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Moral outrage is all the—um—rage this week. Fiery debates fill the airwaves regarding Paul Manafort’s conviction on extreme tax fraud, and Michael Cohen’s failed cleanup work to protect President Donald Trump from lawsuits by a porn star and a Playboy model. 

Salacious stuff for sure. 

Both President Trump and his critics have proven that outrage pays, at least when it comes to media and politics. It’s important to note that Trump’s previous moral failings have generated tremendous wealth for the media pundits tasked with feigning moral outrage while evaluating his sins and faults.

But wasn’t it just a year ago that heads rolled among anchors and executives from CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc for many of the same sins now being exposed in President Trump’s life? How do they even have the right to speak into this? 

Remember Jesus’ admonition. “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Last time I checked He still holds to this.

Media Accusation
And where’s the moral outrage when 90 percent of all stories about our 71 year old President have been found by a Harvard study to be intentionally negative? 

That’s extraordinary bias—by journalists tasked with conveying unbiased truth. Where bias prevails over truth, the media becomes merely an agent of propaganda. And that is terrifying. 

Please ponder that 90 percent of all reporting is currently accusatory against our President. Seeing that Satan is identified as “the accuser of the brethren,” there’s not much of a problem in discerning the source. More on this later in our project. 

Accusation vs Intercession
Like most of you I grieve over the sinful decisions of Donald Trump’s past. There is simply no excuse. And please don’t tell me we have “let him off the hook” either. From early in his presidency we have given a number of prophetic warnings which have proven accurate and true. Warnings regarding Jezebel, regarding Deep State “sharks” and the call to higher ground, have all played out. Wednesday’s “Teshuvah Turnaround” word is in a similar vein. 

These warnings are actually for us all. Democrats, Republicans, powerbrokers and pawns. 

Please note there is no common ground between intercession and accusation. It’s important to discern. But what we do with our discernment is also vigtally important. Jesus discerned the harsh reality behind all of the sins humanity stood guilty of embracing, and still chose to die for us. His act of intercession secured our redemption. And our intercession in His Name manifests His redemption in the earth. 

So don’t ignore reporting. Instead, learn to discern and evaluate truth. Choose to be an intercessor, not an accuser. 

Any Good News Out There?
Here’s some. Wall Street broke a record this week for sustaining the longest bull market in American history. Tremendous reforms are being put in place across the spectrum of American government, especially in our judicial system. Our veterans are finally being honored with the respect and care they deserve. Our borders are more secure. LIFE is being honored. Our military and intelligence communities are thriving. American diplomacy is achieving global results previously dismissed as unimaginable and unattainable. 

And in our thriving economy, unemployment among blacks and hispanics is at an all-time historic low. The Trump administration deserves credit for much of this. 

Russia Collusion—Dramatic Convictions, Still No Evidence
That said, due to past challenges Trump is admittedly an easy target for blame. But where is the moral outrage against the actions of, say, the Special Counsel and his investigation? Maybe you feel it’s actually legitimate for him to dig up dirt convict these leaders. The charges are legitimate. But they have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation Special Counselor Mueller was tasked to lead. That being Russia Collusion. 

Manafort and Cohen actually committed crimes. High crimes. They deserve verdicts commensurate with their crimes.

But in neither case do we find proof of the sole accusation which spurred the Mueller investigation in the first place. Not a hint on Russia collusion. That is what this whole divisive investigation was purportedly about. And in my opinion, the President of the United States is being treated as guilty until proven innocent.

And in reality, both sides are guilty.

Please remember Hillary Clinton was actually exonerated by the same FBI and Justice Department over crimes she was proven to have committed against the American people. Willingly participating in security breaches of the highest level, endangering not only our diplomatic community and intelligence agencies but our nation. Then ordering the destruction of evidence of these breaches. Not to mention openly deceiving the American public on Benghazi and so many other incidents. Or Bill Clinton’s legendary tarmac meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch just before his wife Hillary’s exoneration was announced by FBI Director Comey.

