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Thank you for engaging with us in this 10-day Covenant Wealth Campaign. We are in such a critical time as a nation. Threats from North Korea make clear what we clearly already know. God’s counsel needs to be received, and the devourer needs to be rebuked!

Above all else, we need the restoration of His glory across our land. The covering. Establishing thrones of glory for His presence to dwell!

Preparing for Thrones of Glory
Lately I have been in eager pursuit of this, studying the manifestations of God’s glory in scripture. Exodus 24 chronicles how His glory consumed Moses on the mountain. Exodus 25 chronicles an incredible progression in the “glory train” of His movement. God’s clear instructions suddenly focused on preparing for His glory to actually DWELL WITH THEM. In other words, preparing to establish a throne of glory!

Note that covenant with God nationally had already been sealed. “All the people answered with one voice and said, “All the words which the Lord has spoken we will do!” (Exodus 24:3). These next steps brought Israel into establishing the covenant that was made. 

We are in a similar time right now. Covenant with Christ has been nationally restored. In fact, we are launching the Glory Train in Virginia Beach, where Virginia’s founders originally established their work with a trans-continental covenant with the Lord, because God selected this ground as a witness of His national covenant with us. 

And it’s now time to prepare for the glory of God to be restored across our nation. Thrones of glory to the Father’s house!

The First Instruction
God’s instructions to establish a throne of glory were essentially as follows. Prepare a tent of meeting. Fashion a lampstand! Build the Ark of the Covenant. For I AM about to dwell in your midst.

But friends, lets put first things first. Then as now, the Lord is proclaiming His first preparatory instruction to us all:

“The Lord said to Moses, Speak to the people of Israel, that they take for me a contribution. From every man whose heart moves him you shall receive the contribution for me…

This is how God told Moses to prepare for the “glory train” in his day—for a throne of glory to be established. And it’s how He’s calling us now. Make a contribution! 

And beloved, this command is more than just a practical solution to fund a building project—a mobile one at that. I’m sure there were plenty of Israelites who could have financed the entire endeavor themselves. After all, they came away with the spoils of Egypt! And just the list of contributions required—vast amounts of gold, silver, bronze, as well as fine linen, oil, spices, etc—convey how God requested the highest caliber of material. The material of wealth.

Tabernacles—I Must Have You!
But God’s command was not for the wealthy alone. It was for “all whose hearts are moved.” Why the emphasis on the heart? The Lord wanted the tabernacle to be established by those whose hearts were wholly passionate for His presence to dwell with them. Resounding the cry, I MUST HAVE YOU! 

Your giving defines your heart. Jesus defined this clearly when he admonished, “Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is.” 

Of course, God was offering the Israelites an unprecedented investment opportunity. Sow to the Spirit, and you will of the Spirit reap everlasting life—a perpetual flow of His generosity in return (Gal. 6:8)! 

Further, these lovers of God together became the prototype for willing hearts in every generation to follow. The tent became a symbol of God tabernacling with His people. David resurrected this vision by rescuing the Ark of the Covenant and bringing it back into a tent! And as an act of remembrance, God even mandated each generation afterwards to gather at Tabernacles in Jerusalem and worship Him in tents!  

We are in a similar prototype year, mandated by God for the restoration of His glory—even to the extent that Tabernacles is once again a demarcation! More on this in a moment. But just as in their day, God is asking you to prepare to establish thrones of glory for Him. And it all begins with making a contribution. Making an investment as an act of worship that unlocks your heart in love. 

One question remains. Whose heart is moved?

Tabernacles 2017—Awaken the Dawn!
As noted yesterday, it is incredible to me that contributions across the spectrum of the body of Christ have slowed so significantly. Even as the stock market surges! 

At the same time, we are being mobilized corporately to take the land—and establish His glory–in a way I have never before seen.

Most of you know my friend David Bradshaw has received a vision to bring all 50 states together this Feast of Tabernacles to worship God on the National Mall. Fifty tents for fifty states! Thrones of glory to the Father’s House. Just as God established a prototype with Moses, so He is using David to establish a prototype for America that will shift us into a new season of tabernacling with the Lord. 

Jolene and I have focused our year on God’s mandate to establish “thrones of glory.” That said, I knew God had called us this fall to embark on a second Glory Train journey, and so David’s project just wasn’t really on my radar. That is, until the Lord spoke to me to make the run across our nation beforehand, and culminate on the first night of Tabernacles—just so we can return to DC and engage in this 50 state tent gathering!

Please understand the times. God Himself has commanded an apostolic witness to the restoration of His glory coast to coast. Followed immediately by an apostolic witness to the establishment of thrones of Glory this Feast of Tabernacles. In our own capital city of Washington DC. Culminating with a “Rise Up” gathering honoring God’s covenant and releasing His bride to shift our nation! 

Whose Heart is Moved?
A new movement is being launched by God’s Spirit. Note that David Bradshaw has so far received about a third of the $3 million estimated budget for this massive gathering on the National Mall. We are made strong by what every joint supplies.

So we invite you to make a contribution towards the restoration of God’s glory, and the establishment of His thrones of glory in America. We ask that you consider Lamplighter, and we ask that you today consider a generous donation to David Bradshaw and Awaken the Dawn. 

Once again, your giving defines your heart. Whose heart is moved?

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