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DEAR WHITE HOUSE WATCHMEN,FIRST—HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS! Praying God’s brightest blessing for you today. Above all else for the Presence of the Lord to be with you today, making your day a time of feasting and delight in every circumstance.   “And they saw God, and they ate and drank…” (Exodus 24:14). Be with Him today and shine!

ONE YEAR AGO TONIGHT I began the arduous journey of writing White House Watchmen. The substance of our introduction, below, was written on Thanksgiving evening with the aim of finishing the manuscript within a month. We’ve come a long way since then. Yet the sentiments expressed within the pages below have proven hauntingly prophetic.  

On Thanksgiving evening 2019, overlooking Washington DC from our perch, I was pondering what Thanksgiving 2020 would be like. On the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival, what direction would we choose? It was then the Holy Spirit questioned me, Watchman, what of the night? 

To a large extent this question still remains to be answered even post-election. One thing’s for sure, we’re in a midnight hour. Yet we still have a limited window of opportunity to turn the nation. An Exodus-style “Shock and Awe Movement” from the Lord is awaiting our welcome. My resolve, and probably your resolve, is similar to the Pilgrims. Lets give our all to see the dream of God’s heart now come to pass. With that, I believe you will find the words below like fire to your spirit.

Watchman, What of the Night?
(Adapted from White House Watchmen, Introduction)

Thanksgiving 2019. As ministry leaders in Washington DC, Jolene and I have been privileged to pray into the most comprehensive governmental turnaround in recent American history. Economic resurgence. The scourge of abortion restrained. Alignment with Israel restored, with the historically reluctant State Department even leading the way. 

President Trump has proven to be an amazing catalyst of God’s intended turnaround. Ever since he stepped into office—as a young man, only 70—he has brought the fight back into the White House and into the conservative movement. 

There have been missteps and mistakes, for sure. Sometimes with dire consequences. But as you will see, President Trump has been uniquely commissioned by God to lead America at this time—in all of his complexity. And the results have been astounding. 

Prayer has helped to fuel this governmental turnaround more than any time in recent American history. Forerunning prayer. Prophetic prayer. Governmental prayer. Watchman prayer producing documented results which have often aligned with clear revelation prophesied beforehand to even speak these results into existence.

Our home is a watchman’s perch which overlooks all of Washington DC. Prayer from this perch is usually a favorite pursuit for Jolene and me. The sweeping views never cease to inspire. The Capitol. The Supreme Court. The Potomac. The Lincoln Memorial, my favorite monument. And even the White House. 

Yet this Thanksgiving evening, with familiar landmarks now shimmering against the shadows, inspired prayer is proving elusive. A tangible oppression seems to defy the twilight of holiday sentiments. My spirit is on alert. Watchman, what of the night? 

The tradition of Thanksgiving was handed to us through unimaginable sacrifice as the Pilgrims moved through a dark night of their journey. November 2020 marks the 400 anniversary of their arrival. My forefather Richard Warren was among the unlikely band of forerunners who launched this freedom movement we now call America. From the onset of their journey to the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims encountered virtually every setback known to mankind. 

It was a miracle they even lived.

They were not actually known as Pilgrims but Separatists. Having read the Bible for themselves, they saw with clarity how the Church of England’s unchecked institutional corruption, connected to the highest thrones of power, was bringing subjugation to multitudes Jesus invested His life to free. “Come out from among them and be separate” was the direction they received. 

While in exile in Leiden, Holland, the Separatist community received a fresh vision from the Lord. Similar to the Jews under Pharaoh, the Pilgrims sensed the Spirit of God directing them to flee dictatorial governances, cross the waters, and establish a beach-head for freedom in the “promised land” of the new world. On July 22, 1620, propelled by prayer nourished with many tears, the first group departed. 

But what was supposed to be a brief stopover in England turned into a deadly delay. Similar to many Washington DC offices, one of their ships suffered continual leaks. Winter was fast approaching. It was decided the Mayflower should venture out alone. 

The Mayflower was a cargo ship not a passenger vessel. Only 80 feet long, its quarters were brutally cramped for the 102 passengers and their pared-down provisions. North Atlantic storms pummeled them, slowing their journey greatly. Then as they approached the east coast, a vicious nor’easter arrested the tiny ship some 220 miles north of their original destination. The storm-tossed Pilgrims sought shelter on the tip of Cape Cod. 

