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THE STORM IS CLOSE—DANGER CLOSE. Moving at only one mile per hour, Hurricane Dorian is hovering unwaveringly over the Bahamas, causing extreme flooding, wind damage and loss of life. The hurricane is projected to bounce northward, skimming Florida and the southeast. Yet a deviation of only a few miles west could make all the difference.

Remember, we are called at this time to LAY THE TRACKS FOR YOUR FUTURE through covenant prayer. It is no coincidence this storm is now on track for a major turnaround. A new pathway is being formed through your apostolic decrees and intercession. KEEP PRAYING!

Like millions of Americans, our own planned respite was largely usurped by the encroaching storm. We had to brave the Florida storm warnings just to finally meet our new grand baby! He is strong, alert, ahead of his class in capacities, and above all else absolutely ADORABLE. So proud of my daughter Ashley and her husband Parrish. They are proving to be fantastic parents! 

And thank you Jesus, the projected track of the storm has moved away from their Florida home. Driving two days brought us there. But we made it home in one long 15 hour journey. Not seeking so much to escape the storm as to take our position for it. 

Because when it comes to the security of our homeland, there’s more stirring than even a Category 5 storm. 

Pray—Israel Attacked!
As stated at the beginning of this prayer project, this hurricane watch is only part of the challenges we must face down. By the Spirit of God, Israel is at the forefront of my heart and prayers right now. Warnings of war with Hezbollah continue. A major drone strike by Iran against the Galilee was recently thwarted. Further, government officials just revealed publicly that the nation had actually been attacked on three fronts over the past two days! Please keep Israel in prayer. 

With all of this, my primary focus and concern remains the ongoing terror threat I’m sensing for our nation through September 11. I know of no threats in the natural, but in my spirit it is clear something’s lurking. And it would be just like the enemy to attempt a strike during our period of vulnerability where most Americans are focused on the storm. 

Lynnie Harlow—Terror Warning Similar to 9-11
Our prophetic friend Lynnie Harlow is sensing the same. Here’s what she wrote me today:

For a few weeks now I’ve had an uneasy feeling inside. I get this from time to time when I feel something is stirring in the atmosphere. I shared with the Hamills yesterday that I sense it’s on a 9/11 level. It is similar to what I sensed just prior to the September 11 attacks.

I was praying over the Nation a few days back and I heard the Lord say this, “They’ll try to do the unexpected to the expected…watch the dates”. I felt like what God was saying was that terrorists have plans to do something we HAVE expected them to do, which is to attempt to hit the United States. But they were planning to do this in a way we would NOT expect. I have not yet seen what that is. But I know we need to pray!

He also said “which the dates” which made we think while we may be expecting something to happen on 9/11 they may be planning on hitting beforehand or afterwards, at a time where we are not expecting to be struck. Though I don’t feel this is imminent, the threat is definitely weighty…I believe with agreement in prayer we can avert any plans they may be hatching.

Thanks Lynnie. I have been feeling the same way, and probably many of you have too. The good news is that our renewed covenantal alignment just a week ago, on the 400th anniversary of slavery in our nation, has provided a new level of defense in the spirit to overthrow the storms of the enemy! Please keep in prayer, I will leave you with this.

“The covenant I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods. But the Lord your God you shall fear, and He shall deliver you from the hand of every adversary” (II Kings 17:38-39). 

Pray and decree this. And together lets watch these storms now fully turn!