Washington has done it again.

The state, I mean. We fell in love with this “whirlwind state” eight years ago. And the beauty of the land and people has won our hearts again. Thanks to all who prayed through for us on this breakthrough journey. We came simply to bear witness to God’s new move, adding strength to strength, and we can honestly say it is beginning to break forth!

And now that I’m on the plane ride home, it has been exhilarating to see how the Lord has brought us full circle. Even establishing key prophetic words we received ‘back in the day.’

Prophecies Come Full Circle
For instance, the vision we shared Wednesday about the rooftop restaurant with the “Windows to the World” came during my first trip to the state. I knew the Lord was highlighting Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates among others. So words could not express my amazement to actually be invited to the Gates Foundation Thursday with the prayer team, and even share this vision with one of their leaders.

Our Seattle prayer journey culminated at Grace Episcopal Church, where the windows above opened and the Charismatic outpouring began to rock the world. Remember that windows of opportunity are always tied to open windows of Heaven! In Crown & Throne I shared how this historic move of the Spirit was immediately followed by another world-changing revolution, as Bill Gates returned to Seattle, created a desktop computer, and forever redefined our world.

Under the leadership of prophet Rachel Hickson, we began Wednesday’s prayer journey at the Gates Foundation. And we culminated at Dennis Bennett’s Episcopal chapel, where this Charismatic outpouring began.

Quite remarkably, full circle. Can’t make this stuff up.

Bob Jones Prophecy
Today I want to share with you another full circle prophecy. A foundational vision of God’s new move, given to us shortly before we were first catapulted out to Washington State in June 2007. And as the vision conveyed, the Lord has been establishing this move through the last few years—line upon line, precept upon precept, before our very eyes. Here’s the backstory.

In summer 2006, prophet Bob Jones gave Jolene and me a series of personal words and good advice. Though we had just met, he told me he had seen me before. He told me we were among the end-time leadership God was raising up.

Because I had waited most of my Christian life to meet Bob, I corrected the renown prophet and told him we had never seen each other. Then I found out Bob had received a dream in which he had been introduced by the Lord to many of His end-time leaders…

Bob told us to pay close attention to where we were going to be on June 6, 2007. Because on that day, the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration to Israel, God was going to give a major gift to the body of Christ. He was shifting us out of the wilderness and releasing us into the promised land, into the Spirit. “When you’re in the wilderness, MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” he said.

Bob shared other insights that helped confirm a transition into full-time ministry from my contract work with the Department of Homeland Security. We saved up ahead of time so we could shift by the date Bob highlighted. We had actually planned to be down at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on June 6, declaring this shift from slavery and wilderness to God’s new move of freedom.

And in June 2007, instead of prophesying God’s new move in Washington DC, we were sent instead to Washington State to prophesy this river’s release!

River Released—Tell Them I’m Taking Back My Rainbow!
In May 2007, just before going, the Lord encountered me unexpectedly with a game-changing vision. I saw a trickling stream pouring from Heaven into an old plastic rainbow. The Lord then thundered, “Breaking through Baal!” This trickling stream suddenly became a massive waterfall. The plastic facade of this rainbow gave way in the pressure, and behind it was a stunning, beautiful full-colored rainbow, naturally formed by the great outpouring I was suddenly witnessing.

Like Niagra, or Snoqualmie Falls, this waterfall seemed to have no end. As I kept watching this limitless waterfall from Heaven to earth, I heard the Lord thunder again, “Tell them I’m taking back My rainbow!” I knew the “them” he was referring to represented gays and lesbians, who had adopted the rainbow as the symbol of their cause.

Wild vision. Who knew that over the ensuing years the entire prayer movement would be thrust into the Hosea 2 mandate of “divorcing Baal” and restoring covenant with Jesus Christ, apart from all idolatry, in this land. Who knew that in 2015 we would return to Washington State to prophesy again this vision. Declaring how God is “taking back His rainbow” on the very day the Supreme Court convened to hear the gay marriage case!

Sign of the Rainbow… Peace Arch!
We didn’t plan any of this. Which is probably why, back in 2007, my airline ticket was so expensive. I think I had like a week’s notice! Our friend Kevin Ford had started a revival in a little town called Blaine, right on the border with Canada. People were gathering, signs were following, and Kevin needed someone to help.

So off I went—instead of Washington DC, to Washington State. To a little church in Blaine called “Peace Arch Assembly.” The church was named after a huge arch at our northwest border, commemorating the enduring friendship between the US and Canada. Heaven’s peace arch, a rainbow, was a symbol of the church.

