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Posting soon will cover specifics of James Goll’s revelatory call last night for intercessory intervention in Mideast. 

“The Warrior Mantle”—with Jon & Jolene, October 24-5, Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY. Key prophetic revelation for new year. Don’t miss! For more info click here

Whirlwind in DC Yesterday! Prophetic Alarms
Alarms on our mobile phones blasted yesterday morning with an immediate tornado warning for Washington DC—including Pentagon City, the White House and Capitol Hill. In the midst of a violent thunderstorm. No funnel cloud was spotted, but I watched from my porch as sheets of heavy rain suddenly reversed direction and floated horizontally across our window.

A rotating bank of rain. That was enough confirmation for me that the alarm actually had some merit!

Alarms for DC and beyond have been sounding for a while now from Jolene and me, as well as from many prophets as we enter this new season. Chuck Pierce prophetically defined the Hebraic 5775 as a whirlwind year. Cindy Jacobs warned of history-defining challenges emerging this fall and beyond.

And last night, James Goll unpacked extraordinary prophetic revelation regarding the fiery cauldron he saw tipping over in the Mideast as of Yom Kippur. We will post on this tomorrow.

God is Riding on a Swift Cloud
That to say, since the Hebraic year 5775 began, everything seems to be hitting at once, with tornadic force. The Ebola outbreak is worsening. ISIS is closing in on Baghdad, potentially with chemical weapons. The stock market is recovering from a nosedive, for the second day in a row. Borders remain porous, with reports of Islamist terrorists gaining entry.

Storms are raging across the world. Whirlwinds are forming. But as the saying goes, there’s an Angel in the whirlwind. And I’m not talking about dark angels of false illumination either.

As Jerusalem prayer leader Rick Ridings prophesied in 2012, God Himself is riding on a swift cloud into Washington DC and the nations. And as His whirlwind breaks forth continually this year, the idols of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt—not just Masonry but ISIS and Islam—will shake and topple.

Behold, the Lord is riding on a swift cloud and is about to come to Egypt; the idols of Egypt will tremble at His presence, and the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them.

“So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians; and they will each fight against his brother and each against his neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom…” (Isaiah 19:1-2).

The Global Release of Isaiah 19
Pay attention here. At the kairos time when God called for the rebirth of Israel, the enemy countered with a demonized ideological movement that became militarized and captured nations in its web. Adolf Hitler arose. He was possessed by an antichrist spirit, and obsessed with killing God’s covenant seed.

At this kairos time, God is calling for the fall of thrones tied to idolatry and the establishment of His “Isaiah 19 highway,” an end-time region of refuge in the Mideast where Yeshua is enthroned as King.

I am prophesying here. At Lamplighter we like to call this sacred work the “Crown & Throne movement.” It is named according to a phrase prophesied by Rick Ridings as he was declaring Isaiah 19 in Washington DC. Our book “Crown & Throne” details Christ’s work in this season, including the establishment of this Isaiah 19 highway. To order a copy click here.

But it’s important to note the parallels between this hour and World War II. In this hour, the enemy is countering this work again with a demonized ideological movement, now militarized and capturing nations in its web. The very nations, in fact, God highlighted in Isaiah 19 as belonging to Him!

Whirlwind—The King is Going to Be Enthroned! Chuck Pierce
Let me close with this. I just came across a posting we sent out late last year, featuring a word by Chuck Pierce, called “Whirlwind—The King Enthroned!” The word was declared by Chuck on December 13, 2013. But seeing how a whirlwind just began to form in DC yesterday… in this whirlwind year… this might be relevant for the hour! 

Here’s what Chuck prophesied:

I just saw a whirlwind released from the 3rd Heaven, the highest Heaven where God is seated on the Throne. And that whirlwind is totally encircling the 2nd Heaven, I don’t know what’s going on, but during these 10 days something is breaking! 

The Lord is releasing a whirlwind over Washington, DC. It is a day of turning, things are turning, thrones are turning over, and power is shifting. Things are shifting in Washington D.C. THE KING IS GOING TO BE ENTHRONED!

FireWall Prayer—Week of Intercessory Breakthrough
Obviously God is progressively unfolding this work. That said, I know by the Spirit that now through October 22 is really strategic for sustained vigilance and breakthrough prayer.

Remember also how Chuck Pierce prophesied that from 7-22 through 10-22 we are in a window of time to see God protect our covenant seed. We are closing out this window. Just as the parents of Moses exercised their faith to protect their son against Pharaoh’s onslaught, so we must exercise our faith to protect and defend our covenant seed.

  1. We must come under the tabernacle of His protection—the shadow of His wing—so our covenant seed may be protected. Daily pray Psalm 91, receiving the Table of the Lord.
  2. We must thrust forward in breakthrough prayer. Pray through in the Spirit daily. This will activate your warrior mantle for the future!
  3. No King but Jesus! Pray and declare the enthroning of Jesus in your sphere and in the nations of the earth!
  4. President Obama—kairos time for God’s intervention and protection in his life. This is from the Spirit and by the Spirit.
  5. God’s Royal Decrees. Receive them and decree them. Angelic intervention, scrolls released and received!
  6. Giants fall—ISIS & Ebola especially. Pray God’s firewall quarantines these giants and takes them down.
  7. Pray-read Isaiah 19 daily—a scroll for this hour. For God to ride on the storms of the earth, and reign them in as needed. For thrones tied to idolatry to topple in America as well as Egypt, Syria, Israel, for God’s region of refuge in Mideast to be established. Pray for preservation of Jews and Kurds!