Dirt from Russia? Both Sides Actively Sought It
And then there’s Hillary’s alleged collusion in the Russia-generated dossier on Donald Trump. Which provoked the Mueller investigation in the first place. 

Dirt from Russia on political candidates? Both sides actively sought it. One side is actually proven to have attained it. One side was a little more seasoned in their approach, utilizing former intelligence officers adept at covert action and backdoor connections to achieve their ends. The other side was much more naive to the governmental-political-intelligence world. 

And to our knowledge, not coincidentally, only one side is being investigated.

Illicit Use of Campaign Funds? Both Sides Guilty as Well…
Should we bring up accusations of illicit use of campaign funds? OK. Just remember that, according to former DNC chair Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton allegedly bought off the Democratic National Committee with campaign funds to ensure she secured her party’s nomination over Bernie Sanders. If true, that’s certainly an illicit use of funds. 

Friends, if you actually believe riding the “blue wave” will solve all your problems, you’ve got another thing coming. The fact is, both the Democratic party and the Republican party both have proven themselves consistently to be morally reprehensible. With the accusers guilty of the very same crimes they pin on their colleagues. With the irresponsible media spreading the accusations of these high crimes even after they’ve been found guilty of the very same atrocities. 

The Solution
Friends, my point is that BOTH SIDES ARE GUILTY. Provoking a dire warning from above. Judge not lest you be judged.… 

What is the solution? Across the spectrum of government and media and American culture as a whole, we need God’s anointing of holy conviction restored. It is time for us all—Democrat and Republican—to humble ourselves before the Lord and genuinely seek His forgiveness. 

It’s time for a midnight cry.

Because God earnestly desires all of us to receive His best by turning fully to Him covenantally. And for this reason He is compelling all of us to embrace the conviction of His Spirit. “Repent and return, that your sins will be washed away, so that times of refreshing may come from the Presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19).

As shared on Wednesday, it is time to light the lamp and embrace His “teshuvah turnaround.” A burning lamp awakening.

Have You Forgotten Last Week’s Exposure?
Final point. With the wave of rage against President Trump sweeping the nation this week, America has all but forgotten the horrific atrocities exposed last week. Where’s the moral outrage?

In case you don’t remember, an investigation broke that in Pennsylvania alone, more than 300 Catholic priests sexually abused at least a thousand children. Men allegedly representing God fondled and raped the sons and daughters of parishoners entrusted to their care. The magnitude of this is almost unimaginable. And there’s mounting evidence that the atrocities by these priests exposed in Pennsylvania indicate a consistent pattern across the nation. 

The report is hauntingly similar to findings in Massachusetts more than a decade earlier from a groundbreaking series by the Boston Globe. The recent movie “Spotlight” did an incredible job chronicling the investigation. The Boston Globe discovered astonishing statistics. Including the fact that 6% of the Catholic priests serving in Massachusetts engaged in pedophilia, the sexual abuse of children. And their abuse was covered up at the highest levels of the church.

What about the other 48 states? If the pattern holds true, in the US alone that would make the minimum total 15,000 priests abusing 50,000 children. AT A MINIMUM. 

Beloved, that’s than the average population of most American cities. And the actual figure is probably much higher. What about the 200 plus nations of the earth? 

Evaluating America’s Moral Outrage
Here’s a question which requires some soul searching. How pure is our moral indignation when we are more outraged by Trump’s dalliances than the sexual victimization suffered by tens of thousands of young boys and girls? Maybe hundreds of thousands?

I know one thing. In this season of exposure, God is shaking everything that can be shaken. The deficit of justice by man’s hands will absolutely be overcome by the perfect justice of His own hand. That fact is as inevitable as gravity. He never misses. This should cause all of us to tremble. 

Because it is His resolve this year to shine His light, expose, and separate light from darkness. Teshuvah. LET THERE BE LIGHT.