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TODAY THE WATCH CONTINUES—with urgency. Before we go there, I want to thank so many of you for such a strong response on the first day of our Glory Train offering. An entire tithe of our $22,000 came in! To me this is a sign both of your generosity and the Lord’s commanded blessing on this Passover offering. We are sowing into covenant. We are sowing into freedom!

Storm Warnings
On Saturday we posted two prophetic warnings about dark clouds coming over Washington DC. While praying about this yesterday the Lord brought to my remembrance one of my initial dreams of President Trump back in 2016. In this dream I was actually commissioned to pray for him. Lamplighter family, you have been along for the journey ever since! 

I do want to clarify here that our intercession for President Trump is not sourced in political aspirations or ideology. It is sourced in the very clear call the Lord Himself has placed on Trump’s life—and on our lives to pray for him and the administration. 

And I’ve been feeling a sense of urgency for the President this week which I simply could not explain. The vision and dream of the dark clouds over DC, by Lynnie Harlow and Jolene respectively, only amplified this inner warning. You can listen to both of them sharing about their warnings on Sunday night’s call. 

2016 Dream—Trump, Baseball Practice, White Horses
Again, yesterday in prayer the Lord brought me back into the prophetic experience He originally gave me in May 2016. To read the full, original dream CLICK HERE. I am sharing a summary of the dream for you today from our book Midnight Cry, from the chapter called “The Midnight Riders.” Just note the part that “Fierce storm clouds gathered…”

Heaven is Ready to Ride! Trump Dream
In 2016 the Lord gave me another dream in which His timetable was conveyed. I saw President Trump on the home plate of a baseball diamond, hitting balls to fielders as part of batting practice. Fierce storm clouds gathered and it got really dark. He walked off the field by himself towards the locker room, his team following at a distance. 

I’ll let the posting, from May 21, 2016, take it from here: 

In the final part of the dream we were leaving the field after batting practice. I heard and felt the ground shake. Looking up I saw two white horses, strong steeds galloping right towards us on the field! One especially was looking right at me, with a look in his eyes I can only describe as a resolve of fierce delight. 

My instinct was to get out of the way, but they were coming so quickly. And before I even could move, this one horse raced right to me and thrust his head into my hands and chest. I intuitively embraced him. 

At that time, Donald Trump was walking by, wearing a blue blazer, tan pants and a red hat like the one he always wears which says, “Make America Great Again.” He seemed completely absorbed in thought. With the team, but walking alone. 

Trump came over, nodded, smiled and said very simply, “You gotta keep praying for me.” Then I woke up.

Pivot Point for a New Season
There’s the commission. And it came in the midst of such wild circumstances in the dream. Countless times throughout the past two years this vision would replay in my mind.“You gotta keep praying for me!” Honored to say, we have indeed kept watch. And we’ve seen amazing turnarounds in context!

All this said, while praying about the dream back in 2016, I immediately felt the dark clouds and white horses represented a pivot point or demarcation for a new season. Even for what many would call the end-times. I feel this even more now. I feel a significant pivot of this season was the release of the Mueller Report around Purim. 

Long and short—practice is over. The godly lessons gained through this previous season seriously need to be implemented. Because now it’s time to actually play ball. 

 Add to that two things personally are converging in this season to indicate we might be at this pivot point. One is the “stereo voices” from Jolene and Lynnie of dark clouds over Washington DC. The next is a surprise invitation I received to join colleagues next week at the White House for the National Day of Prayer. I’m really honored and excited about this. But in God’s orchestrations, the significance of joining President Trump for prayer for the first time seems extremely timely.

“You gotta keep praying for me.” It was at that point in the dream, when the clouds appeared, that the urgent need for prayer was conveyed. Lets all heed this. Because we are now through the threshold of this new season.