HOLLYWOOD HOUSE OF PRAYER/ RADIANCE INT’L! Sunday 11 am with Pastors Jonathan and Sharon Ngai. 8967 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA. If you’re in the area please join us.

REVOLUTION SAN DIEGO NEXT FRI-SAT! July 1-2 with Dutch Sheets, Skyline Church. You don’t want to miss this significant time. 

An underground turnaround is sweeping the nation and globe. The night before the Brexit vote, Jon shared with unusual candor on recent breakthroughs and key revelation on shifting tracks from global governance. Playback: 641-715-3598 access code 552690

Meet Jonathan and Sharon Ngai
When the Lord first visited me regarding the Glory Train, He showed me tracks being laid for the restoration of God’s glory all the way from Virginia to California. Coast to coast, a power line of  Presence is being established. A Glory connection!

Glory restored. This dream has been the engine propelling the extraordinary efforts of Lou Engle, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson and others. It’s certainly been the catalyst for our friends Jonathan and Sharon Ngai, founders of the Hollywood House of Prayer and Radiance International.

Jonathan and Sharon have been quietly unleashing a revolution both in Hollywood and in college campuses across the metro LA region. Compelled by God to see the power of the Azusa revival fully restored, they established their original house of prayer very close to the geographic center of this outpouring. Then God shifted them to focus on Hollywood. They began laying the tracks for this move in prayer. And not long after they found themselves in a Hollywood studio building, enthroning Jesus 24-7 and quietly ministering to people in the industry seeking a genuine connection with the Lord.

Genuine. That’s the unmistakeable radiance from Jonathan and Sharon’s hearts and lives. And it is therefore an incredible honor to join them and see this Glory Train movement find expression in Hollywood tomorrow.

Turnaround! Continental Connections
Living in Washington DC, it has been a personal dream of mine to see godly connections established between Hollywood, the epicenter of media, and our Capitol.  Because for far too long, those connections have remained under the enemy’s domain.

Government and media—two extraordinarily powerful engines often propelling us down tracks that are far from Christ’s desire for our land. Friends it’s time for an underground turnaround—Hollywood style!

So please pray for us. And if you’re in the area, make plans to join us! Lets together see the ungodly connections disengaged, and the covenantal connections of Christ’s continental power line fully established.

Especially after this week’s events, there’s an incredible momentum for this turnaround both nationally and globally. It’s time to redefine our world. BACK ON TRACK!

So again pray for us, please, and covenant blessings to each of you! Jon & Jolene