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We are eager to hear results of Israel’s election. There’s been a lot of turmoil, which is not unusual. Lets keep watch! 

Tomorrow we are excited to release a new schedule as well as a major word regarding the Glory Train. It’s actually a blast from the past… from Bob Jones! True, Bob’s last overarching word to America was about the restoration of God’s glory as conveyed by the Glory Train. But some thirty years ago, while in Georgia, he gave a hauntingly similar word…

My point—don’t miss tomorrow!

Remember 911 Warning—
Strike against Saudi Arabia is Economic Terrorism!
This morning I awoke to the phrase “economic terrorism” in my spirit. We really need to continue praying on this.

On September 11 I shared a strong impression from Holy Spirit on overcoming economic terrorism. Clearly this prophetic warning from our previous prayer project has proven hauntingly accurate. The call to pray was tied to the prophetic warning given by Lynnie Harlow. “I heard the Lord say this, ‘They’ll try to do the unexpected to the expected…watch the dates.’” 

Three days after September 11 the unexpected became reality. Nobody—certainly not Saudi Arabia—saw this attack on the oil fields coming. US intelligence is now reporting conclusive evidence that the 12 cruise missiles which struck the “crown jewel” were fired from Iran. Some 20 drones struck as well. Due to widespread destruction 50 percent of Saudi oil capacity is now offline. 

Why Iran keeps pushing for war is beyond me. Lets continue to pray. Remember Daniel 10. “In the third year of Daniel” the Prince of Persia was restrained, and God’s covenant people preserved. Pray for our leaders. Lets endeavor before the Throne for the same magnitude of breakthrough!

And please keep vigilant on overcoming economic terrorism through prayer. Looking forward to joining you tomorrow. I will leave you today with the same admonition given from our posting on September 11. 

“If the hand of God can restrain a category 5 hurricane from hitting your coast, is it not possible for the same hand of God to restrain the storm of a recession sent by the enemy to marginalize your president and your nation?I strongly believe forces inspired by our supernatural enemy are plotting to sabotage our nation and damage President Trump through a recession. This is nothing less than economic terrorism. Just as with the hurricane, I believe the Lord is inviting us to mitigate this storm through prayer…”