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WASHINGTON, DC. Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned yesterday after an apparent disagreement with President Trump over his intention to pull US Troops out of Syria. In his resignation letter, Sec. Mattis essentially warned about leaving our most faithful allies vulnerable to their sworn enemies. Though not mentioned by name, Israel and the Kurds are both implied. 

REVOLUTION 2018. When the Lord spoke to me in early fall about this gathering, I knew Heaven’s counsel was going to be released from Heaven’s Council over Hanukkah. Tomorrow we are excited to share with you these ministry sessions in which we believe Heaven’s counsel was released. 

Amazingly, at the last minute our conference was shifted to the Trump International Hotel. Why? Perhaps because He wanted to clearly convey His desire for key prophetic revelation, and even more importantly our continued intercession, to impact the administration. 

And that’s what this post is all about today.

I want to share just a portion of revelation from Revolution 2018 which impacted us deeply. Unexpectedly, it concerned Syria. From the moment of its release I have honestly been more burdened by the intercessory weight of this storm than any other aspect of the conference. 

That’s quite a statement, seeing the other challenges we were facing down at that very moment through prayer. 

Storm Warning! Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia
Rick Ridings and Pastor Andrew Brunson, recently released from a Turkish prison, both warned about an emerging axis between Iran, Turkey and Russia. The plight of Syria seemed to be the epicenter of this emerging alignment. Both felt there was more to this threat than either press reports or policy analysis was conveying. For news article click here.

Scripturally, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-9 seem to reference this potential alliance and the threat it poses. Ultimately a cataclysmic war against Israel. 

I’ve heard warnings about this before but in the spirit they never carried the sense of urgency I feel now. To even touch this burden on stage felt overwhelming. Kind of like experiencing the outer edges of a tornado. 

I can understand why President Trump wants simply to pull our troops out of Syria and let things settle. But like a tornado, to ignore its possible trajectory and not respond could mean certain tragedy.

You who see, look ahead. What crisis stands out to you most on the horizon? I can sense the “winds” of economic turmoil, the continued Russia investigation, the border wall battle, and more. But they seem minor compared to what I am sensing about the “four winds” of this potential axis—Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Russia. 

Please note that tornadoes are extremely unpredictable, and cause horrendous damage over large portions of ground. Yet they can also dissipate just as quickly as they appear. We really need to pray that way.

In a moment I want to bottom-line practical threats posed by this axis. But first lets explore recent prophetic warnings from Rick Ridings in Israel, and our friend Lynnie in Virginia.

Sharks in the Med! Two Dreams, Same Warning
The Lord spoke to both Rick and Lynnie with the very same symbolic expressions. Two shark dreams conveying the same warning. That alone warrants we pay attention.

During our conference Rick shared a clear prophetic warning about sharks on the Mediterranean coast—including Turkey, Syria and Israel. This imagery was carried through with Lynnie in an unsettling prophetic dream. 

On Monday night I had a dream that my husband and I had moved to Turkey. We were staying in a large villa that was on a cliff looking over the water.  I was standing out on the patio gazing down at the water amazed at how clear it was when I noticed that there was a lot of sharks and stingrays circling the shoreline. 

As I watched I noticed that the people on land seemed oblivious that there were sharks in the water. They were going into the water. I got concerned because I thought they must not know the sharks are there. All at once I noticed the sharks were coming out of the water and attacking the people on the land. The people seemed paralyzed…they did not even try to protect themselves and the sharks were devouring them. I grabbed Tom and said we have to help them. So we ran down to the beach and started grabbing the people out of the way and kicking the sharks in the nose to get them to let go of the people. 

I woke up the next day pondering this dream. As I was having my coffee I opened an email Rick Ridings had sent, asking us to pray. He said the Lord had highlighted again to him the SHARK dream he had a few years back. 

In his dream sharks were circling the waters in Turkey and Israel. I knew then this was no coincidence that the night before I had a dream about Turkey and the sharks and feel we are to be on high alert concerning that region with all that has transpired over the last few days.

What stood out most to me from Lynnie’s dream is that the sharks were not visible to those on the low ground, only to those on the high ground keeping watch. WE MUST KEEP WATCH. And we must keep the higher ground!

What stood out from Rick’s dream was something not mentioned by Lynnie. The sharks were more than symbols, they were real. Sources later told Rick that at the very time he had this dream, stealth military submarines owned by Israel’s enemies were making undetected patrols of the Mediterranean coastline. 

These submarines were literally called “sharks.”

In Real Terms—What’s the Threat?
Admittedly, much of the crisis now boiling over in Syria was handed over to President Trump from the Obama Administration. A perceived void of American leadership had been taken as an open invitation to both Russia and Iran. 

Russia set up a military base in Syria. Iran began to exploit Syria as a means of targeting Israel, even sending top generals to the Syrian border with Israel. This was occurring as American forces continued to battle ISIS in Syria as well as Iraq. 

According to news reports, President Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria came after a phone call with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan was threatening to launch a full-scale military assault to take out Syrian Kurds, our primary allies in the battle against ISIS. 

Was a deal struck between the two leaders? Who knows. But Mideast deals, like tornadoes, seem to turn unexpectedly on moment’s notice.

So let me bottom-line the threat for you. Turkey wants to take out Kurds in Syria. Iran wants to strike Israel from Syria. Russia wants Syria to increase its military presence in Mideast. They are collaborating together. 

Further, Erdogan is intent on re-establishing a global Islamic caliphate, headquartered in Turkey, uniting Shia and Sunni factions. He literally feels it’s his calling. For article click here. 

Trump inherited a mess from the Obama administration, true. Obama left a void of power when he withdrew our troops and later refused to protect Iraq’s borders from the ISIS invasion. We cannot make the same mistakes we did in Iraq and expect better results this time.

Based on both clear prophetic revelation as well as clear warnings from history, it is my conviction we should not leave a void of power in Syria. Similar tornadic consequences could occur. 

The good news is that the Lord showed Rick Ridings it was not yet time for a cataclysmic Mideast war. He made this clear when sharing at Revolution. So friends, lets enter the whirlwind through prayer. And lets stand until it dissipates and this field is fully secured.