THIS SUNDAY! 7pm EST, Jon and Jolene are hosting a special gathering in our home with Charmaine Hedding. Charmaine lays her life on the line regularly to bring relief to dispossessed Mideast Christian families from the travesty of ISIS in Iraq and the ongoing conflicts in Syria. She was recently profiled on CBN. To see the story CLICK HERE. If you’re in the area, please join us in our Arlington VA home. TO ATTEND CLICK HERE. 

Note: Charmaine Hedding will also be ministering this Sunday morning at Good Shepherd Community Church in Ephrata PA. For more information CLICK HERE.

SPECIAL AUDIO for you! The Midnight Cry! From our recent Evansville conference. Though I’ve shared the message in some form many times, this seemed to really have prophetic weight on it. Not only will the word help you discern the times, but move with Him into the new! TO LISTEN CLICK HERE. 

You just never know the difference a meal can make. Especially if you’re in Israel and the meal is during Shabbat and you’re surrounded by the wild crowd we run with there. They like to just invite people… and then watch the lightning sparks as divine intersections change lives forever.

Meeting Charmaine Hedding was just such an event. The daughter of ICEJ founder Malcolm Hedding, Charmaine has dedicated her life to bringing freedom and relief to Christians dispossessed by ISIS and other radical Islamist across Iraq and Syria. 

There’s a desperate need for intervention, according to Charmaine. These families are the inheritors of legacy within the most ancient Christian communities in the entire earth. The horrific events of the past decade have ravaged these communities and families, leaving them without home or job or provision. Christian families rarely sojourn to the refugee camps, as they invariably become persecuted and violated at the hands of radicals within the tents. Which means that our brothers and sisters in Christ—who in the midst of being targeted for ethnic cleansing or genocide need the relief the most—often receive the least assistance.

That’s where Charmaine comes in. 

Some people are content simply to raise funds to help the dispossessed with food, shelter, medicine, counseling etc. Charmaine is different. Not only does she help raise funds, but she takes the teams onsite and leads them through the entire effort. Quite literally a catalyst of God’s “Moses movement,” bringing freedom and restoration to literal captives. Our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And she’s one of us. Even more than funds, she requests prayer. In a CBN report with Chris Mitchell, she made the following plea for western intercessors. “They should pray for their safety,” she said. “They should pray for these families to stay together because in these chronically desperate situations where masses of people are fleeing families can get lost and little ones can get hurt so we need to pray for these families that they can stay together and find a safe place outside of the bombing and outside of the war that’s happening…” To watch the CBN interview  CLICK HERE.

Please pray for our friend Charmaine. And if you’re in the area, please join us Sunday night. Follow the instructions above, and we’ll email you. Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene