TURNAROUND TUESDAY SEPT. 6! 1PM ET. Take every Tuesday to pray for your sons and daughters. Live broadcast with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, hosts Jon & Jolene. Join us for a 45 minute zoom call. Invite your friends to join us! 

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TURN THE STORM TOUR (full schedule after posting)

With Randy Walter
7pm Shiloh Ministries, 209 West St, Berlin MD

With Dale & Luanne Mast
7pm Destiny Christian Church, 2161 Forrest Ave, Dover DE

GREETINGS FROM CBN, VIRGINIA BEACH. We were honored Sunday evening to gather at the CBN chapel for a meeting that unexpectedly skyrocketed our faith. Worship opened Heaven and escorted us to the Throne. Host Chris Mitchell Jr shared how God came down to Moses in the midst of Heaven’s storm to commission His freedom movement. He is doing the same today! 

Then our friend Jay Cominsky, who works in these hallowed halls, told a jaw-dropping story. Especially given our commission for the tour. 

Back in September 1985, CBN founder Pat Robertson took a dramatic stand and made a stunning declaration as Hurricane Gloria came barreling towards the city as a category 4 storm. The miracle that followed actually made national news. 

Keep in mind that most of the US Navy’s Atlantic fleet is hosted around the mouth of the Chesapeake, between Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads and Newport News. Norfolk of course is the official headquarters. Nearby Washington DC was also in the crosshairs.

On Sunday evening, our friend Jay Cominsky shared that as the hurricane came barreling towards the region Pat Robertson sent his leadership to safe havens, but remained on campus fasting and praying. He then went on television and publicly rebuked the hurricane, COMMANDING THE STORM TO TURN.

And guess what? IT DID. The trajectory changed, it went out to sea, and hit much further up the coast.

Exactly 37 years later, in September 2022, a team is moving up the coast of the original 13 colonies as God has filled our mouths with the same declaration. TURN THE STORM. 


God is releasing to you right now supernatural faith to turn the storm in your lives. The storm of addiction that has enveloped many of your children. The storm of unrest. The high pressure buildup that has created a financial storm. Take time to pray in the Spirit. Examine your hearts and forgive where needed. Then follow the leading of the only One who can turn the storm for you. Let Holy Spirit fill your heart and mouth. Then declare. STORM BE TURNED! 

And from this sacred well of turnaround prayer at CBN, Jolene and I add our agreement. Also, just as we drew from this well and saw our faith literally skyrocketed, so we come into agreement for you to receive an impartation of faith right now. Vision for God’s turnaround! And the commensurate authority to see the manifestation. 

In Jesus’ Name, and for His glory, AMEN!

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13 Colonies | 13 Days | No King but Jesus

Note: Dates and locations subject to change. Check website and posts for updates!

“The Lord marches forth as a warrior! He rouses His zeal like a man of war…” (Isaiah 42:13). 

“Pursue, overtake and recover all!” (1 Sam 30:8).

August 26 Friday Special Commissioning!
with host Lauren Main, Jon & Jolene, special guests
7pm Friday August 26 Jacksonville House of Prayer, www.jaxhop.org

September 1 Thursday Brunswick Georgia
With Pastors Jamie & Redonnia Jackson
7pm Remnant Church, 4429 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick GA

September 2 Friday Charleston, South Carolina
With Judy Jackson
6:30pm Grace Center, 1345 Old Georgetown Rd, Mt. Pleasant SC

September 3 Saturday Camp LeJeune/Jacksonville NC
With Mary Medford
Seahawk Room, Hampton Inn Sneads Ferry, North Topsail Beach, 1248 NC Hwy 210 Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

September 4 Sunday Virginia Beach VA, CBN Chapel, 7pm With Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr

September 5 Labor Day Monday Yorktown Virginia, details TBA
With Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr

September 6 Turnaround Tuesday Ocean City MD
With Randy Walter, Robert & Annette Stagmer
7pm Shiloh Ministries, 209 West St, Berlin MD

September 7 Wednesday Dover DE
With Dale & Luanne Mast
7pm Destiny Christian Church, 2161 Forrest Ave, Dover DE

September 8 Thursday Old Saybrook Connecticut
With Janet LeBoutillier
7pm Valley Shore Assembly, 36 Great Hammock Rd, Old Saybrook CT

September 9 Friday morning Providence, RI, details TBA

September 9 evening Kingston, New Hampshire
With Pastors Myles & Leza Milham
7pm Friday Kingdom Awakening, 160 Main St, Kingston NH

September 10 Saturday Boston MA, details TBA
With Rick & Robin McLaughlin

September 11 Sunday Boston MA to New York City, details TBA

September 12 Monday Trenton NJ, details TBA

September 13 Turnaround Tuesday
Philadelphia PA, details TBA
With Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David