ALL, WELCOME TO TURNAROUND TUESDAY. Please take time NOW to pray for your sons and daughters! And join us for an impacting broadcast as we explore part two of “The Crowning Generation.” 

WHAT’S ON YOUR HORIZON? Your family’s horizon? The horizon of the Nation? These questions are so key right now for you to explore. The answers will greatly clarify your expectations and plans for the future. It is now time for you to prioritize gaining discernment on people, situations and trends now emerging on the horizon of your life and world. 

The Lord has shown us personally that the next two years, from Pentecost 2023 to Pentecost 2025, should be considered as a single block of time. Prophetically, as of Pentecost 2023 we are entering a tremendous time of upheaval, transition, opportunity and turnaround. Many ships will be entering stormy waters. It may become disorienting at times. Keeping your eye on the horizon will not only help you gain clarity, but it will help stabilize you amidst the waves and winds ahead. 

So what are your assignments? What are your goals? What are you perceiving on your horizon now that should either be prevented or accessed and empowered to succeed? 

‘Horizon’ Revelation from Mount Carmel
Remember how the Lord spoke at Passover that “The horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep.” We were privileged to begin our Spirit of Elijah Tour with a two-day summit at Kehilat haKarmel. Our hotel in Haifa was sandwiched between the Carmel mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Somehow we got an “upper room” there, with an extraordinary view. And while praying on our hotel deck, the Lord encountered me in an unusual way. I suddenly realized I was seeing the horizon almost as Elijah saw. There were even a few clouds out there.

“The horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep.” The phrase the Lord gave us all at the beginning of the Spirit of Elijah project came alive to me at that moment. I saw it in a different way. It’s actually all carried out through the very ministry of Elijah! 

On Mount Carmel, Elijah prepared for fire from heaven by regathering 12 stones and repairing the altar of the Lord which had been cast down. He prepared a bull as an offering to the Lord. He then directed the people to pour 12 containers of water on the altar. Many believe that Elijah was just showing off. Because water and fire don’t mix! 

Sowing Water, Reaping Rain
What most don’t understand is that, in a time of drought, water is the most precious commodity the people actually have. They were directed by the prophet to literally give of their lives and sustenance, pouring water on the altar. Some of you may be directed in the same manner in days ahead.

When the Lord sent His fire, the Bible makes clear that it not only consumed the burnt offering but it “licked up the water that was in the trench” (1 Kings 18:38). The people responded by wholeheartedly turning back to the Lord. 

Watch this now. Elijah provides an example for us all. We, like the 12 tribes gathered at Mount Carmel, are going to see the fire fall. There is a preparatory process involved. But the end result of this preparation time is that many of our sons and daughters are going to experience revival, and turn back to God! 

Turnaround—the Spirit and Power of Elijah
You may doubt that can happen in our day. Beloved, lets let the Bible define the expectations of the movement on our horizon right now. The Lord has made clear He is now releasing an increased measure of “the spirit and power of Elijah.” And biblically that’s one of the major purposes for this release is revival and turnaround! As the angel Gabriel prophesied:And he will turn many of the sons of Israel back to the Lord their God. And it is he who will go as a forerunner before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of fathers back to their children, and the disobedient to the attitude of the righteous, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord” (Luke 1:16-17)

After the fire fell from Heaven, and the people turned back to the Lord their God, Elijah disappeared. He took his servant and climbed further up the mountain. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, he entered into travailing prayer FOR THE RESTORATION OF RAIN. 

“And he said to his servant, “Go up now, look toward the sea.” So he went up and looked, but he said, “There is nothing.” Yet Elijah said, “Go back” seven times. And when he returned the seventh time, he said, “Behold, a cloud as small as a person’s hand is coming up from the sea.” Meanwhile the sky became dark with clouds and wind came up, and there was a heavy shower” (1 Kings 18:43-45).

Note that Elijah directed the people to sow into the very storm of provision they wanted to receive from the Lord. They sowed water, they reaped the restoration of rain!

The Crowning Generation: Discerning Your Horizon
As in Elijah’s day, there are signs on the horizon of what’s to come. We must learn to “read them accurately” by the Spirit. And as we shared last week, we cannot stop our travail or “birthing prayer” until the promises seen on the horizon are manifested in our world.

The Lord is calling you higher. Many are being summoned, equipped and prepared as “Horizon Prophets” or “Horizon Watchmen” to gain understanding and engage in the hard work of preparation for the promises of our Father to be fully realized. Lets see a generation crowned with awakening and revival. Lets see our sons and daughters revitalized and restored to the Lord their God!

Now that we’ve accurately discerned what’s ahead, lets plan accordingly. And lets get to work! Because the horizon you sow into will soon be at your doorstep.