And not coincidentally, the date I was asked to minister was June 6, 2007. You can imagine the service. No lack of faith on my part, that’s for sure! As the window to Heaven expanded, so did the windows of opportunity, meeting longstanding friends and ministering throughout the region. From Washington to Washington soon became our focus!

2015—Arching Full Circle
Lets fast forward to 2015, to this prayer journey with Rachel Hickson through Washington State. Because of all the places Rachel felt to go, top on her list was not the Space Needle or even the Gates Foundation.

It was the Peace Arch in Blaine!

I had originally planned to be in Washington DC, where we now live, for this Supreme Court hearing. Instead, just as in 2007, God literally ushered Jolene and me 2800 miles away to a little park in Blaine Washington. To bring me face to face again with His promised move.

And when we gathered to pray, Rachel introduced Jolene and me to Angela, a key pastor in the area. Turns out she too had seen a rainbow. In her vision this rainbow stretched from Washington State to Washington DC, and appeared with a “book of wisdom” she saw was opening.

We got to pray together onsite with Jason Hubbard and his team. And when we prayed, I literally saw this huge rainbow forming from the Peace Arch all the way to downtown Washington DC. On the very same day and time the Supreme Court was holding their hearing on gay marriage. “Tell them I’m taking back My rainbow!”

Heaven’s Counsel
This counsel is a clarion word to the gay community, and to the body of Christ as well. The rainbow represents God’s covenant with mankind. He alone has the right to define covenant, especially the covenant of marriage. And a move of His Spirit is now at hand that conveys and upholds every precept of His covenant, both its blessings and its boundaries.

You might be worried about the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision. I’m not. Because I have some inside information from a Court that’s even above the highest court in the land. Let me read you in. This move of God is going to sweep away every plastic facade that holds back the true identity of God’s people, and every false covenant our supernatural enemy has persuaded any of us to make.

It’s turnaround time—the hour of the Great Return. We are crossing over from Baal’s wilderness into the Spirit. All of God’s people will be passing through His rushing stream to get there, with healing and deliverance in its torrents. The Lord is breaking through Baal, the slavemaster, and He’s taking back His rainbow!

And that’s God’s Throne Room verdict for this hour.

Can I give you a piece of advice? It really pays to follow the rainbow. You may or may not not find a pot of gold on the other end. But what you find will certainly be worth its weight in gold. Because following this sign of God’s covenant will bring you right out of the wilderness, and into His Promised Land—His redeemed destiny for your life.

A New Cornerstone
A final thought. Bill Brubaker prophesied that God wanted to lay His cornerstone at the Peace Arch as a sign that covenant with Him had been renewed “from Washington to Washington.” As a monument, the Peace Arch really glorifies the Lord as a witness of His covenant with our land. It even has a picture of the Mayflower on it, whose Pilgrims originally established covenant with the Lord on 11-11, 1620. Not a coincidence that Washington State came into the union on 11-11, 1889!

The Peace Arch also has a scripture engraved on it, which conveys how true covenant commands His blessing. From Psalm 133:1, “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”

But this godly monument was actually dedicated in a Masonic ceremony to Baal. Over the years following the Blaine Outpouring regional intercessors prayed for God to grant a divorce from Baal and restoration of covenant with Jesus Christ. Our prayer journey to the Peace Arch was established by Heaven’s Court to affirm what had already been done, and to seal this covenant with the laying of Christ the Cornerstone.

Now here’s my point. Beloved, if a cold stone monument can be redeemed for the Lord through covenant renewal, how much more can men and women, cherished by God, be delivered by a covenant renewal. It’s where it all begins!

And like the monument, some of you are suffering because of demonic dedications made long before you were even born. Much of the torment and confusion in your life, especially regarding identity, can actually come from defilement in your generational line.

Far more than any monument, you were fashioned to reflect God’s glory. But ancestors in your life also had a say. Where they embraced idolatry and the occult, sexual immorality, unjust bloodshed and the like, doors were opened to the enemy that can unknowingly and intuitively affect you today.

Even define you.

Friends, we all need an immersion in God’s River. Out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land!

That said, remember it’s turnaround time. Lets not be too quick to give up on friends in process along their freedom journey. Instead, release God’s move to overtake those you’re praying for. Pray for them to be fully released into His process of healing and restoration.

Because for all of us, God is reaching into the wilderness places of our lives. Fresh water is beginning to be released. He is breaking through Baal, and taking back His rainbow.