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DEAR PROPHETS OF THE UNION,SOMETIMES THE WORD OF THE LORD COMES DIRECTLY. And sometimes, like Jeremiah, we are summoned by God’s Spirit to watch and observe. As with Jeremiah, the Lord speaks to you and says, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

Last evening, President Biden gave his State of the Union address. To my surprise I was overall impressed. Biden appeared presidential. He sought to bring the family of America back together. I completely disagreed with more than half of his messaging, but found myself agreeing with some points. And to my utter astonishment he compelled all Americans to hope again, and believe in the “idea of America” again. Shouts of “USA” immediately erupted from both sides of the aisle. 

Of course there’s a major difference between rhetoric and reality. Just keep in mind that the covenant with death and hell has been annulled over Capitol Hill, the ties to Baal and Jezebel severed. One way or another, God’s turnaround has been set in motion.

The Inflection Point
President Biden also correctly identified the crucial window of destiny we are in right now, where decisions made now will indeed shape not just tomorrow but decades to come. This word strongly mirrors what we have been conveying. Ripped from the pages of Lamplighter Ministries! 🙂

“My fellow Americans, we meet tonight at an inflection point. One of those moments that only a few generations ever face, where the decisions we make now will decide the course of this nation and of the world FOR DECADES TO COME.”

I could not agree more. Mr. President, whether you know it or not, in the midst of this important speech you literally shared with the nation a true word from the Lord. Decisions made now will indeed set the course for generations to come. Let us therefore forsake our defiance of God and realign with the Him, so that these freedoms can be entrusted to ensuing generations instead of being sabotaged. Every American would do well to take heed!

Three Prophetic Observations
That said, what’s the word of the Lord? Here are three prophetic observations on the true State of the Union. The first deals with Congress, the second and third with the remnant body of Christ. 

Eyes of the Eagle
In light of Biden’s speech, a prophetic observation about Congress from our book White House Watchmen comes to mind. The word conveys how the eagle of our nation must have a functioning left wing and a right wing, working together, to take flight. The key is that both wings must be vitally connected to the body of Christ, rather than in defiance of His heart, word and work. 

Otherwise the eagle is poised only for a downward spiral. At this “infection point,” we really need to take this prospect seriously.

Final point on this. We as prophets constitute neither the right wing or left. Instead we must function as the eyes of the eagle, directing the pathway forward. That is your call and mine! And it’s why the Lord is so emphasizing right now the realignment of our vision. 

The Ark is Leaving Many Religious Structures
Yesterday as I was seeking the Lord over the true “state of the union,” He highlighted the respective journeys of two prophetic friends which were occurring simultaneously. For discretion’s sake, both friends will remain anonymous. But I believe a word from the Lord is being conveyed through these observations. 

First, a longtime friend and member of our home group moved on from a religious institution in DC. Her years there were defined by excellence in administration. But at the core our friend contended in intercession against extraordinary opposition from without and even within. 

Last night at home group was our friend’s last night in Washington DC. A painting of the Ark of the Covenant, entrusted to her to give to the institution as a symbol of its calling, was given back to her when she resigned. The Ark of the Covenant is literally departing with our friend. 

Prophetic observation: the Spirit of God will not always strive with man. Therefore the Ark of the Covenant is poised to leave many religious structures that have have refused over years to align with God’s heart and covenant, and therefore fulfill their original calling. Many high-level intercessors are accompanying these respective Arks through the exit doors into their new beginnings. 

Friends, lets always remember that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” The religious-political spirit is a poor and vicious substitute that brings bondage rather than freedom. Lets never take Holy Spirit for granted!

The Remnant Body is Being Realigned and Healed
At the same time yesterday, another precious friend had surgery to repair recent damage to her spine. Talk about a realignment! She had been in excruciating pain for weeks. Thankfully her surgery went exceptionally well, and the pain has already substantially subsided. Thank you Jesus!

Prophetic observation: the Spirit of God is inviting us into a deep realignment that will in the end relieve deep pain that would have otherwise remained longterm, and hindered our ability to function. 

Tick tock to the holy clock. It’s time for realignment! Note that for most of us this process, naturally and spiritually, cannot be accomplished alone. We need each other! In this season allow the Lord to go deep and heal wounds incurred in battle that almost seem an inevitable part of our lives now. They are not. Instead you will be amazed how a realignment of vision, focus and body will prepare you to enter into your new season of destiny WITH GREAT DELIGHT. 

So there you have it. No King but Jesus…