SCHOOL OF KINGS—NEW WEBSITE PAGE CLICK HERE. Coming this summer to Albany NY, Lancaster PA, Nashville TN, Aiken SC, Brunswick GA. Make plans now! 

Jolene and I are so excited to join with many of you for a groundbreaking school this summer. Whereas in previous decades the Lord has emphasized the priestly ministry, in this “year of the crowned vav” His scrolls of revelation are being unsealed regarding the kingly ministry. This is bringing such a shift to the body of Christ. It is potentially similar in magnitude to the Reformation exactly 500 years ago.  

And David realized that the Lord had established him as king over Israel” (2 Samuel 5:12). Though David was already coronated, scriptures make clear it took a while before he knew in his heart he was king. Likewise, we are now just beginning to gain the royal identity Christ secured for us on the cross. We are becoming unshackled from generational restraints. A new authority is being accessed. We are beginning to transform our spheres for His glory! 

And this school is designed to equip you towards these ends.

Governmental Glory
Schools of Kings are being hosted nationwide, drawing from our book “Crown & Throne.” Many of the turnarounds prophesied in this book are coming to pass before our eyes in our hometown of Washington DC. Though tumultuous, it very exciting. No King but Jesus!

But political shifts alone will by no means save us. From the beginning of the year God has riveted us on one key focus—the release of “thrones of glory” across our nation. “I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, and he will become a throne of glory to his father’s house” (Isaiah 22:23).

With this in mind, it’s our honor to announce five new “Schools of Kings” this summer. Each one will be groundbreaking. Thrones of glory are being established from region to region. A new order is emerging—kings and priests, patterned like Jesus after the order of Melchizedek. In this “year of the crowned vav,” God’s kings are being crowned, and His scrolls are being unsealed! 

And it’s time for you to take your place. 

Martin Frankena
We are excited that Martin Frankena will be working with us for many of the schools. Martin is a spiritual father to Jolene and me. And he is unusually gifted to bring people into freedom from present and generational bondages. For more than a decade, the Lord has been giving Martin fresh revelation regarding our kingly identity, even while the Lord was impacting me with “Crown & Throne.” We have long talked about facilitating a “School of Kings.” This year both Martin and I felt from the Lord to finally launch.

James Goll
For the School of Kings Nashville, Jolene and I are so excited to be joined by our mentor and friend James W. Goll. Throughout his extraordinary prophetic career, God has continually thrust James into the very threshold of emerging moves of His Spirit. That to say, for more than a decade James has also privately received profound revelation on kingship. He has literally experienced visitations from the Lord on the function and anointing of His emerging kings. This conference marks the first release from the Lord for James to publicly share what he’s been shown. 

Five Schools Through August
For Jolene and me, the five Schools of Kings will be our primary focus now through August. Our ultimate desire is to see you equipped and promoted to see your vision fulfilled. Because God’s kings are now being crowned, and His scrolls are being unsealed! We together are becoming a throne of glory to our Father’s house.

Covenant blessings to each of you!


June 30-July 1 Albany NY School of Kings
with Jon & Jolene, Martin Frankena
Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY
Host Pastor Jay Francis
To register by Eventbrite click here

July 7-8 Lancaster PA School of Kings
with Jon & Jolene, Martin Frankena
Foxchase Golf Course, Stevens PA
Hosted by Kris Graybill
To register by Eventbrite click here

July 14-15 Nashville TN School of Kings
with Jon & Jolene, James Goll
One Stone, Nashville TN
Host Pastor Mark Lancaster
Free and Open to Public

July 21-22 Aiken-Augusta School of Kings
with Jon & Jolene, more
Event Hall, Life Choices Center, Aiken SC
Host Kathryn Wade
Registration coming soon

July 28-30 Brunswick GA School of Kings

with Jon & Jolene, more

Remnant Church, Brunswick GA

Host Pastors Jamie & Redonnia Jackson


Registration coming soon