Against all odds the Pilgrims kept true to their mission. Shortly after arriving, in the hull of the Mayflower on November 11, 1620, they signed a sacred compact concurrent with their calling—and forged a nation in covenant with God. 

Historians note that the establishment of a “civil body politic” in the Compact forged the beginnings of democratic governance in the western hemisphere. Perhaps it was divinely inspired. Because by their own description, the Mayflower Compact was written “in the presence of God and one another.” The Compact also conveys how the Pilgrims established a colony “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith,” in which they were free to finally worship according to their convictions.

During the ensuing winter, the Pilgrims lost almost half of their community to malnutrition and disease. Their first Thanksgiving feast became a bittersweet expression of worship to God. Gaining inspiration from our Jewish forefathers, they patterned their celebration after the Feast of Tabernacles, where the harvest for the year is celebrated before the Lord and the sojourn from bondage to the promised land is rehearsed.

A highlight of this covenant meal was honoring the native Wampanaog tribe, whose intervention made their survival possible. The tribe had also suffered devastating loss. In the years prior a regional disease borne by rats had killed countless members. Wampanoags and Pilgrims found themselves in an unlikely partnership, grieving while rebuilding their respective communities together. A covenant of aid and protection was made between them.

And the gospel was shared. Wampanoag, by the way, means “people of the first light.” Not coincidentally, they were the first tribe to receive the light of Jesus Christ. A move of God swept through the region, and villages of “praying Indians” soon rose up with Native leaders pastoring. From the beginning it was God’s desire for Native and Pilgrim to walk together, forging a new nation in covenant with God. Successive generations really messed things up. But the root remains holy.

Note that the Pilgrims were not merely missionaries planting a church. Instead they were planting a government—a government in covenant with God.

And a freedom nation was born. 

Today America, and perhaps the world, finds itself in a similar position to the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims. Our task together is to rebuild a freedom nation. A nation under God. 

White House Watchmen
Through some of the most improbable circumstances known to mankind, Jolene and I have become torchbearers in Washington DC of the covenantal legacy the Pilgrims forged. With a ministry called Lamplighter and a driving focus to see government align with God’s covenant. 

Prophetically I’ve known for many years that what we decide in 2020 impacts our nation in a way that few other times in history ever have. Like the Pilgrims’ original voyage, it is a threshold from which there is no return. Will America choose open defiance of God? Will a vicious storm drive us off course, or even reverse the vulnerable progress we’ve made? Or will we honor the covenantal foundations entrusted to us, and complete the turnaround that secures our inheritance for decades? 

That is what is truly at stake. I am praying large naive prayers that we, like the Pilgrims, will overcome our challenges to secure God’s intended destiny.

In the pages ahead you’re going to be equipped with principles to grow as a White House Watchman. You will discover dramatic, first-hand accounts of God’s turnaround in action, including prayer times at the White House as well as from other halls of government, historic foundations and movements across the nation. Even to Armageddon and back. 

Some of the most exhilarating moments of watchman prayer occur behind the scenes rather than in the limelight. They also seem to bear greater fruit. The reasons are simple. First, in a town which eternally seeks an audience with the President, we have found that standing before the eternal King unleashes His influence into these spheres far beyond our own capacities. Jesus is much more effective in persuasion than we are. The fact that He sometimes uses you and me as voices of His persuasion still rocks my world.

Second, in a town which views relationships as commodities to be leveraged, we have gained unimaginably by connecting with people simply as friends. Which by nature means without expectation or demand. Further, our commitment to them is longterm through both challenges and victories. 

Third, the true nature of the battle over DC is spiritual. The enemy has made tremendous inroads. Events and meetings engineered to gain influence certainly have their place. It’s how DC rolls. But photo ops generally won’t dislodge principalities. Special ops will—at least special ops prayer.

I’m so grateful for team players willing to join in relative anonymity on prayer assignments to demolish spiritual strongholds, rescue people held hostage by the enemy, and resurface before anyone even knows we were there. It’s made all the difference. 

Dividing the Eagle
A week before Thanksgiving, Jolene and I were treated to a special lunch at the White House galley. A friend had experienced a major breakthrough, and she wanted to convey her gratitude for our small role in intercession.

The visit marked our fourth time in the West Wing, but our first time for a meal. Decorum was elegant and appropriate, with the White House seal—an eagle with wings outstretched, holding arrows and olive branches—displayed on the walls, plates, flags and salt shakers. 

It was even engraved in the butter. White House butter… what’s the protocol? Should we even touch the seal? Which wing should we cut off first—the left or the right? 

And is it proper to divide the presidency in order to simply butter your own bread? 

Some in Washington DC obviously think so. Because as we dined at the White House, members of the House of Representatives were just beginning hearings to impeach President Trump. Somehow we happened to be onsite—publicly enjoying lunch, privately decreeing God’s covering over the principals and all that the seal represents. 

That said, especially as White House Watchmen launches in the election year 2020, a few disclaimers are appropriate. We compel you to vote for candidates aligning with biblical values. But this book is not a voting guide. Nor are we trying to persuade you to swear allegiance to a political party. No King but Jesus! 

Further, our role as White House watchmen should by no means imply a relational connection with the President or an ability to grant you access to either political leaders or faith advisors now inhabiting the power corridors of Washington DC. First because we’re just not that well connected. Secondly and most importantly, because your success is not dependent on connecting with the Oval Office, but accessing God’s Throne with a heart of integrity. Then simply following through in obedience to what He shows. 

Put those together and your prayers will eventually define history. If you can embrace this calling then the pages ahead will equip you to be successful. 

It’s vital to emphasize the very same biblical principles which have shifted the White House can also be applied to significantly shift your house. To be honest, securing your house, your business, your sphere of authority is as important as the White House for the legacy of freedom to continue. 

A Midnight Cry
Three years ago, facing the same window to our world, Holy Spirit quickened to me that by 2020 our nation would enter a midnight hour of history. In a moment I knew we would face down perils similar to those which the Bible attributes to the final days of an era known as the end times. Both the challenges and the victories in our era would even become a prototype for their watch in history. 

Aspects of our future became very clear. From this prophetic experience came our book “The Midnight Cry.” Much of what was prophesied within its pages is already in play. A midnight crisis. A midnight watch. A midnight cry. The good news is that in the midst of our midnight crisis the Lord is offering our nation a turnaround. A longterm course correction which secures His best intentions for our land. 

During the American Revolution a watchman named Paul Revere saw two burning lamps in the upper room of the Old North Church. This pre-arranged signal conveyed it was time to alert the continental army for the fight of their lives. Revere rode through the midnight hour to awaken them. Their victory in this existential fight for freedom birthed our nation and redefined our world. 

We are engaged in a hauntingly similar battle for freedom in this hour. It cannot be emphasized enough that completing the turnaround is predicated on you and me heeding the awakening alarm God is now sounding. 

A Freedom Movement
Freedom in Jesus is the fire that propelled both Pilgrims and Revolutionaries to give their lives for a movement called America. Immigrants fled brutal dictatorships, empowered in the unseen realms by an antichrist spirit which had claimed their lives, their property, their privacy, and even their offspring. They sought in turn to establish a nation forged in freedom, founded by covenant with God, as a beach-head against antichrist dictatorships.

This priceless gift is at the core of America’s celebration each Thanksgiving. It is at the core of our national identity. And yet even the covenant they made remains under relentless assault. Why? 

Maybe, as a theme of the book explores, it is because in both the spiritual and natural realms the right to rule is ultimately determined by covenant. Because covenants establish thrones of governance.

Note that in each successive generation God faithfully posted watchmen on the wall to bear witness to His covenant. From the Pilgrims came the Patriots. The Awakeners. The Pioneers. The Abolitionists. The Suffragists. The Greatest Generation. William Bradford and William Penn. Edwards and Finney. Revere and Washington. Lincoln, Tubman, William Seymour and Martin Luther King. Patton and Reagan and Billy Graham, Rosa Parks and millions of others known but to God whose hearts and legacies were also fueled by sacred fire from another realm. They faced down seemingly insurmountable challenges to preserve and perpetuate freedom, having only limited vision of the consequences and limited windows of opportunity to act. 

It is no different in our hour. Will you keep the flame? Or will the body of Christ slumber while the rest of the nation succumbs to deceptive agendas weaponized to destroy the very cornerstone of our constitutional freedom?

Watchman, what of the night? It’s a midnight hour. Really, no viable solutions are available apart from intervention from God. Completing the turnaround entrusted to us remains the great invitation of our time. 

So light your lamps. Sharpen your voice. Let the watchmen of this nation now arise!

Jon & Jolene Hamill
Washington DC