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Take time to pray for your sons and daughters. Lets see a generation return to Jesus. LET MY CHILDREN GO!

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DEAR STATE OF THE UNION OBSERVERS,FIRST—take time now to pray for your sons and daughters. Together we are laying the foundations for a generation to return to Jesus! And be sure to join us for the Turnaround Tuesday broadcast!

TUESDAY NIGHT THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS will be given by President Biden. I do not envy the task ahead of him. He will have to navigate through the uproar over the Chinese spy balloon, overwhelming border crises, economic uncertainties, the looming prospect of WWIII, and even satan worship at the Grammys to convince the American people that he is moving us in a safer, more positive, more unified direction.

All of which begs the question. Prophetically, from God’s vantage point, what is the true State of the Union? This will be the subject of our Turnaround Tuesday broadcast. Don’t miss!

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